Gentlemen's Quarterly. August, 1987
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Renegade #2

I figured I'd do some hiking. I just couldn't keep still. As you can see, neither could the tree trunk I was trying to cross. I didn't want my vacation to get off to a shaky start. I decided to try my luck fishing. And try, and try... soon I was getting the knack of it. I could just taste the fresh fish cooking over a fire. Finally, I got a bite. This was a tough one, but I wasn't letting go. Maybe I should have. They told me this lake was stocked, I didn't realize just how efficiently! It was time to pack up and return to civilization.

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The preceding story is a fictional account.
Schiffman, Bonnie (photographer). "MacGyver: Renegade on Retreat." Special Promotional Section. Gentlemen's Quarterly. August, 1987.

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