Soap Opera Digest. 1976-1981


During his five years on General Hospital, Richard Dean Anderson was frequently featured in Soap Opera Digest magazine. Included here are several of these special mentions.

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Soap Opera Digest. September 4, 1979: pg. 140

Good-looking Richard Dean Anderson made his professional singing debut at Knotts Berry Farm in Los Angeles. Along with other soap stars, Bill and Susan Hayes, Beau Kayser, Victoria Mallory, Richard was fantastic. Like everything else he does, he performed beautifully and now if the record producers are after him to sign a contract, we wouldn't be surprised.

Soap Opera Digest. November 6, 1979: pg. 126

Rick Anderson and Deidre Hall ("Days Of Our Lives") are still a definite twosome, although they are telling friends, "It isn't all that serious. We happen to have a lot of laughs with one another and enjoy each other's company."

RDA & Deidre
The twosome heartily
agree that the secret of
their happy relationship
is mutual respect and a
zany sense of humor.
RDA & Deidre
After a grueling day on
the set, Deidre and Rick
unwind by romping with
frisky Great Dane
RDA & Deidre
Both claim they "weren't
looking for somebody"
when they met, but
they're sure glad
they did!

Soap Opera Digest. November 27, 1979: pg. 138

Richard Dean Anderson, David Hasselhoff (Dr. Snapper Foster on "The Young & the Restless") and Wings Hauser (Greg Foster also on "Y&R") still can't believe the standing ovation they received while performing in a rock & roll revival in Memphis, Tennessee. The trio who starred on "Soaps On The Mall" had to turn away thousands of screaming ladies since the place was filled to capacity. The females actually knocked down fences to get a glimpse of their favorite soap stars, and you'd better believe the gentlemen in question couldn't believe this all was happening to them. "I'm in a state of shock," Rick said. "I have had dreams about something like this happening, but I never thought it would be a reality. It's fantastic." The other handsome men had to agree.

Soap Opera Digest. December 18, 1979: pg. 42

Richard Dean Anderson is excited about going to Nashville, where he'll be singing four songs at the "Grand Ole Opry." "Who knows, this might be the start of something new for me," the good-looking man said.

Soap Opera Digest. January 8, 1980: pg. 30

Richard Dean Anderson, David Hasselhoff and Wings Hauser were invited back to Memphis for a revival of rock & roll. One disc jockey caught their act and thought they were so terrific, the man rented a hall to have them back.

Soap Opera Digest. January 8, 1980: pg. 30

Richard Dean Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. Wings Hauser (Greg Foster on "The Young & the Restless") and Deidre Hall of "Days of our Lives," certainly surprised everyone when they showed up at the Thalian's Ball in black tie driving a Sherman Tank. They all decided on doing something different and you'd better believe their arrival was.

Soap Opera Digest. April 22, 1980: pg. 32

Tuscon, Arizona, might never be the same... not since Richard Dean Anderson and Emily McLaughlin (Jessie Brewer, same show), Wings Hauser and Beau Kayser of "The Young and the Restless" and Patty Weaver of "Days Of Our Lives" appeared in the musical variety show "Love In The Afternoon." The five stars were greatly received, and when Rick Anderson and Wings performed their numbers together, the audience started screaming with delight. We get the feeling great things are going to happen for those two handsome gentlemen, along with the rest of the cast. In fact, when you talk to all five stars, they tell you the same thing: "We can't wait until we do another musical"... hope that doesn't mean they are getting tired of the soaps.

Soap Opera Digest. May 13, 1980: pg. 140

The soap stars that appeared at Circus Varcas at the Hollywood Bowl will probably never walk the same. David Hasselhoff, Richard Dean Anderson, Todd Davis, Doug Davidson, and John Stevenson, just to name a few, all rode on elephants. While they enjoyed it as they were doing it, they admitted they felt sore when they started to walk.

Soap Opera Digest. May 13, 1980: pg. 140

If Richard Dean Anderson never sees rain again he wouldn't be upset. "I've had my share of it," he said. While California was experiencing the terrible rains, Richard, who lives at the top of Topanga Canyon, was stuck in his house for five days without food, water or electricity. His car was flooded and the roads were washed away. When Rick was able to get out, he spent his time helping the road crews lay water pipelines... If that wasn't enough, the network was so nervous since Rick couldn't come to work they were willing to send the ABC helicopter to get him out, but that would mean Rick would have to walk at least seven miles, if they wanted to land. Luckily, when the sun started to shine, Rick jumped into his four-wheel drive that he just purchased, and managed to get out of the disaster area. His close friend Doug Sheehan (Joe Kelly on "General Hospital") gave him room and board.

Soap Opera Digest. August 5, 1980: pg. 111-112

Went to a taping of the Dinah show special, "Sex Symbols in Daytime TV," with Josh Taylor (Chris Kositchek, "Days of Our Lives"), Nick Benedict (Michael Scott, "Y&R"), Doug Sheehan (Joe Kelly, "GH"), Richard Dean Anderson, Stuart Damon (Alan Quartermaine, "GH") and Charles Nelson Reilly, co-host... Emily McLaughlin (Jessie Brewer, "GH") visited to see her son Bob Lansing, Jr. play in Rick's band. Also in the audience was Doug's fiancee, makeup consultant Kate Abert; Nick's fiancee, Jennifer Land (they're on their second time around - originally dated in high school) and Rick's current love-of-his-life, stewardess Cathy McGuiness.

Soap Opera Digest. August 5, 1980: pg. 28

Richard Dean Anderson is thrilled about the new demo tapes he will be cutting as soon as he returns from Hawaii. When the good-looking actor appeared on "Dinah," he received so many rave reviews about his singing. No, he's not about to leave the soap for a singing career, but he's happy that he's getting the chance to do both... By the way, Rick's romance with airline stewardess Cathy McGuiness is still very much on. In fact, the two were happily sipping mai-tai's in Hawaii.

Soap Opera Digest. October 14, 1980: pg. 114

Hollywood, California... Attended a swinging soiree with West Coast soapers rockin' & rollin' at Flippers Roller Boogie Palace. Richard Dean Anderson and Carl Dante's rock group were the show stoppers at the event. Rick's current love, Cathy McGuiness, missed that particular performance - she's recouping from surgery on her leg.

Soap Opera Digest. November 25, 1980: pg. 132

Richard Dean Anderson will have to relax from his musical chores for a while. His backup band, Carl Dante, which includes Bob Lansing, Jr., left for Germany for a few months to record some albums. While Richard wishes them nothing but good luck, he is hoping they return soon. His music means a great deal to him.

Soap Opera Digest. February 3, 1981: pg. 25

Richard Dean Anderson threw a housewarming in his Topanga Canyon hideaway. (It's about time Rick; you've been there almost three years!) Most of his castmates attended and had the time of their lives. Seems that the party lasted well into the next day.

Soap Opera Digest. February 17, 1981: pg. 123

Sorry to say it's so, but Richard Dean Anderson is now telling everyone that, after four years on the show, he's calling it quits. "My contract expires soon and I want to start doing other things." He's certainly going to be missed.

Soap Opera Digest. May 26, 1981: pg. 14

Can't think of a lovelier way to spend a rainy Saturday afternoon (and it rarely rains in Southern California) than at Doug Sheehan's (Joe Kelly, "General Hospital") housewarming at his new home in Tarzana. Tony Geary (Luke Spencer) made a rare social appearance along with Peter Hansen (Lee Baldwin), who brought his daughter Gretchen, Susan Brown (Gail Baldwin), Renee Anderson (Alexandria Quartermaine), and Jackie Zeman (Bobbie Spencer). Doug's brother Jim and his Mom came in from San Diego. She's a real Helen Hayes look-alike! Best buddy Richard Dean Anderson (ex-Jeff Webber) could not make the festivities because of a personal appearance in Santa Fe, but he sent along girlfriend Cathy with three of her stewardess roommates!

Soap Opera Digest. June 9, 1981: pg. 6

Richard Dean Anderson, now the former Jeff Webber of General Hospital, told me during the parade location-shooting recently, in downtown Los Angeles: "I'm looking forward to a long rest, now that I'll be finished with the show in mid-March. It's been a while since I had a vacation, so I think I'm heading for Hawaii." Then Rick's agents called and had good news and bad news for him. The good news was that he had been cast in a new pilot, Brian and Sylvia, which in all probability could be a new hit series, then the bad news... he had to postpone his vacation in Hawaii. The pilot is a spinoff from the popular Facts of Life series on NBC, in which he plays Brian to Roseann Katon's Sylvia. It could be very controversial, since it's about an interracial marriage. At the taping of the show, teenage girls in the audience screamed so loud and long whenever Rick came on stage, a second taping had to be scheduled. Before it started, Rick was brought out to meet the audience, and get the screams out of their systems. The pilot aired recently as a Facts of Life episode; now the powers-that-be must decide its future.

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