Sadiq Misa is a Sudanese national who has acted as a contact for former CIA operative Christopher McAuley. Misa owns a restaurant in New York City which the FBI suspects is a front for money laundering. When Sudanese arms dealer Hasaan Waleed was en route to the US with a shipment of three surface-to-air missiles, the CIA brought in McAuley for his Sudanese connections in order to gain intel on Waleed's whereabouts.

McAuley reluctantly agreed to meet with his former contact, although he refused to reveal his identity, and he traveled to New York with Annie, Jai, and $100,000 in tagged CIA money to exchange for the information. McAuley went alone into a fruit market to meet Misa, but after paying for the information, he cut Annie and Jai out of the loop and disappeared, intending to kill Waleed himself.

Annie and Jai were able to use the RFID strip embedded in the bills to track the money to a hidden compartment behind a secret panel in the wall of a locked room in back of Misa's restaurant. They found guns and drugs hidden in the compartment as well. Annie and Jai recovered the money and then confronted Misa themselves, offering to give him the same money again in exchange for the same information he had given to McAuley, and they threatened to tip off the Drug Enforcement Administration if he didn't cooperate. Misa reluctantly agreed and offered information that led Annie and Jai to find McAuley and Waleed at the Brooklyn shipyard.

Portrayed by: Sean Francis

Cross Reference: Christopher McAuley, New York City, Hasaan Waleed

Episode Reference: In the Light