Avalon 2006. November 24-26, 2006
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On Saturday morning, Richard and Amanda were asked to describe their favorite guilty pleasures. Pretending to misunderstand "guilty pleasure," Richard responded in typical Jack O'Neill fashion, "What?" Finally he confessed that his favorite guilty pleasure is breaking the speed limit, and he added that since his trip here he had also developed a fondness for scones. Amanda's guilty pleasures include chocolate and the long running British soap opera, "Coronation Street."

Asked to speak about his short lived television series, "Legend," Richard was surprised at first to discover that people even knew about it. He thanked the fan for bringing up the topic, and went on to say that he had based the character of Ernest Pratt on his own grandfather who had lived in northern Minnesota. Although he was happily married and not quite the womanizer that Ernest Pratt was, Grandfather Anderson did share Ernest's moustache and several other personality traits including his wicked sense of humor.

RDA and Amanda RDA and Amanda RDA and Amanda

Another fan asked what ambitions each still hoped to fulfill in life. Richard mentioned the house he has been building for some time and is looking forward to completing, and he wants to be able to spend as much time with his daughter Wylie as possible. He has also always wanted to go to Antarctica. The nearest he has ever been was during a trip to Chile. He is hoping to join Paul Watson and Sea Shepherd on their anti-whaling trip to Antarctica the year after next to face the Japanese whaling fleets. Amanda responded that she has always loved the open air and long walks, and there is a particular trail she would like to hike. Ever since she was a child she has wanted to visit the Great Wall of China, in fact she had dreamed of walking along the wall with her daughter on her back papoose-style, although Olivia is a little too big now for that dream to come true in quite that way.

Someone else wanted to know who among the SG-1 characters or actors would be most likely to use off-world technology to help with the housework. Amanda answered that Sam was definitely likely to do something like that, although she, Amanda, would not, and she added that Michael and Christopher wouldn't clean anyway! Richard answered simply that he "wouldn't know how!" and he described his home as "clean but messy."


Asked about working on "Atlantis," Amanda said that David Hewlett is a great person, very funny, and she adored working with him. Richard talked about his experience working on "The Return." Director Brad Turner is wonderful to work with, and Richard particularly enjoyed working with Robert Picardo, with whom he had great chemistry. He loved having the chance to return to the Stargate universe to "play and misbehave." He also loved doing the underwater scenes from the episode, although he described the situation as "totally bizarre." He began miming an underwater scene, with eyes wide open and arms flailing, insisting that no one would behave that way in real life if they were trapped for five minutes under water, and suggesting that the audience try it some time in a swimming pool, for which he earned rounds of laughter.

Both were asked if they had been invited to return for any future "Stargate" episodes or movies. Amanda said that she had been asked to be in both "Stargate Atlantis," for an undetermined number of episodes, and in the two upcoming "Stargate" movies. Richard confessed that he had not yet been approached, adding under his breath, "poor baby." He said he would like to return for an appearance, "I think," depending on the situation with his house and his daughter, but he added that his relationship with the "Stargate" producers is "very Scandinavian. We don't talk a lot."

RDA and Amanda RDA and Amanda

Another question asked about their stupidest or most embarrassing moment. Amanda described a recent incident during her current visit to the UK when she attended the wrap party for "The Vicar of Dibley." There she had met Dawn French, an idol of hers, and Lenny Henry, whom she didn't expect to be there. Just like an adoring fan, she had a huge grin on her face the whole time. When she was introduced to Lenny Henry, he extended his hand for a handshake, but in her enthusiasm she had given him a hug. She pantomimed her huge smile and enthusiastic hug, and then admitted how totally embarrassed she had been by her reaction. Richard's response was one that he had given before in which someone had approached him once and asked, "Didn't you use to be someone?"

One fan welcomed both of them to the UK and asked what they thought of the city of Wells. Amanda's answer used words like "beautiful," "stunning," and "magical." Richard said that he hadn't yet had a chance to explore the town properly as it had been dark and rainy, but that he had fallen in love with the stonework of the local buildings. In fact, he wanted stone just like it to use in building his house in Malibu. As he had driven into Wells, he had thought to himself, "I've come home!"

RDA and Amanda RDA and Amanda

Another fan asked which accolades over the years had meant the most, and Richard spoke about being approached by Sea Shepherd and the Waterkeeper Alliance. Previously he had supported numerous causes financially, but he welcomed the opportunity to focus his efforts and to become more directly involved. He was thrilled when he was invited to sit on the Board of Directors of these organizations. In fact, he spoke at length about the work Sea Shepherd is doing, and about their campaign against the illegal fishing and whaling of the Japanese. Right now he is busy being a father and building his house, but he mentioned again that perhaps in a year or so, after he has trained and gotten in shape, he is hoping to join the Sea Shepherd crew aboard their new ship, the Leviathan, for the campaign in Antarctica. He also talked about his love of the ocean in general, and his passion for diving.

One of the final questions asked each of them to name the hottest actors or actresses with whom they had worked. Richard hesitated and joked, unable to be specific. He finally avoided the question by answering that the people he would most like to work with are Ricky Gervais and Eddie Izzard. Amanda also offered a few vague suggestions, and then finally answered, "I did mention Rick, didn't I?"

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