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Welcome to the Prevue Online/TVGEN chat with Stargate SG-1 stars Amanda Tapping and Don Davis. Welcome Amanda...

Amanda Tapping:
Thank you for watching the show, and it's great to be here!

Question from Gooch_1:
Are there any new characters planned for the next season?

Amanda Tapping:
Yes, we have quite a few recurring characters that will just keep popping up. My dad is one that we'll see occasionally, and that's probably the most exciting one for me. And then we'll have some aliens that will come back now and again.

Question from Gooch_1:
Are you anything like your characters?

Amanda Tapping:
Yes, and no. Yes in that I'm very driven, and I like to think that I'm very strong, though not as strong as Samantha. I'm not as smart as she is! I think that I personally have a better sense of humor than Samantha, or at least I'm allowed to show it more.

Question from Mirai_z:
Where would you take Amanda, if you had Ultimate Control?

Amanda Tapping:
LOL! Hmmm, that's a great question! That's hard to answer! I think I would show a bit more of her personal interactions. I'd love to write a really great scene between Samantha and Teal'c, and show that relationship a little more.

Question from DaguconRathsackStuff:
Amanda... Is working with Richard Dean Anderson great? Is he as good looking in person as he is on the screen?

Amanda Tapping:
He's better looking in person! He is absolutely charming and it is truly a privilege to work with someone who has had as much experience as he has, and is as generous.

Question from Gooch_1:
What was your first acting experience like? Did you always know that this was what you wanted to do with your life?

Amanda Tapping:
Yes, according to my mother, this is what I always wanted to do. My very first experience, if this qualifies, was in fifth grade as Mrs. Gulch in The Wizard of Oz, but I didn't get to play her when she turns into the Wicked Witch of the West. I just got to ride a bicycle up the center of the auditorium. One of my friends played Toto. But if I want to be a little more serious, it was probably when I was 18 and did a play called The Lion in Winter. I played Alais Capet. That was my first taste of real theater, and I loved it. An interesting sidenote to that was that my dad told me about the audition and wanted me to go because he thought I wouldn't get the part, and that that would cure me of this acting bug!

Question from rda23:
Hi Amanda. Do you think anything will happen romantically between Carter and O'Neill this season?

Amanda Tapping:
No. I think that it would work against the show and against our characters, and against the military, seeing that he is my commanding officer. I don't think the Air Force would be too impressed.

Question from N_Sain:
Amanda, to you find the techno-babble difficult?

Amanda Tapping:
Actually, not so much anymore, because I truly understand what I am saying, and I've done a lot of research. So now I actually understand the science of what I am talking about, even though the writers really like to cram it in there sometimes. But I like the challenge, and I like the learning.

Question from Jolinar:
Has Stargate made you a Sci-Fi fan?

Amanda Tapping:
Yes. I was never usually into sci-fi, even though I loved Star Trek: Next Generation. But doing this show I've learned so much about the genre, and I truly appreciate it.

Question from Pearls_59:
This question is for Amanda. Do you feel any pressure to be a role model, being the only female in the cast of SG-1?

Amanda Tapping:
Definitely. I think that the roles for women on television are definitely opening up, and they're creating some strong, fabulous female characters. And due to the fan mail I get, I get a strong sense she could be a great role model, so I do feel a lot of pressure -- happily. I think that she could be so many things, that as a woman in this business, I feel very strongly that my character is represented well.

Question from mcynnis:
Have you ever run into any problems with props on the show, humorous or no?

Amanda Tapping:
LOL! Let me think. My gun sometimes frightens me. But no, not really. Our props guys are fabulous, and they take you through everything you need to know. I work with a lot of props because of the scientific aspect of my character. And the only trouble I have is working with so many of them at one time, like carrying my gun, the GDO, and then any sort of radiation sensors or anything. Trying to juggle too many at one time. I just hope that I look legitimate when I do this!

Question from The_Goauld:
Do you have any input to the SG-1 story lines?

Amanda Tapping:
Not into the story lines so much, but once the scripts come out, if something doesn't sound quite right in terms of Carter, I can definitely speak up since I know her voice better than anyone. But if anyone out there has any great ideas, send them in!

Question from subcommand:
Who is the person who keeps you laughing while you're filming?

Amanda Tapping:
Christopher Judge. I absolutely adore that man.

Question from meckten:
How many episodes have you taped?

Amanda Tapping:
We're in the middle of episode 39 right now.

Question from Gooch_1:
What have been your favorite episodes so far?

Amanda Tapping:
Solitudes. Singularity. Just in terms of the challenge for me as an actor. In the Line of Duty. And I guess I would also say that these were episodes that I was fairly heavily in, so that was a challenge.

Question from MagdaPhil:
For Amanda: Was the line in Solitudes about "it's my sidearm" in the script or ad libbed?

Amanda Tapping:
It was actually in the script. But I think that's a sign of our writers keying in to our personalities. And I think it behooves them to pick up on what we're like as people, and they have. So that was a writer, but it definitely plays into who we are as people. That was a great line, and a lot of fun to do.

Question from Gooch_1:
Do you have a computer, and if so, do you visit chats often? And if you do, do you let people know who you are?

Amanda Tapping:
I do have a computer. And I do go on the Internet occasionally. I have never been in a chat room before, and I am trying to figure it all out. But I have gone on the Stargate web site.

Question from Gr8Writer:
What's the funniest ad lib you've ever done that made the final cut?

Amanda Tapping:
Probably, actually, in the pilot when I did the MacGyver line. It shocked me that they kept it in. And there was another one, I can't remember the episode, when the guys all had something really important to say to General Hammond, and I said, "But I was there," because they didn't give my character anything to say, and they kept that in, which I thought was great.

Question from Patmor29:
Will SG-1 be back in 1999 for another season???

Amanda Tapping:
For two more, as far as I know. Showtime has picked up another 44 episodes, two more seasons.

Question from sarao_1998:
Who would you say is the most like, and not like, their character?

Amanda Tapping:
That's really hard. I'd say we're all a little like our characters. But I think maybe the least like his character is Christopher, because he smiles and talks a lot more than Teal'c does.

Question from choclair1:
Would you consider making a movie based on the television show?

Amanda Tapping:
That is an interesting question. I don't know that they would go that route with the show. But yes, if it was a good script, if it furthered our characters in the story, then yes, definitely.

Question from Liz_Bees:
What elements do you take from your own experiences to build into your character?

Amanda Tapping:
I guess on a personal level, I grew up with three brothers, so it's easy being the only woman with three men. I guess that would be the strongest aspect. And I have a telescope!

Question from N_Sain:
How will your character develop with her new powers?

Amanda Tapping:
That's an interesting question, because right now she has the ability to occasionally access memories of Jolinar. And she has found out that she can use the Goa'uld technology. I guess it would be her memories that will come up now and again, so that will give her the ability to suss out certain situations, based on what she can remember. But I wouldn't say they are new-found powers, like she suddenly has these super-powers, so that makes it very rewarding and also very frustrating for Carter.

Question from Grifter41:
Have you ever watched the StarGate movie?

Amanda Tapping:
I watched it when I found out I was auditioning for the show, and I wished that I had seen it in a big theater, because I rented it and loved it.

I can't thank the fans enough for their support, because really that's the only gauge that we on the show often have as to how it's going. And the fans have been so incredibly supportive, and supportive of me personally, that it's been wonderful. And I am so touched by the letters I get. And I'd like to thank personally Sean Fitzgibbons for running the SG-1.NET, a fan-based web site. And I hope that people continue to enjoy the show, and thank you, thank you, thank you. And I'm sorry that I didn't get a chance to answer all the questions, but I hope that we have a chance to do this again soon!

Stay tuned, folks... Don Davis just walked in...

Online chat held at Yahoo Chat in conjunction with TVGEN and Prevue Online. September 8, 1998.

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