Happy Birthday Richard Dean Anderson!
From Your Fans in Europe

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Happy Birthday
in English, from England

To Rick

I just wanted to say that I hope you have a splendiferous birthday because you deserve it for working your butt off all year on SG1. I hope I speak for all your fans when I say we really DO appreciate it. Thank You! :)

We'll miss you and SG-1 after season 6 but I for one fully understand and support your decision to step down and spend more time with other projects in your life that you really can't afford to miss out on.

Happy Birthday Richard Dean.

With love and best wishes from,

Newcastle, England

Dear Richard,

Wishing you a very happy birthday and hoping that the coming year brings health and happiness to you and yours.

London, England

Richard - wishing you a very happy birthday, hoping you have a wonderful day.


Bristol, England

Hi Rick,

Hope you have a fabulous birthday and here's wishing you many many more. Thanks also for all the good times I've had watching you in your various roles.

Take care and love always

Stansted, Essex, England

R eliable
I ncredible
C harismatic
H andsome
A rtistic
R ugged
D electable

Hope you have a wonderful day Rick... you deserve the best.

Here's to the next 52 years of Richard Dean Anderson!!

Love ya! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Carol Watson

Have a really great birthday, Rick, and all the best for the future, for you and your family.

Rachell Gillespie
High Wycombe, England

Not that my message (just like these thous... umm... hundreds of others will be any different!) but I hope you have a wonderful birthday and know that... no... won't bring any of the TV role issues here. Have a fantastic time... and don't get too drunk... or do... whichever your liver prefers...


Happy Birthday

Hope you have many more, and plenty of happiness in your life.

BTW, I was the one that bought your Trousers, from the episode Enemies.

Have a great day, and many more.

Lucie (aka Shinara)
Slough, Berkshire, England

Have a wonderful birthday Richard.

May love and joy be with you always!

With much love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Carol (aka Empath)

Hey RDA, happy birthday to you! Have a good one in a few weeks' time with all ya mates! Party hard and enjoy yourself! I wouldn't normally send a message but my good friend Empath said that I had to send you one otherwise she would hurt me!

Joseph Showler (aka Joey)
Southeast of the United Kingdom

Richard, "Happy birthday" for the 23rd January - it's my birthday too!

Hope you have a great day and get all that you wish for!!

Lynne Parsons
United Kingdom

Happy Birthday Richard,

Wishing you all the best,

Eleni x
Colchester, England

Happy Birthday Richard! Hope all your wishes come true. Good luck for the future. Loads of hugs and kisses xxxxxxx


Dear Rick

I'd just like to say have a very happy birthday.

I think you are a wonderful actor and you are gonna be sorely missed when you leave Stargate.

Personally I find it very hard to find you in anything else on UK television, I wish they would re-run MacGyver because that was what started it all for me in the first place, and at the time I didn't even know it!!!

Anyway, I hope you have a really wonderful day and when you do leave our screens I hope that you enjoy all the things that you will pursue.

Love to you and yours today and always

Ria (RZ)
London, England


Hi Rick. I would just like to say in as little as I can (or I would go on for ages) how much I admire you. I am a very big fan and you are definately my favourite actor. I first saw you on TV when my mum was watching a MacGyver movie. I was about 8 years old at the time and I can't really remember it much apart from my mum mentioning she was watching a sexy guy called MacGyver. (She was too busy drooling to find out your real name.) Since then I saw you on Stargate and thought 'I like him.' My mum didn't recognise you but then they showed the same MacGyver movie and I couldn't stop laughing when I found out you were the same person (and that you used to have blond, long hair.) Since then I have been an avid fan and have collected all the Stargate episodes.

My friends at school don't quite understand my fascination with you, but if they bothered to watch an episode of Stargate they might see things my way. Although when I showed my best friend a picture of you half naked holding baby Wylie she thought you were quite nice too... but refuses to watch Stargate for fear of being labeled a sci-fi geek.

Anyway enough babbling. You have made a great influence on my life and I admire all the things you do. Hope you have a great birthday and get all the things that you want.

Oh and here is the droolsome pic I was talking about!

All my love,
One of your biggest fans
(I have the pictures in my locker to prove it)

Roxanne Kate Liley (age 15)

Dear Richard, (feel a bit odd about writing your first name, but seeing as you don't like people calling you by your last name, I guess it'll do!)

Hope you have a fantastic birthday, chill out and be with family and friends!

I hope you come and play hockey in England one day, coz I'd sure like to see you play!

From one hockey nut to another!

London, England


Hope you have a great day with your loved ones.

Thanks for all your work.


Happy Birthday Richard
Or if you want the Hobbit version...
Happy Birthday
Hob Knotwise of Michel Delving
Thank you for everything, you brighten my day

Ruth Longhurst

Many happy returns, and best wishes on your birthday.

May you have many more.

All our love,

Jaclyn, Dartford, UK
Rachael, Bristol, UK

Hi Rick,

My name is Jade from England, I would just like to say Happy Birthday, I hope you have a wonderful and happy day.

Thank you for entertaining us on Stargate and your other projects, you are a great actor, I hope to see you in England sometime at a convention, we would love to see you over here.

P.S. I think it's sweet that you care about the world and that you are kind enough to give lots to charity and save the rivers, good luck and well done, Sweety.

Please e-mail me sometime if you ever get time. You are my favourite actor and not to mention the hottest.

Loads of love

Jade xxxxx

Hi Rick,

Just here to wish you the Peace, Love and Happiness that you so richly deserve on your birthday, hope you have a great day and year to follow, along with your family and friends... Take care.



Hey Richard

I heard you're having another birthday...

If you're not careful you could grow up!!

Wishing you luck, love and happiness as you celebrate the second anniversary of your 26th birthday!

Enjoy your celebrations.

Ali xx
Liverpool, England

Hi Rick

We're not really all from England. We are the SJFun List Members from all across the Internet!

Remember how you used to look forward to blowing out all the candles and having cake and ice cream and opening presents?

...Of course, that was before you learned about all the other "fun" things in life!

Hope that your birthday is warm, bright and happy... A day that's as special as you.

With all our love

All the SJFun List Members XOXOXO
All Across the World Wide Web

Hey Richard,

I love ya man!!! Hope you have a great birthday and get lotsa nice things.

I wish I could give you something really special for the gift that you have given all of us through your acting. The only gift I can give you however is a huge thank you, so here it is. Thank you so much for making me smile and for inspiring me through your acting and for being someone who keeps me smiling through the hard times with your talent. You are a very talented man and I wish you luck in your acting in the future.

All my best now and always and happy Birthday again,

Your fan,

Lucy Maria Elmer xxx

Hi Rick,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!I hope you have a great day. I am 18 years old and although I haven't seen much of your work other than Stargate SG-1, I think you are an excellent actor and I am already proud to call myself a fan of yours, so I just want to wish you the best birthday ever and I hope that each one is bigger and better than the one before. You are one of the nicest guys in the world and you deserve that and so much more.

Take Care

Gemma xxx

Hey Rick,

Hope you have a great birthday, and I leave you with wonderful wishes for the future. Yeah, you get to pick them!


I hope you have a great birthday, and I hope you have lots of fun and excitement.

p.s. I have been one of your greatest fans since MacGyver.

Shane Deheragoda
London, England

Hi Mr. Anderson,

Wow! I have been one of your biggest fans since SG-1 started. I love your work. I am only 12 years old. I watch Stargate every night hoping to see you on every episode. My friends at school ignore me when I go on about you but I love to talk about you. I just hope that you have a wonderful birthday because you deserve it.

P.S. Please say hello to Amanda, Michael and Chris for me.

Kathryn Ellen Thompson xxxxxxxxxx

Happy b'day Rick! Gate on and viva la VV! (You're probably wondering what on Earth that means... but it's a long story, so you always will, LOL)

Love and peace,

Felicity aka thor_fh

Best wishes on your birthday from the UK, congratulations on being a wonderful entertainer, and for all the work you do helping the environment.


Happy 52nd Birthday Rick

Here's hoping you have a great one - you truly deserve it. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for being such a huge influence on so many lives, mine included. Because of you I now have a group of international pals who I can truly call "friends". Not only do we share the joy of following your career but we are also there for each other in whatever life brings our way and it's all due to you. So thanks Rick - you may not realise the extent to which you affect people's lives but we do.

Warrington, England


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