Happy Birthday Richard Dean Anderson!
From Your Fans in Africa

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in Arabic, from Algeria


Happy birthday Richard, may each year find you well. I hope this year will see you realize your dearest projects and expectations.

I just want to thank you for being as you are, and for all the happy moments I have, watching you, whether in MacGyver or in Stargate SG-1. I like very much Stargate SG-1. Though O'Neill seems very different of MacGyver (my preferred one, because I think it's much more like you), I find the character of the colonel very amusing and unpredictable.

I hope you will go on for a seventh season, along with your environmental projects, which I support fully, because I think that our beautiful planet (the pearl of the space) is worth all the endeavor, and if I could, I surely would... contribute.

With love,

Algiers, Algeria

Gelukkige Verjaarsdag
in Afrikaans, from South Africa

Hi Richard.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I have been an admirer of yours since about 1983 and have tried very hard to get you to come and visit us in South Africa. Hopefully this dream will still come true one day. May you have a wonderful day and may all your dreams come true.


Jenny Stone
Johannesburg, South Africa

Happy birthday Richard. May the next year bring you a number of surprises and may some (if not all) of the dreams you have dreamt come true. (One of my dreams is that MacGyver will be released on DVD!!!) I'll finish off by congratulating you in my mother tongue:

Baie geluk met jou verjaarsdag.

Roodepoort, South Africa

Firstly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY RICK, you young thang!!! Wishing all the Love and all the Luck, always.

I don't want to sound like a typical crazy, 100% admiration fan, but it seems as I get older, you would think I would snap out of it. But not this gal! Anyway, Rick you're stuck with me. I've met all the stars from "Stargate SG-1" except you, so I hope someday I am blessed with the opportunity of your presence. It was surreal chatting about you with your co-stars, all good!

Keep that "Heart of Gold" of yours shining. Wylie is growing terrific, you really make a good daddy. Hope you have more kids soon, the "DADDY" thing looks good on you!

Take it easy on the slopes, and keep well.

P.S. Love your humour!

Durban, South Africa


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Richard, may you have a fantastic and unforgetable birthday with lots and lots of prezzies (and kisses from Apryl and Wylie of course!!!!!) and save some cake for us!!!! You are a great actor, and I hope to see you in some more movies these coming years for you are a real treasure!!!! May you be blessed from head to toe, and out of your socks!!!

May you be blessed abundantly on your special day, and thank you for being a role model and inspiration to me! Thank you for making me smile, I have always enjoyed your sense of humour and your acting.

All the best for you and your family Apryl and Wylie.

(P.S. When are you coming to visit us in sunny South Africa?)

By the way, as matter of interest, your name is special:

Cultural origin - Teutonic
Inherent meaning - Powerful, generous, benevolent
Spiritual connotation - Compassionate spirit

Cultural origin - Anglo-Saxon
Inherent meaning - Abundant supplier
Spiritual connotation - Prosperous one

Cultural origin - Latin
Inherent meaning - New in faith
Spiritual connotation - Awakened soul

Cultural origin - Celtic
Inherent meaning - Fair one
Spiritual connotation - Full of grace

Lotsa Love from

Ladysmith, South Africa

Gayar Lanivèrsèr
in Creole, from La Réunion

Dear Richard Dean,

In that special day, I wish I could find the right words, a shining quote or a glowing phrase, to express how much you mean to me. But unfortunately, no words can describe my appreciation for you.

You've enriched my life and fill my world with joy and happiness. Thank you for all the good years of television and for sharing part of your life with us.

For crying out loud! It's so difficult to tell someone he is special, unique, like no other! A kind and generous person who always thinks of others and is dedicated to his family. Someone who became very important for people like me.

Hey! That's it! I said it!

Now my wishes, not only for that special day, but for all the years to come:

I wish you time to do everything you want.

I wish you health to enjoy doing them.

I wish you laughter to help you through bad times.

I wish you friends to share life's pleasures with.

I wish you dreams to keep you going.

And I wish you happiness, happiness, happiness all along the way!


Just wanted to let you know how much you are cherished... no matter how far away your home is from my home. (I live on a tiny rock lost in the middle of the Indian Ocean.)

And you just keep getting better every year! Ya sure you betcha!

Keep up the good job and good luck for your environmental project. My very best wishes to Wylie and Apryl.

"Every fool knows you can't touch the stars,
but it doesn't stop a wise man from trying."

- Harry Anderson

Sylvie Mussard
Réunion Island - France Indian Ocean

in Hindi, from Mauritius


Hello Mr Anderson,

I am Minakshi and I would like to seize this opportunity to wish you a Happy Birthday on behalf of all your fans from the Island of Mauritius.

I can still remember those days when we would miss our lunch only to watch MacGyver. We were so little but yet, we would never miss one of the episodes. And not to mention the haste with which I take the bus to come home in time from the polytechnic school to watch Stargate.

So, one year that goes by and another one that starts. Congratulations for your 52nd Birthday!!!!

For this Birthday, I wish you lots of success, love, happiness and many more films. Wish you all the best things in life for the many more years to come.

I hope you have a wonderful day, celebrating your birthday with your family and friends with lots of love and fun. (By the way, you have a cute little daughter!!!!)


Janam Din Mangalmaye ho,
Joyeux Anniversaire,
Bon anniversaire,
Janam din mubarak...

Have a wonderful time and enjoy yourself very much. Do come to pay us a visit over here in Mauritius when you have some time.

Once again HAPPY BIRTHDAY from Mauritius.

Lots of love and admiration,


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