Soap Opera Digest. 1976-1981


During his five years on General Hospital, Richard Dean Anderson was frequently featured in Soap Opera Digest magazine. Included here are several of these special mentions.

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Soap Opera Digest. September, 1977: pg. 86-88

What a fun time was had when the cast of General Hospital gathered together to commemorate the show's 14th successful year on TV. They danced and drank their way through a totally delightful evening. Our photographer captured some of their poses on film. Follow along and join the fun... just be careful not to let the champagne bubbles tickle your nose.

GH Party
Brett Halsey (Adam Streeter),
Georganne La Piere (Heather Grant)
and Richard Dean Anderson
GH Party
Michael Gregory (Rick Webber),
Georganne La Piere,
and Richard Dean Anderson

General Hospital Honors Its Original Cast Members
Soap Opera Digest. September 4, 1979: pg. 98-104

As General Hospital was about to enter its sixteenth year, Lieux Dressler (Alice Grant) approached her fellow castmates with this idea: Instead of honoring the show as a whole, why not honor the five individuals who have been acting on "GH" since the beginning. Why not throw a surprise party for John Beradino (Dr. Steve Hardy); Emily McLaughlin (Jessie Brewer, RN); Rachel Ames (Audrey Hardy, RN); Peter Hansen (Lee Baldwin) and Craig Huebing (Dr. Peter Taylor). Did she have their okay to proceed with the plans for such a party? Lieux not only had their okays, but also their support. Everyone worked long and hard to make this a very special party. John, Emily, Rachel, Peter and Craig will probably long remember this heart-tugging surprise.

GH Party
Award Time: Kin Shriner (Scotty
Baldwin) watched as a rather pensive
John Beradino was honored by his
on-screen son, Richard Dean
Anderson (Jeff Webber).
GH Party
Rick and "General Hospital's"
production assistant, Wendy McIntosh,
sang a song they composed especially
for the occasion - a little ditty entitled,
"Oh Please, Dr. Hardy."

Lyrics to "Oh Please Dr. Hardy"

Rick and Lesley split up
Laura's broken her curfew
About that night on the beach
What should Monica do?

Lee and Gail are getting married
Hopefully Scotty too
But Bobbie's up to makin' sure
He and Laura are through

Oh please Dr. Hardy
Don't let Audrey get away
She just went up
To visit Aunt Lucille
Don't ever leave Dr. Hardy
We need to have you here
What would Port Charles
Ever do without you?

Soap Opera Digest. April 22, 1980: pg. 22-27

Held at the plush Beverly Hills Hotel, it was a super-charged get-together. A fun time was definitely had by cast and crew alike.

The room echoed with applause as ABC Daytime Vice-President, Jackie Smith, presented GH Producer, Gloria Monty, with a special award for the show's second anniversary at the top of the ratings. Following this formal presentation, the crowd was entertained by Bob Lansing, Jr., "GH" Production Assistant Wendy, and Rick Anderson (Jeff). This group performed a new rendition of "Please, Dr. Hardy," a tune co-written by Rick and Wendy.

Soap Opera Digest. October 14, 1980: pg. 116-121

When plans were being drawn up for the recent General Hospital fanclub meeting in Beverly Hills, someone had the brilliant idea to invite as many former cast members of the show as they could find. So, in addition to most of the current members, which included the ever-popular Kin Shriner, Genie Francis, Denise Alexander, Richard Dean Anderson, Doug Sheehan, John Beradino, Brooke Bundy and Chris Robinson, there were almost as many alumni of the show.

It was fun to get Michael Gregory (the original Rick Webber), Richard Dean Anderson and Patsy Rahn (the original Monica) together, if only for a few minutes. It was especially touching to see the warmth between Patsy, Michael and Rick after all this time - their special fondness for each other is still there. Later in the afternoon, when Richard Dean Anderson and Doug Sheehan entertained with music and mime, Rick mentioned, "I think this was a wonderful idea - getting all of us together - and I think it was even better getting people who have left the show. It's so great to see them again, especially Patsy and Michael. The three of us went through a lot together when we were fresh, green daytime actors fighting for survival in the new medium."

GH Party
Rick Anderson has a warm
hello for former cast members
Michael Gregory (ex-Rick
Webber) and Patsy Rahn
(ex-Monica Webber).
GH Party
Todd Davis (Bryan Phillips)
has a warm "howdy"
for Rick.
GH Party
Rick must have found it very
easy to pose for this shot
with Patsy Rahn and Brooke
Bundy (Diana Taylor).

"General Hospital" Throws a Super Bash
Soap Opera Digest. March 17, 1981: pg. 44-47

A "kilted" Rick Anderson
and his steady, Cathy.

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