Happy Birthday Richard Dean Anderson!

Mr. Anderson -

I hope you have a wonderful birthday!! I've enjoyed your work for years. Thanks for all you do for children's and environmental issues.

San Antonio, TX

Dear Mr. Anderson,

For your birthday I wish you all the best for your work and especially for your private life - may all your dreams come true!!!

I found this poem, and it really describes you, so I wanted to share it with you on your birthday:


is the word that describes you...

"Special" is a word that is used
to describe something one-of-a-kind
like a hug or a sunset
or a person who spreads love
with a smile or kind gesture.
"Special" describes people
who act from the heart
and keep in mind the hearts of others.
"Special" applies to something
that is admired and precious
and which can never be replaced.
"Special" is the word that best
describes you.

Click the image
to see a special
birthday collage.


Friederike Bach

Dear Richard,

Thank you for the wonderful work you've done over the years. Hope this milestone birthday is a special one.

Nancy Huynh-Vu
Melbourne, Australia

From Michelle
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
List-mom at RDA-Jack-MacGyver@onelist

Congratulations on your 50th birthday!

Thank you for being such a versatile actor, you have made me cry, cringe and laugh over the years with your varied performances. I hope you have an enjoyable birthday with your family and that the future years bring you as much happiness as you have brought us fans.

Scotland (by way of Denmark!)

A Very Happy Birthday to Richard Dean Anderson!

I hope your special day will be filled with joy and laughter and you get heaps of presents! :-)

My birthday also happens to be on the 23rd, and I will be going out to dinner with some friends and family on Saturday night, then having just a family do on Sunday! I am turning 20 this year! Yet compared to how far you've gone in life, it is nothing to the big 5-0! If you do read this message, I just hope that you will have a great day, and will have many more happy birthdays after this one!

Just one small personal message to you...

After several years of watching and admiring you, it's nice to see you still going fit and strong, doing something that you love to do. Not many people achieve that in their lifetime, but you are living proof that it can be done! You have given me hopes for the future that are priceless to me, and you have been such a great inspiration in my life, a thousand words would not thank you enough, or tell you how much that inspiration and hope means to me! Thank you for all the good years of television viewing through MacGyver and other various programs! I think you are a top actor! One of the best in the business, even if you are not fully recognised for it!

Thanks for the memories!

Love from a devoted fan,

Cindy Bruce

Click Here

Dear Mr. Anderson,

Meet your past, and
see what we wish for your future.

Click on the image to see

"The Men in the Mirror"

A story starring Richard Dean Anderson
and reflections from the past...

It is your birthday
and on this day
I want you to know that
you are a very special person
who has touched and warmed
many lives
including mine.

You make a big difference
in my life and
I want you to know
how much I appreciate you.
Thank you.

Have a very happy birthday
and stay who you are!


Congratulations, Richard, on your 50th birthday.

Over the course of your life and career, your caring and sharing attitude has inspired us all in a multitude of wonderful ways.

You've been the catalyst for many rewarding new friendships I now have across the globe. And in the past eleven years, since you and MacGyver first hit TV screens in the UK, I've learned a great deal - from you and because of you.

You taught me that we can all have a part to play, if only we care deeply enough.

If I could thank you in person, I surely still couldn't express my gratitude sufficiently.

So thanks for sharing the last 50 years with us all, I look forward to sharing the next 50 too!

Thanks for caring.

Portsmouth, England

Dear Richard,

It's said that teachers affect eternity, never knowing where their influence stops. The same can be said of actors. In more ways than you can ever know, you have touched lives all around the globe. I've watched my students grow and blossom through the examples you have set, and you have inspired me to discover new lessons and experiences and friendships I might never otherwise have known. As you reach this milestone, and look ahead to the many new adventures yet to come, may the many gifts you have given be returned to you a hundredfold.

Happy Birthday!

Kate R.
New Jersey

Happy Birthday, RDA!

Thank you for sharing your talents with your fans and for past and (especially) future hours of entertainment!

Also, thank you for netting me a A+ in Advanced Honors Chemistry via a MacGyverism that adapted very nicely to a class project. It almost balanced out the chem. sink I blew up the previous month!

Many Happy Returns,
Nancy Mayberry
New Orleans, LA, USA


I've just spent the last 45 minutes or so corresponding with email friends, and it occurs to me (not that I ever forget) that I know all of them because of MacGyver or Stargate SG-1.

What priceless gifts you've given us.

My prayer is that this will be the best birthday ever, and that your life will continue to give you all you might ask for.

Best wishes,

Cindee Phillips
Chicago, Illinois

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