Happy Birthday Richard Dean Anderson!


Thank you for all the years you have made my husband and I laugh and cry through your outstanding performances. We have been BIG fans of yours since MacGyver first aired and have followed your career ever since. We love you for your talent, humor, and your humanity towards others (you're not bad lookin' either!). You are the kind of person kids can look up to, and we have always been proud of how true you are to yourself. Thank you Richard for touching our lives in such a special way. We feel like we know you.

We are so happy that you have found someone to share your life with, and a beautiful daughter that is happy and healthy. Thank you for sharing a piece of your life with us. We wish we could give back just a little bit of what you've given us over the years.

Happy 50th Birthday!! You're not getting older baby, you're getting better!

(We are only 4 years behind you... I hope WE age as gracefully!!)


Jill and Randy Smith
San Diego, California


I've been a fan of yours since I was seven years old and saw you on General Hospital. Your daughter, Wylie, is adorable and I hope the second half of your life is as wonderful as the first.

That wasn't too sappy, was it? :)

Atlanta, Georgia

Happy Birthday, Richard! I hope it's a joyful day for you and I'm wishing you 50 more years of joy, good health, and the fulfillment of all your dreams. Thank you for the many years of pleasure you've given to myself and many others. Wishing the very best to you, Apryl and Wylie.

Bev Tiffany
Omaha, Nebraska

Dear Richard Dean Anderson:


I just wanted to send along a birthday wish with a short note to let you know how much I have enjoyed watching you on TV all these years...

I started out watching you on General Hospital... My mom used to watch all the ABC soap operas when I was younger, and I used to watch them with her. Since General Hospital came on after I got home from school, I was able to see it more regularly than the other soaps she watched. It was a nice time for mom and I to share together.

Then, of course, there is MacGyver! I have soo many happy "MacGyver" memories...I can remember watching the show with my college roommate on our tiny 13" screen TV in our dorm room and how we watched the last episode on the big screen TV in the laundry room, along with about six other girls, all sniveling over the fact that it was the last MacGyver episode. Because of my love for the show and the internet, I have met so many incredible people from all over the world and have made lasting friendships!

I also enjoyed watching you spread your wings in all the different roles you have played on the many made for TV movies you have done since Mac. They've been great to watch!

And Legend! I loved that show! I didn't have a UPN channel in my area, so I had my mom tape the episodes for me and mail them to me. I am so glad she did! I still love watching the episodes and having a good laugh at Pratt's expense...

Now Stargate... I've never been a real sci-fi fan, but I love the show (maybe part of that is because I'm archaeologist?!). I think that the character of Jack is your best yet, and I look forward to every new episode...

Finally, I just wanted to say... THANK YOU... thank you for sharing so much of your time and yourself with the public for so many years! We love you!

Pam Richardson
State College, Pennsylvania

If there was a single thing I learned from you and the characters you portrayed, it would be to take heart and live the life I will wish to have led when I die. This mind-set has helped me to leave home at sixteen to come and live in the United States, and later it tremendously influenced my decision to become a scientist instead of spending my life punching a clock. I am currently enrolled in a Molecular Biology graduate program at the University of Utah, and of course, I'm enjoying every spare moment hiking, climbing, or skiing the Great Outdoors.

Thank you for being an ongoing source of inspiration! I'll ski an extra run in honor of your birthday hopefully without damaging vital body parts. Have a great one!

From the Land of the Greatest Snow on Earth,
by way of Germany; Planet Earth


Happy 50th birthday. I hope you don't let certain numbers get you down about age. My beloved Granna Soo Hoo Sen Kell Woo had said, "You can't be middle-aged until you are 55, you can't be old until you are 79." She ought to know, she lived to be 86. So live forward. By the way, by Chinese calendar you are actually 51 so it's too late to fuss about the big five-oh. ;) Just enjoy your day!

Lillian Wan
Augusta, Georgia


I'm Analia from Argentina and I love you since I was young and I think you're a great actor and a good newly father.

I want to wish you a Happy Birthday on this special day and all the happiness for you with all the love of your family. That all your dreams come true.

Every birthday is a new rebirthing and you can be a better person with the passing of the years.

I love you so much and you'll always be in my mind.

I write you a poem for you and Wylie, I hope you like it.



In your eyes I can see
a little star shining
in a sky so beautiful
with all the love bringing

She's a gift in your life
like a flower so tender
bringing peace and a smile
in a world of pretenders.


I have been a fan since the GH days and have watched you mature in life and in your craft. Each project you have undertaken has increased my respect for your talent. I was particularly fond of your characterization of MacGyver -- until Ernest Pratt came along. Now, I am totally fascinated by your interpretation of Jack O'Neill (two "l's"!)

Have a wonderful day today as you enter your next half-century. Take it from one who is already there, it is the best time of your life! Enjoy health, happiness, and prosperity for many birthdays to come!

Maria Shugars
Falls Church, Virginia.

p.s. Keep the gray hair!


At the Radio and Television Museum's MacGyver Seminar in March 1998, I had the opportunity to thank you in person for all the pleasure your work has brought into my life. And, now, I need to say "Thank you" again. My Lupus made 1999 very difficult -- especially the last five months -- bouncing me into and out of the hospital. When at home, I was so weak that I couldn't do much more than sit and watch TV. As always, my tapes of your work, especially MacGyver, Legend and Stargate SG-1, brought humor and fun into a very difficult situation. I can't put into words how much this means to me. So, Richard, thank you again very much! I hope you have a wonderful birthday, and that all your wishes come true!!!!

Happy Birthday,

Karen Goodell
Austin, Texas

Dear RDA,

Would you please get off your chuff and make a Legend movie or three? In the meantime, Happy Birthday!

Jenny Wake
New Zealand

To the Legend-ary Anderson,

May this birthday (and every birthday) be memorably pleasant.

There have been two people from the entertainment industry who have influenced me, both of them from Minnesota: Lon Clark, who played Nick Carter on the radio and awakened my interest in detective stories; you, who energized my interest in dime novel writers at a time when I most needed that sort of adrenalin. My one-volume encyclopedia, The Dime Novel Companion, due out from Greenwood Press sometime later this year, includes an entry for "Legend." I hope I have an adequate description of its significance to popular culture.

Keep the Stargate open.

Randy Cox

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