From Your Fans Around the World
January 23, 2003

Dear Richard,

First of all I hope that you'll have a wonderful birthday. I wish you all the best in the world, for your personal life and of course for your work. But most important - health, for you and your family.

You'll never know how much impact you have on the lives of so many people. Because of you I found very true friends from all over the world, you were the reason I made my first trip to the US in 1994. I blame it on you *g* that I went online years ago. And I'm really grateful for that...

Keep up your great work - it is much appreciated! And please, never lose your wonderful sense of humor. You don't how much joy it is to see you act and how a bad day can then turn into a wonderful one...

Love and hugs from Germany,

Rike - and of course my family, hubby Achim, Nicolás, and Hannah

Dear Richard,

Thank you for giving us MacGyver! It is my all time favourite show and it kept me going through some very hard times in my life.

I hope you have a wonderful birthday and that you keep on bringing us shows like MacGyver and Stargate - they are GREAT. You are a true star to many!


Angela Tyer
Essex, United Kingdom

Happy Birthday Rick,

Another Year goes by and I wish you a very Happy Day and hope that you can spend it with your family. Thanks for all the wonderful SG-1 shows. I never miss an episode. I named my new dog Kree and I'm surprised a lot of people know what that means. Anyhow, have a wonderful day, a wonderful year.

Tina Watkins and family
Vacaville, California


Munich, Germany

Dear Rick,

Happy Birthday! Like a fine wine, you get better with age.

May the new year be filled with grand adventures, time with family, unrelenting joy, and serenity. Live well, love often, laugh much. Enjoy that sweet little girl of yours; they grow up much too fast!

We've enjoyed your many different characters these past few months. Thank you for bringing them to life for us. My children have become your biggest fans.

The Hamlin Family

P.S. Your characters do make a difference in people's lives. Every word of the following essay is true. Thank you.

MacGyver Saved My Marriage

I married MacGyver twelve years ago, though I didn't know it at the time. You see, I'd watched just about every episode all through vet school, and I was hooked. Forget Tom, Mel, and Paul. You can have them. For me, MacGyver was it. Those eyes. That smile. And he was kind. Helpful. Smart. And funny. Very funny. Kids loved him, and so did I. Every week I watched. And dreamed.

Well, life being what it is, I realized that actually meeting and marrying him just wasn't gonna happen. Life went on. I graduated, got a job. One day I looked out my window, and there he was. No, not MacGyver. Some cute dude with shaggy hair. But he had roommates. Women roommates. Oh, well. Soon, he grew a shaggy beard to go with the hair. Still cute.

It was the dog's fault, really. Missie was a poor excuse for an Australian Shepherd, but she was smart. She hated men. But she loved Herman, as I came to call him. I trusted that dog. Herman was cute. Kind. Helpful. Smart. A molecular biologist and computer whiz, to be exact. We had fun, Herman and me. We camped, hiked, rode motorcycles. He kept the beard. I married him a year later.

Life was great, for a while. Then came the kids. Money was tight. I gained a few pounds and struggled to stay sane. So did he. Typical of many marriages, our relationship fell apart. You know, the old put the kids first sort of thing. Not that you really have a choice. Life got crazy. Our son was diagnosed with leukemia. Crisis mode. No time for each other. We said hurtful things. Criticized. Ignored. He wasn't nice to me. I wasn't nice to him, either. Somehow we managed to hang on for the sake of the kids, but it was a farce. It wasn't pretty. And after a while, it got old. I'd had enough. Once or twice I actually dialed the number for an apartment for rent, it was that bad.

Then his mom died, and I couldn't do it. Not now. Life went on. Then one day I was digging through our pile of videos, trying to sort the old from the new, the good from the bad. And there it was, way in the back in a stack of old stuff, the label long since faded. MacGyver. One episode, still intact, though the rest of the tape had long since been taped over. I watched. My kids watched. And we were hooked. Again. I'd forgotten how much I loved that show. And MacGyver? Where was he now? I hadn't seen him in ten years.

Enter the internet. And e-bay. And, voila! All one hundred and thirty nine episodes to be had. I bid. And won. We watched and watched. And loved every minute of it. That kindness. Helpfulness. Caring. Smiling. Helping people, some of which didn't deserve it (like Murdoc). Working things out. Trying hard. Respecting kids. Values I wanted to instill in my kids, yet I wasn't modeling them very well - especially not recently. If MacGyver were here, would I treat him the way I had been treating my husband? I sure hoped I wouldn't. I watched, and listened. And then I heard it.

"You know, when something's broken, the easiest thing to do is just throw it away and forget about it. But if you just step back and take a look at what you've got, sometimes you find a totally different way of making it work." MacGyver, Thin Ice

"Funny thing about running is that you always end up taking yourself with you." Pete Thornton, Widowmaker

"For every action there is a reaction. You've got to believe that." MacGyver, The Challenge

"When it comes down to me against the situation, I don't like the situation to win." MacGyver, The Road Not Taken

"Another day. A whole 'nother set of fresh possibilities." MacGyver, Slow Death

"When I got {married} I could taste the {happily ever after}. But then I managed to get myself {in a snit}. Playing {the martyr}, playing stupid. The point is, my {hurt feelings} were bad enough that I convinced myself it just wasn't worth it, and I quit. Now every time I {see a happy family playing together}, I have to wonder if I could've made it or not. And you know something? I'll never find out. You don't get many second chances. Don't make the same mistake I did. Because if you quit, that's it. You'll always wonder." MacGyver, Thin Ice

Hmmm. It all boiled down to the golden rule. Thinking positive. Making the right choice, even if it was hard. It had to work. I had a talk with my husband. Let's just be nice to each other for a change. He agreed. And you know something? That MacGyver really had something there. Things really changed. For the better. And I decided to stick around.

Well, the months passed, the kids and I continued to watch, and watch, and watch. Soon the next question. What else has he done? Where is MacGyver now? Again, enter the internet. Google. Aha! E-bay, again. And we watched some more. Stargate SG 1. Firehouse. Past the Bleachers. Ordinary Heroes. In the Eyes of a Stranger. Whoa. Slow down there. Who is that? There, that guy with the beard. Could it be? It sure was. Looked awfully familiar. Something about the sparkle in the eyes. That smile. Behind the beard. Suddenly I was looking straight at my husband. Well, the age is about ten years off, the hair color's not quite right, and the eye color is different, but there it was. I had married MacGyver, after all.

We're doing much better now. The spark is back. We're talking more. Laughing hard. Making a choice to be nice to each other. Spending time with each other. Riding the motorcycle again. Focusing on the positive. Our son is almost off chemo and life is sweet.

Thank you, MacGyver!

J.E.F. Hamlin, 2002

Hope you have a great day!
Thank you for SG1 - long may it continue!

Sue Simpkins
St. Leonards-on-Sea, East Sussex, UK

Thanks RDA for all the gr8 episodes of Stargate. Your humour and wit are much appreciated. Please don't let season 7 be 'O'Neill light'. Thanks for going on for one more year. My Wednesday nights will not be the same without you!!

Kent, England, UK

Hey Richard,

Wishing you the very best for your birthday. Hope you get to spend it with those you love.

Thanks for SG-1, love the show. Very pleased to see we have it for at least another year.

New Zealand

Hippo, birdie, two ewes!

Wishing you a very happy birthday, "Flip" and many happy returns!

so much for giving us season 7! I am delighted we get another year of Stargate adventures with Jack and the gang !

I'd like to tell you how much I appreciate your superb, dry wit, your dedication to having fun within the context of quality (LTS) as well as the subtle 'Canajun ' references on the show. (We love having you as an honorary Canadian, eh! )

Please don't ever forget how much your fans truly appreciate your work along with the personal sacrifices you make to bring us Stargate SG-1!

All the best,

K-W, Ontario, Canada



Thank you for that and happy birthday to you.


Sylvie Penna

I'm sending you this wish for the HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY EVER!

May I also Thank you for the pleasure you have given me in MacGyver and Stargate.

If you should ever be looking for another project, whenever I read Clive Cussler's Dirk Pitt novels I always picture you in the part of the hero.

You will always be my hero.

I do hope your knee is feeling much better.


Margaret aka Space Monkey
Lancing near Brighton, England

Hi Richard!

And, thank you so much...!

In June I married the love of my life and our wedding journey went to Canada. Unbelievably however truly: at Vancouver airport I SAW YOU! I know you can't remember, but for me it was unbelievable. Unfortunately you had no time to speak with us, but you gave me an autograph and my husband could take a picture. My childhood dream went into fulfillment. I was so happy and I'll never forget this experience. - THANKS - Have a good time and be happy!


Dear Rick,


I wish you many happy returns of the day, good health, big joy in your life with your little daughter and great success.

It is nice watching you as Colonel Jack O'Neill in Stargate SG-1. But I also like you as MacGyver - forever!

Best wishes



Duesseldorf, Germany


You Have blessed My family and Myself for many years.

It's your turn. Happy Birthday!
How old again?

Jay Mather
Tigard, Oregon

Heyyyy Sweety!!!

I call everybody 'Sweety' since I'm here in Vancouver. Sooo, what did I want again... oohhh yeah.

Happy Birthday toooo youuuu
Happy Birthday toooo youuuuu
Happy Birthday dear Richard
Happy Birthday toooo youuuuuuuuuuuu

I have to go now, I'm STARVING. I didn't eat anything since breakfast. Okay then, I wish you a wonderful birthday with your family and your friends and whoever you're going to invite. And I wish you a Merry Christmas, also it is a bit late for it when you read this.

Bye Bye

Trier, Germany


Wishing you a very happy birthday,
and wishing you recieve all your heart's desires.


Dawn Theodore
Hertfordshire, UK

To Richard Dean Anderson, a wonderful actor.

I grew with MacGyver, my mother always watched Emerald Point NAS and I continue growing with Stargate SG-1. Richard, thank you for the happiness and the emotions you bring us when you play Jack O'Neill ("with 2 L's"). I wish you a happy birthday and a happy new year.

All my best,

Burgundy, France

Hi! Richard!

It's a pity that here in Portugal things get so late! I haven't had the opportunity to watch you in Stargate SG-1. But I hope it will get here some day! Portugal is really the last country of Europe!! Oh well! Never mind!! I wish you the happiest birthday of your life. Lots of kisses for you and a very special kiss for your lovely daughter.

Best Wishes,


For the best actor that the TV is known!! Good birthday my colonel!! Every my thanking for all that you give us how pleasure with Stargate!! Thank you still for everything and good continuation.

Anthony Lefeuvre
Beauvais, France


Thank you for giving us family time together, for an hour every weeknight my family curls up together to watch Stargate. BRILLIANT. Katie (the little one) thinks you're the funniest in the show.

All the best for 2003.

Jayne and family, Alan, Emma and Katie xxxx
West Midlands, England

OW man what am I gonna write?

Hey Rick,

First of all I wanna wish you the greatest birthday there is, I sure hope you're gonna celebrate it with your beautiful daughter Wylie, who definitely has got your eyes.

I know I'm gonna celebrate mine big time, for mine is 5 days later and I'm gonna be 18. But enough about me.

I guess what I want to say is that I'm a seventeen year old girl who admires and realyyy loves your acting, sadly not much is shown here on Dutch TV, but whenever MacGyver or Jack O'Neill are around so am I.

I always kinda liked sf but when I first saw you in Stargate I was really confused. That was the one role I did not thought I'd see you in. But you play it great and though Jack is different, in some ways he is the same as MacGyver, because you put your humor and love into it. So every now and then I see you instead of them and that's what I love. Most actors just go with the role they are giving. But you always put a little of you in it. Well I'm not going to say I'm the biggest fan you ever got because you probably hear it all the time. What I am gonna say is that I really admire you and hope to see you on TV every now and then.

Thanx so much for all you've given me and all the other fans out there. I love that you're doing another year of Stargate and I hope that you and Wylie will always enjoy your days together, take good care of her and Apryl, and of course yourself.

Again have a great birthday, and hey about computers I did not learn that in one day too, I learned through making mistakes big time, screwed up my computer many times, but through making those mistakes I learned a lot. Hey I even met one of my best friends Zarina through your last birthday site, because of the message she send you. We had so many things in common that I had to send her a message and now we're friends. Now I love to keep on writing forever but I guess I can't.

Lots off love, kisses

Jolijn v wijngaarden
Tilburg, The Netherlands



Especially for you a birthday card, from the Netherlands, the other side of the world (well almost... it’s far).

Happy Birthday

Since I think your Dutch isn't as good as your English, I will translate the card for you. It says:

A birthday is the beginning of a new
365 day journey around the sun.
Happy birthday and a good journey.

Last, but certainly not least, I wish you all the luck in the world, with whatever you are going to do this upcoming year. If I can chose, I hope you’ll be appearing in the new MacGyver show I have been reading about (Young MacGyver), because I always loved that character of yours. But I will also keep watching Stargate, and any other project you may participate in the future.

By the way, indirectly I have found (well... she found me) a new friend because of you. She read the message I wrote on the Birthday site of last year, and she e-mailed me. We have been e-mailing since, and we even met last summer! The next time we will see each other is right after our birthdays. She turns 18; January the 28th, and I turn 19; February the 4th (so both right after you).

Well, that’s about it, so once again...

---------------HAPPY BIRTHDAY---------------

Lots of love from a huge fan,

Z. de Ruiter

Dear Richard,

I've been a fan of yours for almost half my life. First, when you "were" MacGyver and now as you became "O'Neill with 2 L's". As Angus (who never gives up and taught me not to give up either), you helped me deal with a very serious problem that was taking me down. As Jack, you turn my days a lot more easy to cope with whenever I need.

You are not your characters of course but there are some points that you obviously share with them:
Your love for kids and animals (especially dogs)
Your respect for nature (fishing: not to catch fish but just to be there)
The importance you give to your friends
Your sense of humour, etc.

As probably all your other fans, I respect and admire you not only as the great actor you are but also as the incredible human being you seem to be throughout your actions in your personal life.

I recognise and appreciate the enormous sacrifice you make year after year (not being with your little Queen as much as you would like) to give us all the pleasure of watching you for... how many years now?

I'm still not fed up with you and, since I'm really selfish, FORGET ABOUT RETIREMENT!

And now what really matters on this very HAPPY DAY Richard is that you have the best time of your life with the people you love and who love you back.

A big kiss for your 53rd birthday from your fan number 1 (as all fans like to call themselves).

P.S.: If you're feeling down sometimes, just remember the millions (I'm not kidding!) of fans who love you. That should help.

Paula V.
Lisbon, Portugal

I want to wish you a very happy birthday!!! Thank you for your hard work, it does not go unnoticed.... Thank you for doing another year of Stargate! The series makes Friday nights more enjoyable. My 20 month old daughter and I watch it faithfully and if she loves it, then it must be great. I have enjoyed your work since MacGyver, and as of yet I have not been disappointed in your work. Be happy, kiss and hug your daughter, and always have fun. Me and so many other fans enjoy your work and believe me when I say we are greatful. Again HAPPY BIRTHDAY and thank you for making Jack O'Neill so lovable.

Klarissa Hendrix
Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

I wish you a happy birthday; keep to enjoy us in Stargate for long time.

Séverine Jonckers
Wanfercée-baulet, Belgium


Hallĺi her

I wish you a happy birthday, and all good things.

You are hero for all good things that you do, you are one of the good people in the world. I thank you for the good things that you do, like Michael Horse, Rodney Grant, Tom Jackson, you not only make films but you help others too.

And give hope, I think when you do good things other people will too, for they look up to you, you help make world a better place.

I am glad you were born, and people like you, I pray for you all.

In film you always fight for good, especially in MacGyver, some was first film I see you in.

I wish you will have good life, and birthday.

You should come and see my country one day, mountain is a very good place.

Gratulere med dagje frĺ,


Happy Birthday, Big Guy. Thanks for all you are doing for the environment. May you have a great year. God bless you and your family.

Originally Minnesota, now Salt Lake

Dear Mr. Anderson

I can't even begin to tell you how many happy moments you have given us, beginning with MacGyver, Legend and now with Stargate SG-1. My wish for you would be: never change, be always yourself. Thank you!!!

Happy Birthday to you!

Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag!
Ich wünsche Ihnen viel Glück, Gesundheit und Erfolg im neuen Lebensjahr.

All my best,

Melanie Haldimann
Bern, Switzerland

Dear Mr. Anderson

First of all I want to wish you a very happy birthday together with your beautiful little family and all your best friends. May all your deepest dreams come true and may the new year be full of great experiences, joy, impressive explorations and outstanding chances. I hope you'll meet a lot of great and interesting people wherever you are. Everybody, who's entitled to call himself your friend, is - to my mind - a very "rich" human being. Furthermore I want to thank you for some very open-hearted interviews where you said some quite helpful sentences like that you don't want to apologize anymore for what or how you are. This attitude really helped me a lot. Thank you for that. At least I just want to ask you to take much more care of your health.

Yours sincerely,

Johanna Schier

Dear Rick

I wish you a happy birthday and hope you get to spend it with all your loved ones. May all that is good come to you. Thanks for everything you give us and the enviroment. God bless you.

Lots of love always,


Hey Rick!

I wish you a happy Birthday and a nice time with your family!



I have spent a week pondering the question of what it is about you that is my special favorite thing, and apart from a few unprintables, I think the most special thing is your genuine courtesy and grace with people, and that Smile, the one that reaches your eyes and says "I'm really enjoying this, I hope you are!" So Richard, thanks for all the smiles and have a wonderful day with the family.

Essex, England

Let's go:

We wish you a Merry Christmas...

??? Oops...


Ouch, my sister is hitting me, because I'm a bad singer.


Hello Mr. Anderson!

I wish you the best for your 53rd birthday.
Good luck my real hero!
Best wishes




Akron, Ohio


Thanks for so many things: Jeff Webber, MacGyver, Col. Jack, and so much more!! Thanks for a 7th season of SG-1, too. You are the best!!

Have a wonderful 2003!!

San Diego

Just a few words to wish you a happy birthday and that all your dreams come true. Also, continue your good job at entertaining us and take good care of yourself and your family.

Quebec, Canada

Happy birthday, Rick! La multi ani!

Liliana Grosu
Bucharest, Romania

Happy Birthday Richard! May this year bring you all the love and happiness in the world.

Thanks for so many years of entertainment. I have enjoyed every one of them. And especially thanks for one more season of SG-1.

Your special gifts light up the screen!

Muir, PA