Air Force Association Award


Following his visit to Washington, DC, where he was honored for his positive depiction of the Air Force, Richard Dean Anderson shared his thoughts about his very special experience.

Friday, September 17, 2004

Just wanted to make contact briefly to tell you about the event in Washington, DC last Tuesday, [so] here it is from me.

The Air Force invited me to be a part of a ceremony celebrating the anniversary of the AF, and the presentation of awards to individuals, retired and active, who have made contributions to the defense industry. It was quite a heady group. Which is why I was a bit confused when General John Jumper was introduced and I was brought on stage with him. He proceeded to launch into the kind of complimentary speech about me that turns me pink. He then presented me with an eagle sculpture, a beautiful medallion from Chief of Staff, United States Air Force which designates Mr. Richard Dean Anderson an Honorary Air Force Brigadier General, and two silver stars (real!) to seal the deal. Apparently the stars are never given out to civilians. I have never been so humbled, I have never been so honored.

Earlier in the day I visited the Pentagon (lovely place to visit...), and later I spent a few hours at Walter Reed Hospital with some injured airmen back from Iraq, an incredibly enlightening experience.


Walter Reed Hospital Walter Reed Hospital Walter Reed Hospital
All photos courtesy of the US Air Force

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