Happy Birthday Richard Dean Anderson!
From Your Fans in Europe

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Alles Gute zum Geburtstag
in German, from Austria

Alles Gute zum Geburtstag
und die besten Wünsche mögen Sie begleiten!


Dear Rick,

Congratulations on your 52nd birthday!!! I wish you and your family a lot of luck, health, joy and success.

Hi, my name is Nicole and I´m 20 years old. I always wanted to write you a letter but never did because I wasn´t sure if you would really read it. Now I finally have the possibility to send you a message to tell you how much I admire you.

I got to know you as MacGyver about 7 years ago as I watched an episode on TV (by chance). I was suddenly fascinated by this great character and therefore became a big fan of yours! Then I also watched some of your other movies, but unfortunately I don´t know "Legend" because it has never been shown on Austrian TV. I was very glad to hear about Stargate SG-1 because now I had the possibility to see you on a new TV-show.

I want to thank you very much for playing MacGyver!!! Watching this great character helped me a lot to become more self-confident and stronger!! And I got better grades in Physics and Chemistry at school because I was more interested in these subjects and I understood things better - of course because you (as Mac) used all this knowledge to solve several problems!!!!

By the way, you were great as MacGyver and now you are brilliant in the role of Jack O´Neill! I´ve read that you only want to continue playing this role for one more season... what are your plans for the future? I hope that you will continue acting because otherwise I won´t be able to see you on TV any more. But exactly this is very important to me because I know that it unfortunately won´t be possible to meet you in person some time. Nevertheless this is one of my biggest wishes! So if you intend to visit Austria (do you?) feel free to call me and ask for some information.

I´m sure that you are a great person with the capability to reach your goals. Thank you very much for being such a good guy and a real star! Even though you probably can´t imagine I just have to think of you to feel better and stronger than before! And of course I always remember your "motto": "Think first, think fast, be careful - pursue. Be great!"

P.S. If you had some free time would you send me an e-mail and enclose an autograph? Thank you very much in advance!


Nicole Fenz

Herzlichen Glueckwunsch zum Geburtstag! I wish you a Happy Birthday, health and success and I hope to see you again and again - at least on TV!

Waving from Graz, Austria

Alles Gueti zom Gebori & Bel di d'Anniversari
in German and Romanic, from Switzerland

Dear Richard

I’d like to wish you a very happy birthday. I hope you have a wonderful day with your family and that the future will bring you as much happiness as you have brought us. May all your dreams come true!

I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank you for being the inspiration you are, for all the years of entertainment and fun you brought to us, as well as your continuous work concerning environmental issues. I appreciate it a lot!

May you one day realize how many lives you’ve affected.

All the best


The Doc

Dear Rick,

"52"! You don't look a day older than "40"!

... and if that ain't the truth then I am a liar, Jack!

May the sun always shine in your face for many happy birthdays to come.

The Twelve xox

Dear Richard,

I wish you and your family a wonderful birthday! Thanks for everything and I hope to see you on the big screen soon!

All the best,


Buon Compleanno
in Italian, from Italy

I'm confused… how old did you say you are?


Translation: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU... etc. etc.

Il 17 gennaio sarà anche il mio compleanno e sono fiera ed eccitata di avere in comune con te lo stesso mese di nascita.

Bacioni da Genova


Next 17 January will be my birthday too and I'm very proud and excited to have in common with you the month of our birthday.

Many kisses from Genova

Genova, Italy

Happy birthday.

I love all your series and films and I hope to know you one day.

Buon compleanno, bellissimo!!!!

Milan, Italy

Dear Richard,

First of all I would like to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY, and then a HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and your family from my Italian heart: may your little daughter grow up in a better world.

I want to say to you that YOU are a great actor: every role you play is special and unique because you are special and unique, so, please, do not change!

I have loved MacGyver since I was a child and then all the other characters came, until now: now I can admire Jack O'Neill.

I think you are the brightest star in the sky. May your future be rich in roles to play, imagination, good health, hope and...LOVE!

P.S. I belong to your same star sign.

Con tutto il mio affetto
All my love

Best wishes

Ancora auguroni!!!

Parma, Italy

Non sono molto brava nello scrive i messaggi, quindi mi limiterò ai classici.



Feliz Aniversario
in Portuguese, from Portugal

Hi Richard!

I wish you a very good day and hope 2002 will bring you and your loved ones all the joy you deserve.

Meanwhile, just keep giving us as much pleasure as always by being a great actor.

Happy Birthday!



Hope you have a great day on your birthday, together with the ones you love the most.

Thank you for all the magic moments and the enjoyment you have given to all your fans. I also wish to thank you for all the amazing characters you brought to life with your wonderful sense of humour. You've done a great job! Congratulations!

It's amazing the way you make people smile throughout the world. Thank you for so many joyful years. Keep up with such a wonderful job by bringing that special humour to characters as Jack O'Neill, James Holland, MacGyver and so many others... Keep up the wonderful Jack: please don't quit on him so soon, please.

Thank you for that twinkle in your eye that makes so many folks happy and fulfilled. You're a good example for those who are searching for something, and that no matter what, they should always believe in themselves. It worked with me!

I also have to say that I love the way you show folks that they should never give up on their dreams, no matter what or who. Don't give up on your secret dreams. I know you have them, everyone has! Because of you, I know that someday I'll be somebody very special. For me you're a true and unique inspiration.

As a conclusion, I wish you a great day on your birthday with lots of presents and love. Wish you the best for you and your folks, for this and the years to come.

Stay handsome and in shape (as always)! Hey, don't worry, you're still a very good looking guy. You'll never know what you're going to get! If you know what I mean, ah ah!

Love you forever!

Rute Pereira
Lisbon, Portugal

Felíz Cumpleaños & Per Molts Anys & Zorionak
in Spanish & Catalan & Euskera, from Spain

Happy Birthday!!! Hope you have a great day with your family, and all your dreams come true. You're a great person, and a great actor, but we will be your fans if you decide not to act... you really are a great person!

Feliz cumpleaños!!

With all my love,

Barcelona, Spain

Dear Mr. Anderson,

I can't even begin to tell you how many happy moments you have given us, beginning with MacGyver and now with Stargate SG-1. My wish for you would be: never change, be always yourself. Thank you.

Here you have a happy birthday in Euskera, our language in the north of Spain:


San Sebastian, Basque Country, Spain

Hello Mister Anderson,

I was going to wish you happy birthday in my mother tongue, that is Euskera, but I noticed someone did it before me, so anyway, I wish you have a great day with your family and friends and enjoy this birthday card as much as we did.


Basque Country (north Spain)

Hi Rick!

I hope you have a great birthday with your family and friends!

A big hug from Barcelona.

Feliç Aniversari
("Happy Birthday" in our language: Catalan)

Marta (aka extintor)
Catalonia (east Spain)

In Catalan:

Sovint obliem què es festeja a l'aniversari: és la cel·lebració del dia més feliç dels pares. Recorda-ho quan estiguis amb els teus.

Desitjo que tingui moltes aventures meravelloses en aquest viatje que és la vida, perquè vosté és jove encara.

Moltes felicitats Sr. Richard Dean Anderson!

In Spanish:

A menudo olvidamos qué es un cumpleaños: es la celebración del día más feliz de los padres. Acuérdate de ello cuando seas feliz con los tuyos.

Deseo para usted muchas y maravillosas aventuras en el viaje de la vida, porque todavía hay juventud en usted.

¡Feliz cumpleaños Sr. Richard Dean Anderson!

In English:

Dear Richard Dean Anderson,

Very often we forget what a birthday is: the celebration of the happiest day for your parents. Keep it in mind and be happy with yours.

I wish for you lots of wonderful adventures in the trip of life, because you are still young.

Happy birthday Mr. Richard Dean Anderson!

Cristina Rosales
Born in Barcelona, Spain, living in the French Riviera

Wszystkiego Najlepszego z Okazji Urodzin
in Polish, from Poland

Wszystkiego najlepszego z okazji urodzin Richard! Stu lat zycia, duzo zdrowka i zebys zawsze byl takim dobrym aktorem.

PS. Szczesliwego nowego roku 2002!

Greg Markowski

Vše Nejlepší k Narozeninám
in Czech, from the Czech Republic

Hi, Richard!

I would like to wish you a very happy birthday and many more! Or as we Czechs say, Vše nejlepší k narozeninám!

Many thanks for all that you have done for your fans.

Prague, Czech Republic

Hello Mr. Anderson,

I haven't got your assent to use one's Christian name, but I believe it doesn't matter to you. When I was young I watched MacGyver and I can't stop watching. Now it's Stargate SG-1. The best serial of the world with the best actors and other people, who made it. I admire your excellent actor's abilities.

I am from Czech Republic, but I want to see sometime the U.S.A. That's my dream. (Maybe we'll meet, that's a joke, I know it's impossible).

So Richie, I wish you realize your dreams and wishes, good health, love, good luck and much successes. And I can't forget - I believe that your team win the Stanley Cup, but you must have the same as I.

Happy Birthday!!!
Vše nejlepší k narozeninám!!!

Prague, Czech Republic

I would like to wish you the best birthday! You are the best actor who has ever been! Your Jack and MacGyver is the best! YOU ARE THE BEST!

Thank you for everything that you do!

BTW... you have so lovely a smile...

Take care!

Prague, Czech Republic

Hi Rick!

I´m from Czechia and glad to watch you and your team on TV. I wish you all the best for your birthday, very much health, love, ease and also very good performance in your business.

P.S. I send greetings to your daughter Wylie.

Your fan,

Czech Republic

Boldog Születésnapot
in Hungarian, from Hungary

We, your Hungarian fans, wish you a loveful, peaceful Christmas and happiness, success in the New Year.

Christmas Greetings from
The Hungarian Stargate SG-1 Mailing List Members:
Jack O'Neill forever!

Gabi and friends

Dear RDA,

Happy Birthday! I'm so glad that I can see your acting! Thank you for the cool minutes from your films and series!

RDA and Stargate SG-1 4ever!

Attila Radulovic
Szeged, Hungary

Zoltan & Auguszta Oroszi
Budapest, Hungary

Vse Najboljše
in Slovenian, from Slovenia

Hi Rick !!!!

I wish you happy birthday. I hope that all of your wishes will come true.

Thank you for sharing your talents with your fans and for past and (especially) future hours of entertainment!

Vse najboljše



Sretan Rodendan
in Croatian, from Croatia

Dear Richard!

Pišem iz hrvatske i zeljela bi ti cestitati rodendan. Zelim ti još mnogo sretnih godina i još mnogo serija na kojima ceš raditi.

I am writing from Croatia and I wish to say to you Happy Birthday. I wish you many years of life and many more shows to work on.

This is how we write Happy Birthday:



in Greek, from Greece

Mr. Anderson,

Happy Birthday!
Hro'nia Polla'!
Joyeux anniversaire!
Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!
Buon compleanno!
Eeid milad sa'aeed!
Grattis på födelsedagen!
Feliz cumpleaños!
S dnem rozhdeniya!
Gratulerer med dagen!
Feliz Aniversário!
Hyvää syntymäpäivää!
Do-gum günün kutlu olsun!
Tillykke med fødselsdagen!
Hau`oli lá hánau!
Boldog születésnapot!
Breith lá sona duit!

In any language, we wish you the very best for you and your family.

Thank you for all your hard work and for sharing your talent with us.

Pariskhevi Kalodimas
Palea Epidavros, Greece


Rick, I wish you many-many years of joy, good health and the fulfilment of all your plans, ambitions and dreams.

When I was a kid, I've always wanted to send you a letter but I knew that you would never read. So, I never sent it. But now, although I know that you'll probably read my message, I have no idea what to write and how to write it.

I just want to say that I'm a huge fan of yours for almost 12 years (since I was 6). I'd like to thank you for the many years of pleasure you have given to me and to a lot of people around the world. I harbor the hope that this will be continued for many years in the future. I want, also, to tell you how much you mean to me. You've made a big impact on my life and I really believe that the world seems to be (and it is) a bit better thanks to you.

Happy Birthday, Rick. Enjoy YOUR BIG day and all your days. I'm sending all my best wishes to you and your family. I hope the best for your career and your personal life and that the future years will bring you, Wylie, Apryl and all the persons you love, lots of happiness.

May all your dreams come true. You deserve the best, you are the best, we love you!

P.S. I hope you liked "RDA". You're a real star!
(Excuse my English)

Lots of love,

Thessaloniki, Greece

Hi Richard!

I am a 19 year-old boy from Athens, Greece. I am a great fan of yours for many years! I admire you a lot! You are a very talented and a great actor!

I wish you HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I wish you the best, health, joy, love and success to you, to your family and to the people that you love! I hope that you will enjoy this great day, your birthday! I wish you again HAPPY BIRTHDAY and the best wishes! I wish that all your dreams will come true!

Also I want to thank you Richard for all the great job that you have made all these years! For us, your fans, it is the best gift from you! I wish you to continue like that!

I am watching now in my country again the great "MacGyver"! I am so excited for this! I watched for the first time "MacGyver" when I was 6 years old! Then I became a huge fan of yours! I admire you very much! I am waiting also to watch in my country "STARGATE SG-1"! I hope that I will watch it very soon!


Your fan,

Athens, Greece


I wish you from the bottom of my heart my dear Richard Happy Birthday!!!

I am a girl from Greece. I am 21 years old and I love you Richard! You are the best actor! Congratulations!

I am your fan for 10 years and I will always be your fan Richard!

My dear Richard, I am sending you my best wishes for you and for your family! Kiss for me your little angel Wylie!

S' AGAPO RICHARD!!! (in greek)

With a lot of love,



Hi Richard! How are you? I hope that you and your family, you are great!

I am a boy from Greece. I am 22 years old and for many years, you are my idol! Richard, here in Greece, you have many fans!

I am sending you this message to wish you "Happy Birthday"! I hope that you will enjoy this special day with the two women of your life, Apryl and Wylie! First of all I like to wish to you and to your family, health, love and joy, that are the most precious things in our world, as I think! I wish you also dear Richard to continue like this... To be always such a successful actor and to continue to give us so precious times with your talent! You are a great actor! Thank you for all the excellent work that you have done! You are an excellent actor! I am a very big fan of yours Richard!

I wish you again Richard Happy Birthday!


Dogum Günün Kutlu Olsun
in Turkish, from Turkey

Geceleyin bir ses boler uykumu
Icim urpermeye baslar. Nerdesin?
Ariyorum beni cagiran bu sesin,
Gun olurki suruyup beni daha betereder
Bu ses ruzgarlaara karisip gider Nerdesin?


Happy Birthday Richard, hope you see another many more years. Everybody loves you in somewhere special place in their heart, but especially I will always love you and have it even after I die.

Have a nice beautiful birthday with your family.

Love, from Turkey

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