Dear Mr. Anderson,

First of all, we (Iona and Mika) would like to wish you a very happy birthday! Congratulations also to Apryl and little Wylie.
We hope that you will have a wonderful birthday and many good years to come, in good health and prosperity, for you and your family.
Quite an age, although we bet that you would not like to be reminded about the fact that you have outlived half a century already!!!  (joke, joke, joke)  :)

Via this web page we would also like to thank you in a special way and share our amazing story with you. And this "birthday-webpage-idea" is the best opportunity for us to do that...
Hi, this is us. Nice to meet you! My name is Iona (23) and I come from The Netherlands. My boyfriend is Mika (28) and he's from Finland. We both have been huge fans of you ever since MacGyver invaded our living rooms.
Mika and I met on the MacList in October 1998. Never we had suspected that those small emails we wrote about MacGyver were going to change our lives forever!
Our emails gradually became longer and also more personal. We wrote huge letters to each other every single day that took about 3 hours to answer!
In January 1999 we decided to meet. When Mika had visited the Netherlands, we *really* fell in love. We had a wonderful time and we even bought rings. Originally they were meant to be friendship rings but over the year they turned into much more.
After the summer we had visited each other a couple of times already and realized that things needed to change. It took long and hard thinking before I decided to move to Finland. In September 1999 it finally happened and I booked a one way flight to Helsinki... a huge adventure.
Today, I've been living with Mika in Finland for nearly 4 months now and I must say we are doing great! We have a wonderful relationship, we're truly happy and we love each other very much.
Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if I had not send that one message to the MacList...
It turned our lives completely upside down!

We are planning to get engaged in May and since you are kind of responsible...(In a good way of course) we would like to get married on a special day, August 2nd, 2002! And naturally we will have our honeymoon in Vancouver...(You are probably thinking: "Who in the world would wanna go to Vancouver for a honeymoon?!" Well, Vancouver is of course the Mecca for MacGyver and Stargate fans! There's lots to see.
So thank you very much! If it wasn't for you,... we never would have met.
Many greetings from the both of us. We hope it was interesting reading. At least we had fun making it!

All the best with your family and your career.
We hope more episodes of
will follow 'cause we love the show!

Iona and Mika