Gentlemen's Quarterly. August, 1987
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Renegade #6

Renegade #7

I tossed my bag into my jeep and headed home. Driving back with the cool air blowing against my face, I was finally relaxed. Until there was cool air blowing out from my front tire. This couldn't be happening!

As I stopped to change the tire, I caught the eye of a lovely young lady coming to my assistance. "Hey, aren't you MacGyver?" she asked. "You should be able to fix that flat tire in no time." Just as I was about to introduce myself as Richard Dean Anderson, I figured why bother? Besides, I had to move fast.

"I guess you're right" I said, "if I fix it in less than 5 minutes, you take me to dinner, deal?" She looked at me surprised and smiled.

The preceding story is a fictional account.
Schiffman, Bonnie (photographer). "MacGyver: Renegade on Retreat." Special Promotional Section. Gentlemen's Quarterly. August, 1987.

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