Happy Birthday Richard Dean Anderson!

Happy Birthday to a man who has made the world a bit brighter. Here's hoping the next fifty years are even better.


Charlotte Jones
Hurlburt Field AFB, Florida

Oh, for crying out loud, not another birthday.

Happy fiftieth to my favourite hunk, and say Hi to the rest of the Stargate crew - I really enjoy your show.

Love and stuff

Sal :-) from Wales in Britain

Hi Richard Dean,

Many wishes for a Happy Birthday and continued happiness and success.

Charlottesville, VA

"I got a plan."
You have a Happy Birthday!!!!!!!

Thank you for all the great fun you have shown us with MacGyver.

David & Fran Denning
Christiana, Pa.

A Birthday Thought for a Wonderful man!

Dear Richard Dean,

I live far away from you but I couldn't let the special day pass out letting you know how much pleasure you give me.

I hope you woke up this morning with a big smile on your face...

I hope that your day is filled with lovely surprises and friends call you up just to say "Hi."

I hope just everything goes your way.

I hope you can laugh and talk and share to your heart's content.

I hope you have all you wish for yourself and those dear to you, and all your dreams come true...

I hope that every day is just as wonderful in it's own way...

I hope your day is ... filled with love ...

May all your dreams and wishes become reality, today and every day of this year.

Happy birthday, dear Richard Dean!

Dear Richard,

I know I shouldn't have to wait until your birthday to tell you, but is it okay to take the opportunity to tell you just how much I really appreciate you?

I wish you a WARM and HAPPY birthday, from the Indian Ocean, a little french island named "La Réunion" where I'm thinking of you every day of my life.

Keep up the good work.

Just be yourself and you'll be the best.

Lots of love.

Sylvie Mussard
La Réunion (Indian Ocean)

Richard Dean,

Happy 50th!!! May you have many candles to blow out on your cake, but not so many you'll set off the smoke alarm! Best wishes!

Wendy King
New Orleans, Louisiana

Happy Birthday to a very special guy,
I hope your day turns out to be just as special as you are.

Cheryl Dorsey
Beardstown, Illinois
Richard Dean Anderson Web Ring

To Richard Dean Anderson

Happy Birthday!

it's only 50!! may you have many more!!


From Betsy

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Dear Richard,

You are... 2 sweet
+ 2 ever be
4 gotten

Remember that from junior high...? Well, we're almost the same age (closin' in on 50!), and I sure do! It was a message for love notes and 'crush' notes, and for the backs of yearbooks and Valentine's Day. :)

And, now I'm using it for your 50th birthday and, believe me, it is so true. You've been sweet to share your talents and your 'fun' with so many of us fans... and we will never forget your generosity of life and spirit.

Have a wonderful day!

Kay Copeland
Houston, Texas


Happy Birthday to you! I have enjoyed your work since the very 1st episode of MacGyver through your current project, Stargate SG1. You are a fine actor and have provided much enjoyment for me with the projects you have chosen to work on. I admire how the roles you have taken are admirable and thought provoking. It's enjoyable to watch good TV that doesn't dumb itself down. Legend was especially enjoyable for this reason, it taught you something while you were being entertained.

I wish you much good fortune in the future and hope you will find it in your heart to keep acting and providing us with the enjoyment you have so far. Also, congrats on your daughter Wylie. Fatherhood has been good to you. You look very happy!

Shelly Gunderson
Junction City, Kansas

Happy Bday Richard!

I hope your days and years ahead will be filled with wonderful times with your daughter, your family, friends, and collegues. I truly enjoy the work you do, and thank you for the quality entertainment. For myself, some of the great ingredients in your current work, is the sense of courage, optimism, humor, and camaraderie. Love your humor on it! AND love how the cast members work together. Again, thanks and truly do wish you a great day, year, years.

Barb Cardin
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Glad you too consider yourself a "surviver". I still have 774 days until the big "50" but now it doesn't look so bad. After all, I did survive Y2K. Truly, anyday can be the "first day" of the rest of your life. Happy birthday and many more for sharing with your family AND your fans......

MOTHALI [Mostly Over That Hill And Loving It]
Can you tell I work for the government !!!!!

Ms Randee Larimer
Earlville, IL

To Richard Dean Anderson:

Although I am not Irish this OLD IRISH BLESSING seemed a fitting verse to send you in honor of and hopes that you have a very happy 50th birthday.

May the road rise up to meet you,
May the wind be always at your back,
The sun shine warm upon your face,
The rain fall soft upon your fields,
And, until we meet again,
May God hold you in the palm of his hand.

God Bless and Happy Birthday from
Tammy Hamilton, Canton, Illinois

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