These are the wishes I wish for you, may all your wonderful dreams come true.
Friends may you make and daily find, happiness, health and peace of mind.
Strength for the work you have in hand, time for the lovely things you've planned,
Guidance in everything you do, these are the wishes I wish for you.

   Patience Strong

Duty makes us do things well,
but love makes us do them beautifully.

  Rev. Phillip Brooks

The key to happiness is having dreams.
The key to success is making those dreams come true!


Those who always brighten up the day, -who show concern and a special kind of interest in all they do. - Who add a touch of happiness and contentment of everything, - are those who will always deserve the very best in life.


You will find as you look back upon your life,
you have really lived,
are the moments when you have done things
in the spirit of love.

                Henry Drummond

I am certain of nothing, but the holiness of the heart's affection and the truth of imagination.

  John Keats

We are all alone in our individuality.
We are all together in our humanity.
If, as separate individuals, we choose to be brothers and sisters to each other, none of us will ever be alone.


All the best for your new year of life!!!

Rike from Germany