From Your Fans Around the World
January 23, 2003

Headwall Canyon


"The Girls"

My daughter, Olivia, aged 2, and I would both like to wish you a very Happy Birthday. We hope you continue to appear on our screens for as long as you are happy to do so, and we have the DVD's to go back to later. I would like you to know that your name was the third word my daughter said, after Dad and Mum, and you have been called Dad before now. She will come to my computer and say "Jack, Jack" and want to watch the music video's about SG-1 and almost pushes my monitor over to kiss you. She does the same on the TV.

You see your fans start very young these days.

So have a good day, and best wishes and luv to your daughter.

Anna and Olivia Williams

Happy Birthday Richard! I wish you peace, love and contentment in the coming year. Keep on doing that thing you do. Thank you for giving us so much of yourself. Have a wonderful birthday and much luck, love and prosperity in the year ahead.

Nevada, USA

Happy Birthday Richard Dean Anderson!!!!

I wanted to thank you for giving me so much fun and joy!!! I enjoyed you in the show MACGYVER and after in STARGATE SG-1!!! Stargate is really a great show very well building with very good stories which keep continuity with previous seasons!!!! So congrats for your wonderful job!!!

I wish you a happy birhtday with your daugther!!! Have a lot of fun!!!

A fan who loves your wonderful work and thank you for all the joy you give me on screen!!!!!!


Mr. Anderson,

In an abstract sort of way, this is my second message to you to express my admiration. A few months ago I sent something up to the Vancouver Studios, but have no idea if you've received it or not. Be that as it may, I must once again attempt to express my heartfelt admiration for your work as an artist (which is a clever way of saying actor/producer/etc.) with the various productions and performances that you have to your credit.

Like many of those who name themselves a fan of yours, I think of myself knowing just a bit more of what makes you the man you are... the private Rick that revels equally in blasting down the slopes, across the ice, down a river, or that mad dash down south to be with the new purpose in life, that is your precious daughter... of these things, none of us really can ever expect to make ourselves a part, as a real & close friend would... but we can admire you for them never-the-less. I was greatly enthusiastic when I heard about a seventh season for Stargate SG-1. It is, without a doubt, one of my favorite hours of each week. At the same time though, I realize that there is an inherent danger in such prospects. Having no children of my own, I can only draw upon my childhood experiences with my own father, who was most often away on business and missed most of my life.

While my own father was not someone I looked up to once I finally did get to know him, I do know that you are the kind of man many of us do find admirable. So, in my own small way, as a devoted fan... should the schedule or demands of the jobs get to be too much...

...you have not only my permission but my expectation to choose being father to your daughter over being hero to the masses.

When all is said and done, I feel just as proud and privileged as your daughter to have known you... if only through your work.

Have a most magnificent birthday, sir.


Timothy Shaw
Portland, Oregon


I've been a fan of yours for almost 13 years and I'd like to thank you for the hours of joy you've brought to me and to a lot of people around the world.

I'm sending all my best wishes to you.
May all your dreams come true...


I would just like to wish you a Happy Birthday and thank you for another season. We all love to see you so much every week!



Happy Birthday to you!!

Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!! (I don't know if you understand German.)

It's great that there will be a 7th Season of Stargate SG-1. I want to express that you are a great actor (the best for me). You are the spirit of Stargate SG-1. Thank You!!!!

Would be nice to receive an Email from you. And just come to a convention to Germany. We'll wait for you!!

Greetings and best wishes from Germany!!!
Take care


Hello Richard!!

Just a little word to wish you a happy birthday!

I won't sing because it's going to rain, so I will just whisper it.
Hap... to... you... happy birth... to y......
Did you hear? No? Maybe it's better like this!

Hope to see you soon on our screen.
You are our favourite "Mac Useless."

Did you know that we called DSD "nounours"? (It means teddy bear!) At the French con, Carmen promised us that he would try to tell it to everybody on the show... but he will need help... Can we count on you?

Big kisses from France


I want to send you the best wishes as well. You are my favourite actor. I like MacGyver as much as Stargate even if the characters you play are not very similar to each other. But a good actor has to play all of his roles in a convincing way. That is the reason why I like you so much.

I hope you and your family are OK. Looking forward to the 6th and 7th season. (In Germany the 6th season will start in March or April - at least I hope so.)



Hello Rick!

I am a French girl and I love "Stargate".
Happy birthday to you.
I hope that this year will be enjoyed.
Sorry for my English.

Sandrine Lestienne

Happy birthday, Rick! Have a wonderful day with your family!

It's great that there will be a seventh season of SG-1.



É uma grande alegria poder estar comemorando mais um aniversário!! Que sua carreira e vida familiar continue de vento em popa, e que futuramente possamos ver Stargate SG-1 nos cinemas!!

Muitas felicidades, desejo-lhe de todo o coração!!

Um grande abraço de sua fã do Brazil!

Célia Regina da Costa aka CelyOneil

WAAAAAAAH!!! You're the best!!! I loved you as MacGyver, I adore you as Jack O'Neill !!! Why don't you make movies???


Uh! The season 5 is coming in France!!!! Yeaaaaahhh!!!

P.S. Excuse me for my English.

Your biggest French fan!!!


Hi Richard

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hope you have many more and that Wylie makes it an even more special day this year than she did last year! Would love to have you visit us in South Africa. And don't just go to Cape Town, we have many more beautiful places in the country!! Enjoy your special day and may all your dreams come true in 2003.


Jenny Stone
Johannesburg, South Africa


I only want to make it short. Not only because my English is not as good as it should be but also because I really do not know what to write.

I only can say that you are a really great actor and that I love to see you as MacGyver or Jack O'Neill.

For your birthday I wish you all you can have and that you will be fine the next hundred years.

So have a nice future!


Happy Birthday


María del Rosario

Hi Richard!

Have an absolutely brilliant Birthday! You deserve it!
Here's hoping all your wishes and dreams come true,
And all good things will come to you.
Thanks for everything,

England, UK

Hi Rick,
Happy Birthday
Have a great day with Wylie and your family and friends
We all like MacGyver and O'Neill and Ernest Pratt

All the best


Dear Rick,

Last year I prepared my message to you (which needed preparation because it was a poem), and waited till I could post it, but something went wrong with my e.mail and I missed my chance. So I tucked my disappointment between the folds of my hope and waited again till this year. My gift this year shall be different (because all that waiting "it" had to do made it grow large), and I'm sending it to the studio in Canada. I've been saving the money to send it so please BE SURE to get it. (It is sent from Germany and you have my name).

At the end, I wish you good health and a calm relaxing birthday...




I wish you a verry nice 53 Birthday and many gifts!!

I'm a verry big fan from you and I hope you live 1000 years longer! We need you!

Get the party started!!! And a wonderful 53 year!!

Kristina Schneeloch

Happy Birthday



It is astonishing and humbling to see so many people from all over the world sending you their birthday wishes. Makes one feel insignificant for the briefest of moments!

I am not only wishing you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY but a HAPPY YEAR. I would love nothing more than to plant a birthday kiss on those wonderfully kissable lips of yours.....

...lots of love and hugs... have a wondrous year...


Hi Rick!

Happy bwirthday - to youuuu...
Happy bwirthday - to youuuu...
Happy bwirthday Mr. Anderson...
Happy bwirthday - tooo - you.

Blow a Marilyn Munroe kiss. Exit stage left.

Have a good time, AND HAVE FUN!

But don't break anything. We have this silly obsession where we kinda wanna keep you in one piece. Yeah, really silly, I know.

Be safe, be happy, and do as much as you can, when you can. Nobody can ask for more.

Keep up the good work with your various charities.

"Nobody did worse, than he who did nothing, because he felt he could do little."

Caity xxx
Brighton, UK

Happy Birthday to a special person. I have followed your career as it evolved from General Hospital to 7 Brides for 7 Brothers (sorry but I liked it) to MacGyver to Legend to Stargate SG-1. I have described myself as being a MacGyver chemist and a MacGyver cook. Thank you for sharing your talent with us.

One of my favorite lines from MacGyver goes something like this: "I am a sucker for sunrises. With each new sunrise comes a whole new set of possibilities." With going through a divorce this year, I am clinging to those words. Thank you.

Enjoy your daughter because she will be small only a little while. My prayers are with you and yours.


Kathy Van Elsen
Des Moines, IA

Have a great birthday RDA!!
I wish nothing but the best for you on this special day!
You rule dude!!

Tyler MacIver
Ontario, Canada

Dear Rick,

Hope you have a very very happy birthday. If in life you only get a small part of the happiness you have brought to me and many others then you will get a lot in return. Thank you for putting your 'retirement' on hold, the pleasure I get from seeing you on the screen has kept me going through a tough couple of years of illness. PLEASE look after yourself, enjoy Wylie and continue to love her as you do. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND ENJOY EACH AND EVERY DAY.

Lots of love and best wishes.

PS the characters you portray are sooooo good because of the 'you' that comes out in them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jackie F.
St. Helens, England

Dear Richard,

I wanted to take the time to wish you a Very Happy Birthday. You once sent me an autographed 5x7 and I thank you for that. I liked you on MacGyver, never missed a show. I have MS now, well for some time, and I will be 61 in March.

Again Have a Happy one.

Your loyal fan,

Vince Yokitis

Here's wishing you have a wonderful birthday. I'd just like to add a big thank you for doing another year of Stargate. I appreciate it.

Leeds, England

I am wishing you have a wonderful birthday.

And happy for everyday.

Taichung, Taiwan


Thank you doesn't seem enough to show the appreciation myself, and all of your fans, feel for you continuing on in wonderful acting roles, such as Jack O'Neill. May you always remember how appreciated and respected you are in all you do.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You don't look a day over 30. My wish for you is that your birthday is full of joy and love and happiness with your family and friends. Enjoy the day!

It's too hard to think of a favorite moment that you've done over your long career but I'd have to say the MacGyver episode where you pretended to be insane to get into a mental hospital, then started jumping on all the beds while yelling crazily... that's one of the moments I will never forget.

Anyways, Happy Birthday, and best wishes!

Think first
Think fast
Be careful
- Pursue
Be great!


Ontario, Canada

I hope that you have a great birthday, I wish you all the best for now and ever, and that your life be filled with love, hope and happiness.

I love everything that you've done, both on TV and for the environment, it means a great deal that someone with influence cares so much. I'm glad you're coming back for another season of Stargate and I can't wait to see it.

To steal some phases from some of your colleagues.
Live the Dash and Peace 'n' Love.

All of my fondest wishes for you and those close to you.

Lucie Grantham aka Shinara xxxxxxx
Berkshire, England


First of all please accept my Best Compliments, Best Wishes and Greetings!!!!!!!

Your television series MacGyver received enormous responds from the viewers of age 8 to 80, the show ended over here in 1992 but still it's been rated as the "most popular" foreign television series ever telecast over the territory! All of Bangladesh love you tooooooo much still today. YOU ARE THE BEST!

My name is SHIPLU. I am 22 and have been a very BIG fan of you since my childhood. I cannot express in writings my honest blindness to you. Moreover, you might be able to recognize that you did a 'personalized promo' for Bangladesh Television saying, "HELLO BANGLA! WATCH ME AS COLONEL JACK O'NEILL IN STARGATE SG-1 ON BTV IN BANGLA". As my father's company distributes foreign television programs on the local television stations in Bangladesh, they licensed the show and requested for a 'personalized promo' to MGM and it was so kind of you as you did for us that 'promo', thanks a million.





Shiplu R. Khan

Dear Mister Dean Anderson,

I just would like to wish you a happy birthday! I wish you all my best and I hope that love, joy and happiness will be a part of your everyday life for this new year. I also would like to thank you for the amazing job that you are doing! I wish you all my best! Happy Birthday again!

Bye bye, take care

Karine xxx
Quebec, Canada

I wanna wish you a happy birthday and many many more good years to come for you. Please keep doing what you do best.

Lots of love from the Netherlands.



I wish you the very best on this special day. You don't look a day older... but nicer every second...

Okay, I may don't know you but I think you are smart enough to understand the next sentence: Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag aus Deutschland!!!!

Have a great 23rd January and give a kiss to your daughter Wylie. She's so sweet! You should take more photographs. *g*

Sabine B.

Happy Birthday Rick!

Just a short message to say what an inspiration you have been to us all. I hope that this birthday brings all the things you could ever want and I hope this message brings the realisation of the love your fans have and will always have for you.

Have a good one.

All my love,

Roxie xxx (16 from England)

Just a lil' note to say happy freaking birthday. Have fun skiing and such, and thanks so much for the obsession-material you've given us poor, sad, little geeks over the years. Inspiration to us all (or however it goes. Like I have a clue!)

Happy birthday.

Southern Ontario