Happy Birthday Richard Dean Anderson!

Your career has spanned three decades and brought to life four memorable characters for episodic television. Your gift and your skill, your humor, intelligence, generosity and exuberance, your kindness and sense of adventure have brought you fans from around the world.

Happy 50th birthday, and may you enjoy many, many more.

Ankeny, Iowa

I knew you would do this. To be an example to millions of people not only by portraying MacGyver, but also as a human being. May your life be a great surviving story to all of us, who have had dreams of becoming a professional icehockey player.

Congratulations from Finland for your 50th birthday!!!

Best Wishes
Hannu Westerinen

Best wishes and a Very Happy 50th Birthday. Like a fine wine, you only get better with age.

Mary Wendland
Clarkston, Michigan

Dear Richard Dean Anderson,

May your 50th birthday be remembered not only for its significance for making you half a century old, but more importantly for providing you yet another day to spend with your child, marveling in the joys and wonders of fatherhood.

Best Wishes,
Dayton, Ohio

Dear Richard,

I just wanted to wish you a Happy 50th Birthday!! I also wish you a long, healthy, and satisfying life!! I've enjoyed your work over the years -- particularly MacGyver -- and I look forward to seeing you in many other projects in the years to come.

Caryn McCall
Ft. Myers, FL

Dear Mr. Anderson,

Want to wish you a most happy 50th birthday. Thanks for joining me at this great half-century mark.

Your work through the years has been fun to follow. Our family is especially enjoying Stargate SG-1. It is such a high quality production with great characters and stories. Recently, thanks to a fellow fan, I got to see your "Legend" series. It was marvelous!

Thank you for so many years (yes, I started watching you back in the days of General Hospital) of quality entertainment and exemplary modeling of caring for people through your various charitable interests.

May God bless you with many more years of happiness.

Jan Tood
Marion, IA

Dear Richard,

I would like to wish you a very happy 50th Birthday with this poem by our favorite poet. May you have just as much success, health, love and joy in the next fifty years to come!

By Sándor Petöfi

While homeward bound I thought about
the way, through every mile,
in which to greet my mother, whom
I missed for quite a while.
What pleasing words to say to her?
Dear words they need to be,
when she, who rocked my cradle, will
be reaching out to me.
And in my mind the thoughts caroused
more pleasing every one,
it seemed that time had halted, though
the cart was on the run.
Then I leapt in the tiny room,
She ran, she flew to me...
I clung to her without a word
Like fruit upon its tree.

Translated from the Hungarian
by Leslie A. Kery

Forever yours:
your true fan from Hungary

All the best and
'herzlichen Glueckwunsch zum Geburtstag'
from Germany



Just wanted to wish you a very happy birthday.
All the best and have a great time.

Best Wishes and Many Happy Returns
on your special day.

All the best
Toronto, Canada

Happy Birthday!

Remember when you are over the hill,
You start to pick up speed.



Enjoy your day!

Susan Pavis
Middletown, Ct.

Dear Richard,

Happy 50th birthday!

I've been racking my brains to come up with something brilliant to say, but all I can think of is thanking you for keeping people all over the world entertained for many years, inspiring us, and most importantly - bringing us together and creating friendships that cross frontiers and cultures. If you only knew how many people have started talking and become friends because they found out they had the love of one of your shows in common - that is the true power of television.

May the next 50 years be just as happy and successful as the past 50, and may you have a wonderful birthday, spent with the people you love the most.

Love and best wishes,
Tina Christensen in Denmark

Dear Mr. Anderson,

I want to wish you a very Happy Birthday. You are definitely the coolest guy around. Wylie is lucky to have a cool dad and I'm sure she has brought luck and joy into your life. Best wishes and keep on being cool.

- Angus C. Devereaux
Philadelphia, PA



Half the 20th century was gone
When a star was born

He's one of the cutest the world has ever seen
Yeah, that's him - our Rick Dean

While skating around with some compan's
He unfortunately broke both arms

That's why his dream never came true
Becoming an NHL-star - at least in league two

So he decided to cycle through Canada
Earning money as streetmime and juggler

Then he went to university
Acted at theatre and on TV

Became more and more famous
While playing MacGyver who was always helpful and anxious

With daughter and girlfriend he'll celebrate
His 50th birthday to which we all want to 'gratulate

Our alltime-idol Rick Dean
Believe us: we are your fans and we've always been!

Congratulations and a big "THANK YOU"
for everything you did for us fans!

Silvia, 16
From good ol' Germany

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