Happy Birthday Richard Dean Anderson!

When Richard Dean Anderson visited his Birthday Web Site,
he sent a message to the MacList.

From: Richard Dean Anderson
To: The MacList
Date: February 9, 2000

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It's taken far too long for me to speak to you all, and I won't try to pass on any excuses other than to say I have been my typical, reclusive, painfully neglectful self.

But now, borne of the warm and thoughtful sentiments sent to me on my birthday by all of you, I feel it absolutely necessary to reach out, and in a potentially feeble way, thank you.

I am genuinely awed by your efforts. The fact that you all remember is humbling enough; but to show such unyielding caring and support in such creative and loving ways goes beyond any call of loyalty.

Please accept my gratitude and know that I harbor the hope that I remain deserving of such fans.

In that, I remain,

Richard Dean