Happy Birthday Richard Dean Anderson!
From Your Fans in North America

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Happy Birthday
in English, from The United States

Happy Birthday, Richard!

May your day be filled with the love of family and friends, and may the next year bring you continued health, happiness and success!

Please accept these photos, taken with a renewed sense of awe at the pristine beauty of The Great Land, as thanks for your environmental work.

Anghnee anutti! (In Inupiat, from Alaska)

Anchorage, Alaska

Happy Birthday to my favorite actor!

Wishing you a wonderful day surrounded by loving family. (Let Wylie blow out your candles for you.)

I know you would like more time with your family, but if you can get someone with brains at the networks or cable companies to listen, please do at least a few Legend made for TV movies! It's one of my favorite shows you did.

With love and respect,

Mary Wendland
Clarkston, Michigan

A year passed, filled with incredible memories and another year ahead, filled with the promise of adventure. May all your adventures be exciting and all your memories sweet.

Randee Larimer

To wish you the best on this day, a small poem that makes all days special:

The Best Things in Life Are Free
When we count our many blessings,
It isn't hard to see,
That life's most valued treasures
Are the treasures that are free.
It isn't what we own or buy,
That signifies our wealth,
It's the special gifts
That have no price.......
Our family, friends, and health.

Have a great day. Thanks for all that you have done for your fans.

Vickie Stephens
Spokane, Washington

Happy Birthday, Richard Dean! May your special day be celebrated with the loves of your life, Apryl and Wylie, your family and friends. (Your Internet friends will be there in cyber-spirit.) Let there be laughter (of course, there is always laughter in your life), fun, love and cherished memories on this day.

Good luck with your Rivers Project! It is important to focus on the earth's rivers. They are the lifelines for many cultures, now and long ago. As a native New Yorker from the Big Apple, we have the East and Hudson Rivers. These rivers would be a great story for your project... though there are no rapids to conquer.

On your next visit to New York, I invite you and your family to stop by the Queens County Farm Museum in Floral Park (northeast Queens). This is a 1772 Dutch Colonial farmhouse that has farm animals and is farmed organically. It is the oldest, continuous working farm in New York. As a member and docent, we are preserving a way of life that is slowly disappearing across this country. I am involved with the educational program for school children. We have workshops that teach the kids about farm life and how colonial children would have lived. There is a County Fair, Apple Festival, Pow Wow and other events that people enjoy attending throughout the year. Wylie would enjoy the animals.

This is a verse that I wrote many years ago while living in Wyoming. I had lived on the Wind River Indian Reservation (Arapaho and Shoshoni tribes) as a lay volunteer at St. Stephens Indian Mission. I think it describes the feelings that you have for "Oma Desala".

Climb to the top of the mountain
And touch its highest peak,
Breathe the air that surrounds the heavens
And you will find what you seek.

With love,

Barbara Kaplowitz
New York

Best and sincere wishes for a very Happy and Healthy Birthday celebration. You have been blessed with a wonderful career, a lovely family and from all appearances, a world wide wealth of friends and fans. Congratulations and continued success in all your personal and acting endeavors.

Linda Nims
Dixon, Kentucky


Congratulations and best wishes on your 52nd birthday (like you're counting, right?)! May you continue to have good luck and great success in SG-1, and on all your present and future creative/environmental/social (ad)ventures!!!!

Hope you get lots of hugs, kisses, birthday cake, ice cream, presents, and continued good fortune!

Wendy King
New Orleans, Louisiana

Happy Birthday!!! I am a big fan of yours, Mr. Anderson, I sit with my dad and watch MacGyver with him all the time (he is a big fan of yours also).

Alexander Kastner

Have a great birthday and a wonderful year. Hope you get to see your family more. We have always enjoyed you in MacGyver and love you in Stargate. You are a great role model and we wish you many more seasons on the show.



Here's wishing you and yours a very happy New Year and a wonderful birthday!

I have been a fan of yours since your GH days (yikes... I'm dating myself here!) but loved you most on MacGyver and now Stargate.

You're a wonderful inspiration and role model for the kids and it is my hope that you continue to act in the years to come.

Good luck in this new year and best wishes for you and your family.

Milwaukie, Oregon

Have a sunny and bright birthday! Your wonderful talent has given us all so many years of great television. From MacGyver to Col. O'Neill (with two l's) we have enjoyed and will continue to enjoy you!!

San Diego, California

I have enjoyed your work for many years. Best of wishes for your birthday.

I think Happy Birthday in Klingon is Q'uch Qos, but I'm not quite sure about that.

Angus C. Devereaux
Philadelphia, but proud to be a native born New 'Yawk'er

Hi Rick!

VERY Happy 52nd and many, many more! May you always be surrounded by things and those whom you love most!

Seems if it weren't for you being here with us, a great contingent of persons would have never done most of the things we have or will continue to do. May your energies and heart life carry you through any endeavour, and if you run out, think of us, we'll be happy to share our enthusiasm... you've been so much a part of us for so long, there's no way we could ever refuse!

The world is a greater place because of folks like you! Have the happiest of birthdays now and for years to come! UFF-DA!

FYI... did you know there is another duo in the names of Richard Anderson and Michael Greenberg (his spelling), championing the world's waterways?

Best Wishes and love always,

Denise Edmonson
Alden, New York

Oh wow... what could I possibly say to the God of all Gods but I will start with HAPPY BIRTHDAY! and my sincerest wishes for many more to come.

You will always hold a special place in my heart and mind... thank you for everything you are.

And thank you for giving me the opportunity to spend some great time with my family... we all LOVE MacGyver, Stargate and Legend (plus all the others). My four children adore Jack and can't get enough of running around the house pretending to be SG-1 (along with their mom too of course).

Wylie is blessed and so are you... enjoy your time together.

Best Wishes and all the love we have to give.

Jeanette, Alex, Hanna, Sam and Nick

Have a very happy birthday! Smile!

Vancouver, Washington

Yo, Rick!

Happy 52nd, buddy! I want you to know you got me hooked on duct tape, so I guess you know what my friends and co-workers call me! You also (along with John Wayne), influenced me to take up acting. Keep up the great work, and God bless!

Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Hi Ricky!!!

You have been in my heart and soul for 20+ years, and have largely influenced many of my decisions in life through your attitudes and nature. Happy 52nd my friend and keep up the good work!

Lotsa Love,

Donna aka Sunshine

I wish you a very Happy Birthday and many more to come!!

Jennifer Egan
Coronado, California

Hilsen til dige, Herr Anderson!

(Dit er ikke fra Danemark, men fra Amerika - fra Wisconsin!)

Og glædelig fódseldag! Håp jeg at din næste år er fulde mit als god tings og meget glæde!

Hilsen fra din ven,

Judith Karen (Navn om min mormormoder, Karen Kristine Jorgensen)


Greetings to you, Mr. Anderson!

(This is not from Denmark, but from America - from Wisconsin!)

And Happy Birthday! I hope your next year is full of all good things and much joy!

Greetings from your friend,

Judith Karen (Named after my great-grandmother, Karen Kristine Jorgensen)


Dear Mr. Anderson,

Happy Birthday from Winchester, Virginia.

I am sending you this message to wish you a wonderful year filled of nothing but the best for you and your family.

Thank you for many years of letting us enjoy your talents on TV, you have given us many wonderful shows, and I can only hope that there will be many more.


Stefanie Maubach
Winchester, Virginia


Happy Birthday Richard!

Have a wonderful birthday and upcoming year. If you give to the world half as much with your river projects as you have given us with MacGyver, Legend, and SG-1, the Earth will be a much richer place for your having been here.

I wish you continued success with your rivers and environmental projects and hope you will still have time for a Legend reunion movie (Ernest is my favorite).

The Niagara River may not be a rafting river, but I hope you will someday visit and see the Falls. I know Wylie would really enjoy seeing it and the butterfly conservatory located at the Falls in Ontario. There does not seem to be a web site for the butterfly conservatory, but you are able to walk amidst the butterflies there. I'm sure Wylie would love it. She has such a wonderful opportunity to travel with her Daddy and see places and cultures in far more depth than she could learn in any classroom. She's very lucky to have you, and so is everyone in this world that you have touched.

Happy Birthday!

Judy Wilder
Hamburg, New York


I've been a fan since I first saw you on Emerald Point. My favorite character that you have played was Ernest Pratt but the warm, friendly, witty Richard Dean Anderson himself is the person I like the most.

52 has been great to me so far so I hope it is to you also.

May your life be full of goodness.

Ventura, California

Richard, enjoy your day. Have a safe and happy year for you and family. Keep up the good work.

St. Louis, Missouri

Happy Birthday and many more.

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Happy Birthday! May your day be filled with Happiness and fun. And may the sun shine upon you always and hoping we will be friends.

Your friend,

Elizabeth Stacy

Hi Richard! Wishing you the best of happiness and health for your Birthday. Just wanted you to know that my family and I have enjoyed watching you on TV (MacGyver, Legend, Stargate, etc.) in the past years and look forward to seeing you more. Have a wonderful birthday!

Jane Hays
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Hey, Rick! Hope you have a great birthday and an astounding year! I know this has all been said before, but we all mean it. I hope this coming year will be filled with life, love, and family. Goddess bless you and keep you safe.

Stacie St. Clair
Sarcoxie, Missouri

Happy Birthday, Rick!!!

Many blessings and success for the year to come and beyond!!

Cindy aka HyaCinth Eve
Oakland, California (Go Raiders!)

Happy B-Day Rick!

Thanks for years of great entertainment.

May your 52nd year bring you all the happiness and joy in the world!


Happy Birthday Richard-

We all at this household wish you a Glorious New Year & Best Wishes for your special day! God has Blessed you with many wonderous gifts, which you continue to share with others.

Carole ^ - ^
Williamsport, Pennsylvania

Dear Mr. Anderson:

Happy Birthday to a man who I've only known as Dr. Jeff Webber, Angus MacGyver, and Colonel Jack O'Neil. If you are anything like the characters you portray... !! You were hot then, you are HOTTER now. As MacGyver once said, "You are only as old as you feel."

If you are headed to MN this year, swing by WI and we'll watch a Packer game and have a beer.

Again, Happy Birthday to one awesomely talented man. God Bless you and your family on your special day. Have a great one!!

Judy K.
Pewaukee, Wisconsin

Birthday greetings to that truly talented, dedicated, generous and witty man... Wylie's devoted dad... our Rick... Richard Dean Anderson.

May your future be as bright as your star, and whatever path you choose to take in the future bring you abundant happiness, peace, and the fulfillment of your dreams.

Your countless fans throughout the world care deeply about you and your family, and will forever keep you in their hearts.


Thanks for the wonderful years of Entertainment and may this Birthday be the Happiest of all.

Happy Birthday, RDA


James Shamp
Lafayette, Indiana

I'd like to wish you a very happy birthday, Rick, and hope you have many more. I've followed your career since General Hospital and I think that my favorite series that you did is MacGyver. My second is Stargate SG-1. I hope you have success in whatever you do. Thank you and may God bless you and your family.


Thanks for the wonderful years of Entertainment and especially Stargate SG-1. May this Birthday be the Happiest of days for you and your family. Thank you for your efforts on the show, it is great. Happy Birthday!

Ann aka Alma'c
Central New York

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