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We'll be chatting with Christopher Judge in just a moment... We're ready to go...

Christopher Judge:
Nice to be here talking to some fans of the show, and getting a chance to answer some questions you may have about the show or my character.

Question from debisparks:
Christopher, how did they pick you for the role of Teal'c, over anyone else?

Christopher Judge:
As I understand it, they had pretty much seen all the actors in LA and New York and Canada, and I kind of heard about the audition through a friend, called my agent, and told him to get me in. So I actually came in on one of the last days of casting. I read, they put me on tape, and two weeks later I went in for my screen test, and pretty much found out at the screen test that I had got the part. It was obvious to me, because everyone else that had come in to screen test, they sent home. So I had a pretty good inclination that I was going to get the part.

Question from ozzykat98:
Christopher, do you ever get to smile in the show?

Christopher Judge:
Actually, this year, I'm trying to... It's not that Teal'c doesn't have a sense of humor, it's that he is very straightforward of purpose. And I think until his super objective of freeing his people and being reunited with his family is achieved, I don't really think he finds all that much humorous. I don't think that Teal'c is one to dabble in quips and smart-alecky sayings, because he has so much to achieve, which is the freeing of his world. But this season, as he is achieving his goals, I think you will see a bit of sense of humor appear. I don't know, though, if you will ever see Teal'c guffaw!

Question from TracyDawnA:
Chris, I saw the special you did for Showtime. Will you be doing another? It is so interesting to see how they do all the FX.

Christopher Judge:
If the need arises, I would actually love to do another one. It is actually as interesting for me, probably as it is for the viewer, because I myself didn't know how they achieved certain effects and certain images that they were able to create. So it was as enlightening for me in certain ways, as it was for the viewer. It was actually nice for me to be seen as Christopher, so that people would know that Teal'c is a character I play, and I'm not actually that surly.

Question from Rianna24:
How would you describe Teal'c's relationship with Jack?

Christopher Judge:
I think, I would hope, that it is one of mutual respect, not only as warriors or soldiers, but as one who always has what is right in mind when taking any type of action. No matter what is right for that particular character, it is always what motivates their actions.

Question from dbutlerjr:
Chris, what has been your favorite episode working on so far?

Christopher Judge:
The working experience, I hope this isn't corny, is usually on a day to day basis, very pleasant. I really enjoy just coming to set and being around the rest of the cast and crew. And I don't know if working on any one episode was any more or less enjoyable than any other, because frankly, I've pretty much had a good time every day I've been there.

Question from submarinecommander:
According to Amanda, you are the jokester in the cast... Who makes you laugh?

Christopher Judge:
I think that, you see, I don't want to get anybody in trouble! Everybody has their own particular sense of humor. We all get along really, really well. And it's sickening to say, but after some of the other shows that I've worked on, this one's like a big love-in. I'm flattered that Amanda says that, but she is certainly as witty, or more witty, than I am. And Michael, who can imitate any character in any movie ever made, is certainly a source of continual laughter. And I think that Rick's on-set demeanor is legendary. But when I want a really good laugh, I play golf with Don Davis!

Question from cruzzie:
What is your favorite trait of Teal'c?

Christopher Judge:
Honesty. I think that's what I admire most. With him there is no gray area. With him, it is either it is or it isn't. He has such an advantage over some of the other characters, because everything to him is either right or wrong, and there is no in between. So every question that he takes is clearly defined by those parameters.

Question from _Starzy_:
Will we see Teal'c go to a mall or something like that?

Christopher Judge:
I've actually heard they are planning a "Teal'c day out" episode. And I don't know what all that entails, but it sounds like it might be pretty good. How Teal'c would just deal with a day on Earth.

Question from The_Goauld:
Do you like to ad lib things into the script whether vocal or just expressional?

Christopher Judge:
I think that's one of the nice things that the writers have allowed me to do, is to bring what they refer to as "Teal'c-isms" to any situation that might occur. Because they do give me the credit of having fleshed out Teal'c more than they have. So they give me a pretty wide berth when it comes to interpreting my lines. And also subtextually, they are always open to what Teal'c might be thinking underneath what he says, even if it's exactly what they had in mind. So I'm very fortunate in that regard. I just hope that we are living up to what our viewers think the show should be, and could be. I hope that we continue to expand and grow, and flesh out everyone's characters and personal developments, because this show has the unique opportunity of touching on the "what if", but still being launched from reality, and I certainly hope we live up to that.

We'll be chatting with Michael Shanks in just a couple of minutes...

Online chat held at Yahoo Chat in conjunction with TVGEN and Prevue Online. September 8, 1998.

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