Happy Birthday Richard Dean Anderson!
From Your Fans in North America

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Happy Birthday
in English, from The United States

Happy Birthday Richard!!!

Thanks for sharing yourself and your time with us over the years. Have very much enjoyed watching you in all the roles you have played. Will miss you on my TV screen very much when SG-1 finishes its last season. I hope that you will grace it someday again so that I might enjoy another role from you.

Until then, good luck with your River Project and also your photography. I am into that as well. I included a pic above from one of the most endangered land types there is these days, the natural prarie. The Konza Prairie Biological Station in the pic above is near me and a personal cause of mine. If you are ever in Kansas, the area is beautiful with lots of wildflowers and scenery to practice photography or just enjoy a quiet walk with your family, Apryl and Wylie.

Again, best wishes for a most happy birthday and best wishes for what ever life may bring you in the future.

Shelly Gunderson

I would like to wish you a very happy birthday in Urdu, the language of Pakistan.

Saal Ghira Mubarak!

Best wishes,

Naureen Mohammad
Pakistani American, California

Just wanted to add my wishes for a wonderful birthday and a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year. Many thanks for sharing your talents with us, the fans. We DO appreciate it!

Linda Watson (Cokie)
Louisville, Kentucky

Mr. Anderson,

I want to wish you the happiest of birthdays & to say thanks for many wonderful years of great entertainment. I've been a fan since MacGyver & have followed you since then. You (& your acting) just get better & better.


From a devoted admirer,

Lisa Woolley
Denver, Colorado

Dear Rick,

I'm a homeschooling MOM (some episodes of MacGyver for science class). My Birthday gift to you is a story about our daughter, Meaghan, who is the same age as Wylie. I was watching SG-1 late one night. Meag stumbled out of bed, passing by the TV as you delivered the line "Whatcha' doin'?' from under Carter's lit magnifying glass. Without skipping a beat Meag said, "Goin' potty." Daddy was at work, so she WAS answering you. Welcome to the family! CHILDREN, OUR GREATEST GIFT IN LIFE! Happy Birthday!!!!!!!

Dani Corning
New Hampshire

Richard -

I hope you have a wonderful birthday and that you get to spend it with Wylie, and in the midst of the rest of your family and dear friends. I wish you many years of happiness and good times. Watch yourself on those river-rafting trips and come back safely!

A little gift will be making its way to you via Ivon... from one hockey fan (me) to another (that would be you)! I hope you enjoy it and will wear it in good health. Enjoy!

West Hollywood, California

Hey Richard. Wishing you the happiest of birthdays from New York City. I've been watching you since 1976 and you just improve with time, like fine wine. Thank you for all the years of entertainment and most of all for Stargate SG-1, which has enriched my life in so many ways. I hope this year brings you continued success, health and happiness for you and your family.

Much Love,

Lisa Cohen xxoo
New York City

A fond Happy Birthday to you, Rick! My mother shares the same birthday with you. Best wishes to you and Apryl and Wylie in your future endeavors as a family.

Enjoy Wylie while she's still young. My boys LOVE watching SG-1 with mommy and daddy. They're only 4 and 2 1/2 years old! They've grown up with you guys!

Here's to many more years of great health and happiness.

Christina Wilson
Boston, Massachusetts

Want to wish Rick a very Happy Birthday.
Hope you have many more.
Keep up the good work.
I have a birthday February 23 of next month.
Take Care
I would like an autograph picture of you if you have one.

Jeannie Crookshanks
Beckley, West Virginia

Happy Birthday!

As a long-time fan of yours from way back, I've truly enjoyed watching you develop Jack O'Neill over the past five years. You just keep getting better and better. We're ready and raring to go for Season 6 and for the upcoming (crossed fingers) movie.

It has been a real pleasure to have a television series that I can watch (most) episodes with my daughters, ages 6 and 3. They adored Window of Opportunity, especially the juggling scenes ("He can juggle just like daddy!").

I wish all the best for you, your family, and the cast and crew of SG-1.

Again, have a wonderful birthday!

PS: My three year old wants Jack and Sam to come to her birthday party in March -- if you could pass that message along to them, I'd appreciate it.

Tere Campbell
Hardin, Texas (about 2 1/2 hours south of Tyler!)

Have Grrrrrrrrrreat Day!!!!


A Fan

Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday!
It bears repeating.

I've been a fan of yours for a long time. I hope we'll continue to be able to see you act, you just keep getting better and better looking too! I'll always be a fan of yours.

Love ya!

New Orleans

Happy Birthday Rick,

We only get better with age. My whole family watches Stargate SG-1. We never miss it. You and the rest of the cast are great.

Have a wonderful day!

Tina, Brad, Jason, and Courtney Watkins
Vacaville, California


So happy to have the chance to wish you a most Happy Birthday!!

You've given me such enjoyment... laughter and tears... through the years. I wish you only laughter and no tears!

Many smiles and best wishes to my absolute favorite Yankee! (I'm a hockey fan now, because of you!)

Have a great birthday!

Louisville, Kentucky

Dear RDA,

Happy Birthday! You've been my favorite actor for as long as I can remember! So, you deserve the very best on your birthday. I wish you many more.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


I would say you are like fine wine... you get better and better with age, but that is a cliché... true... but still a cliché. And we all know about clichés.

Have a Happy Birthday,

Deb Page
Arlington, Texas


I just wanted to drop a line to let you know how much I have enjoyed watching you over the years: General Hospital, MacGyver, Stargate. Keep up the great work! May you have the best birthday ever!!

Cindy Bartolotta
Monongahela, Pennsylvania

Hi Rick,

Happy 52nd Birthday! Let me just say that I have loved you in every role that you have ever played. My favorite series would be MacGyver and Stargate SG-1. I hope to see some more great work from you soon. I hope your special day is lots of fun, and best wishes for 2002!

PS: If you are ever in Philly, look me up and we could go to a Flyers game, my treat!

Johanna Murray
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Thanks for giving so much pleasure through your acting. You have grown your craft so much from the early days of General Hospital. Although, I'm generally not a sci-fi fan, Stargate SG-1 has become my favorite show on TV. Keep up the good work and I hope the future holds nothing but happiness. May God continue to Bless you and keep you!

West Virginia

Dear RDA,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope this birthday wish finds you happy, well and with the people who mean the most to you!

I have enjoyed seeing you in the many different TV roles you have done over the years. My interest in your projects (such as MacGyver and Stargate SG-1) has not only given me a GREAT many hours of entertainment, but they have also touched my life in ways I would've never imagined.

If I am feeling sick or a bit down... I can just hop on the couch put in a video... "Hey, it's Stargate marathon time!!!" and after awhile I am into the show, laughing, and feeling much better.

I have also met the most amazing group of people, from all over the world (many of whom have left you a birthday message here) just by being a fan. In most cases, being a fan of the same show has only been a starting point for some wonderful friendships.

OK... this is starting to sound totally corny, so I'll leave it at that with a simple... Thank You!

I hope this is the best birthday yet!


Pamela Jean aka "The Crinkler"
Amish country, Pennsylvania


I've heard it said that the one true qualification of a person who is successful is that they have a successor. Over the years, I've read how very many people have been influenced by either you personally (Michael Shanks is a major case in point), or who have been influenced through what you have done professionally - and we have quite a crop of science-oriented professionals in the world today because your role in MacGyver influenced them to pursue learning as opposed to other, less savory pursuits. You are truly a successful man, a great role model, and just an all-around great guy! I wish you abundant joy, unending peace, and all the happiness that you could ever hope to have on your birthday and every day of your life. You are truly a shining star in a sometimes very dark world.

Oh, and my furry cohort really digs that you like dogs, so she's giving you an extra tail-wag on your special day as well. Thanks for being part of our lives!

Carron LaForce
Spokane, Washington

Dear Rick,

You were always my role model growing up in the 80's and you still are today. I believe that you have influenced me in every way. Whether it be making everyday decisions or taking life's adventures as they are. You've made such an impact, that I've named my kids after you. Happy Birthday!!! You are the greatest!!!


Brian Hill
Crawfordsville, Indiana

Thank you for all that you have done over the years, especially for the laughs. Enjoy your day. You have earned it. I wish you many more.

Michelle Jungbaer
Mountaintop, Pennsylvania

Dear Richard,

Happy Birthday. I just thought I would tell you the impact that you have on many lives. My son is special education. He competes in the Special Olympics every year. But in the last 5 years there has been a tremendous difference in him. He took Martial Arts and got a Black Belt in Kung Fu, he started taking more interest in reading because Stargate SG-1 is now in books. And it is like you opened the gate because from the first episode of Stargate he wanted to find out about the universe and Egyptology. He is now in 4 regular classes and 4 assisted classes, because you piqued his interest and he even wants to join the Air Force.

No matter what happens in the future I will always feel that you gave him the start he needed.

Forever grateful,

Omaha, Nebraska

To Mr. Anderson:

Happy Birthday!!!!
You are soooooooooooooooooooo

A Fan

Hello Rick,

I am glad you liked the magnets I sent you on your 50th birthday and I hope you have a great time this year. I will be hitting the big 50 in three more years myself!

Your work has been a very fruitful endeavor. As hard as it has been sometimes, you will always know that you have touched people's hearts from all over this globe. What more legacy could we leave than that? Wylie will be a proud heir to that.

Thank you for choosing the performing arts, and as a visual artist I know how deeply these things run in your blood. I hope Zoe is well and happy, keep her on that heartworm medicine!! (I am the Vet Tech that sent the magnets in the hartguard box as a joke).

I look forward to seeing any work you do in the future and wish you and your family the best always. I bet you're REALLY happy the Aves won the cup last year... well this year... HAHAHAHA they won't get it!! It belongs to the RED WINGS!!!

I love hockey almost as much as you do...

HUGSSSSSSSSS To you Ricky and your whole family!!

Jana Connell
Sonora, California, near where Seven Brides was filmed

Years ago you caught my eye,
That Mac, what a do-gooding kind of guy.
Movies with characters you loved to hate,
And now dear Jack jumping through the gate.
The Brides, the Point, where ever you're at,
And my favorite of all Ernest T. Pratt.
Just want to wish you Happy Birthday, Rick
What ever you do you're always my pick.

Hope this year provides you with an abundance of happiness and blessings.

Sending to you bad rhymes, but best wishes,

The Peach State of Georgia

Happy Birthday, Mr. Anderson!

Thank-you for all the fun you have provided for your fans for so many years. I wish you and your family health and happiness for at least the next 52 years. Just curious... do you ever watch the MacGyver reruns? I'll bet Wylie will enjoy watching them as much as the rest of us do. I do like SG-1, but Mac was such a sweetie, and he got the girl more often than poor ol' Jack -- he only gets the aliens!

Anne Smith

Dear Rick,

Hi. I just wanted to wish you a happy 52nd birthday and many, many more! I've been a fan of yours since my college days and you were on General Hospital. That's 25 years for cryin' out loud! You just keep getting better and better as the years go by. Also, I really admire the work you do for the environment. Thank you for all you have done to entertain us all and thank you for helping our world be a better place. May this year be your best ever in everything you do. May you have happiness and good health too. May God continue to bless you in all you do.

Your fan forever,

Kennesaw, Georgia

Happy Birthday Richard!!!

Thank you for sharing the gifts you received from God with the world (your acting ability, your love for the environment and your wit, among others). You have touched many lives and have made the world a better place with your gifts.

Best wishes for a long and happy life.

Julie Craft
Decatur, Alabama

Dear Richard,

I would like to wish you a very Happy 52nd Birthday. I would also like to thank you for all that you have done for the environment and for entertaining me and my soldiers while we serve our country.

Happy Birthday!!

Go Army!!

Michelle Simmons
Pensacola, Florida - The Sun Shine State!

I just want to say that I wish you the best birthday ever!!!!!!!!!!! I have been watching you since I was very young and loved everything that you have been in.

Happy Birthday and many happy returns...

Rhode Island

How Cool! An electronic Birthday Card filled with our greetings & all of our gifts of appreciation for you.

Thank you so very much for all of your wonderful gifts to us: your talent & work, your kindness & charity, your intelligence & wit, your sense of humor & spirit of fun and your humanity & inspiration to us all. May the gifts you receive be as wonderful and more!

I borrowed this from a birthday card I just received. I liked it so much - hope you do too --

"It's your special day!
Kick up your heels.
Reach for the stars!
Indulge your dreams.
Celebrate Being YOU!"

I'm wishing you a lifetime of amazing adventures & fascinating discoveries as you explore the world. I hope that ALL of your dreams come true -----

With Red Roses & Hugs -----
Have an Awesome Birthday!!!

P.S. Did you know that according to "The Simpsons 2002 Fun Calendar" January 23 is also National Pie Day! So, have some pie with that cake!!!

Penny Dellinger
York, Pennsylvania

Have a great Birthday, from a long time fan. Sorry I never saw you on General Hospital. Never was much of a soap opera fan. I hope that when you are done with SG-1 that I will not have to settle on watching my tapes to see you.


In Welsh:

Anwylyd Mr. Anderson, sut' dech chi? Bu maent yn dil˙n y gyfres Stargate yn selog su' mâi chi symud i f˙w i'r Sci Fi?

In Swedish:

Och jag unnar dig allt gott till födelsedagen. Kärlek, Nåd och Freds.


Dear Mr. Anderson, how are you? I follow the series Stargate avidly. How's it going, your move to SciFi?

And I wish you all the best for your birthday.

Love, grace and peace,

Rachel aka Gunner SG-7/A.H.U.
Detroit, Michigan

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