From Your Fans Around the World
January 23, 2003

Happy Birthday Richard Dean Anderson!
May you continue to enjoy all your favorite things
in life in the years to come!

Hi Richard Dean Anderson!

I just wanted to send a greeting to you and hope that you have a very good birthday!

I also wanted to thank you for your work in Stargate and for agreeing to another season. I know that was a hard choice for you with being a dad and away so much. I and a lot of other people appreciate the sacrifice. The whole cast is wonderful but if I am honest, I watch because you are on it. Your work on the show is great. A lot of people mention your humor but I wanted to mention how wonderful your serious acting is as well. The work you did in Abyss just blew me away. Plus, you can convey so much with just a look. Very expressive. I enjoy the humor too but I wanted to let you know that I think you are one fine actor and it's a shame you aren't recognized for that fact. People on Sci Fi shows usually aren't. Ah well.

Anyway, enough of that. Have a very Happy Birthday! Good luck to you in the future! Hope when you do leave Stargate, you won't retire for good. In the mean time, have a great time with being a dad to Wylie, and your environmental projects!

All the best things in life to you and Wylie!

Happy Birthday!

Shelly Gunderson
Kansas, USA

Hi Sir Rick,

Happy Birthday!!! Wishing all the best in life and hope to see you in person someday. I still love to watch MacGyver here over Channel 30, though I've already watched them a thousand times. Don't have anything to say as of now. I just want to greet you Happy Birthday and I hope someday you'll visit the Philippines. You have so many fans here. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


Dear Richard!

I wish you a Happy Birthday and a great year 2003 to you and your family. Thank you for another year of Stargate SG-1.

Best wishes from Prague,

Vera KiecovŠ
Czech Republic

HELLO Richard,


THANK YOU OH SO MUCH!! for all the years of enjoyment watching you over the years!!


I am a big fan of yours from way back, from your MACGYVER DAYS. I still watch the reruns of TV when I can find them. When I can't I watch them on tape.

I also watch your other movies too. The only ones I have not seen are the ones where you played a BADDY. I could not bear to see you playing a murderer etc. You will always be the best good guy around.

I always loved how MAC could fix anything. My hubby is the same way. He can build and fix anything. That is one of the reasons I think I married him. ANOTHER is he is one of the best looking men around, next to you!

I often call him my SEAN CONNERY, because he reminds me of the actor. And the number one reason I married him is my CATS LOVED HIM. Animals are a very good judge of character.

I like SG-1 so much I named my new kitten after an Egyptian pharaoh & after two characters in the show. His full name is SETI TEAL'C O'NEILL with two L's. His first name is from a famous pharaoh SETI the first, father of RAMSES the second. The reason for the second name is because he is a black & gray & white tabby. The pattern of stripes that come together on his forehead form the seal on TEAL'C'S HEAD on the show, looks just like it. He had to have a third name so I gave him yours. Because as you know all good kitties must have three good names, so he can hold his head & tail up high in pride. When I was at a convention and met PETER WILLIAMS I showed him a picture of my kitten and he agreed that he had TEAL'C'S seal on his head and that he was named well.




Liz Albitz
Virginia Beach, VA, USA

A CELEBRATION OF LOVE WITH RICHARD... For me, one of the high points is "Jack O'Neill". I simply do not have the right words to express your performance, but I find it endlessly moving. You have all succeeded in creating a dazzling product (Stargate SG-1) that is universal character and quality that is certain to carve out a place of honour of the various continents! Through the website so this birthday, we shall make merry and celebrate together with RICHARD DEAN ANDERSON. We promise, we will do our absolute best.


Marie Denise Belanger xxx
Montreal, Quebec

Dear Mr Anderson,

I could not let the occasion of my favourite actorís birthday go past, without writing to wish you the merriest of days and the happiest and most rewarding of years ahead.

Iíve watched your career over the years and of all the faces on the television that Iíve come to anticipate seeing, yours has always been the most eagerly sought.

In todayís troubled times, entertainment is a much undervalued source of comfort and release, playing with our emotions, taking us to places we canít usually have access to. Whether itís through lack of funds, or the scientific impossibility yet, television fills a void often found in our lives. Stargate SG-1 has brought me a wealth of images to play with my imagination. Itís also responsible for introducing me to a wealth of support entertainment within the World Wide Web. I have made many friends over the Internet across the world, which Iíve never met and probably never will; yet I know them more intimately now than Iíve known people in actuality. I know about their families, the names of their children, when someone is ill, what sorts of mischief their dogs get up to, as they also do mine. If I have a problem, theyíll be the first to offer comfort and ask if they can help. I donít have children, but when my dogs are ill Iíll suddenly be surrounded by other dog owners offering knowledge of what theyíve been through. It really can be an outstanding feeling to be so far from someone and yet so close too.

Through my own Stargate site I know Iíve also brought enjoyment to others with the stories that Iíve written, bringing a bit of happiness to others when theyíve felt down. Itís a wonderful feeling when a stranger writes to tell you how much theyíve enjoyed what youíve written, often becoming new friends. It helps make this planet feel smaller and friendlier, knowing you have so many friends in so many countries. THIS is the sort of world youíve helped create among your fans and I, personally, am very grateful to you for it.

I hope you have a truly wonderful year ahead, filled with all the projects you want to do with your life, surrounded by family and friends and whichever pooch is lucky enough to share your cuddles and time. May your career continue to be as successful as it has been and long may you continue to bring such enjoyment and friendships into the lives of others across the world.

Yours sincerely,

Elizabeth Spavin
Calne, Wiltshire, England

Co-latha breith sona dhuib! (Scots Gaelic) Happy Birthday! The luckiest of white heather to you and your family. x x x

Gemma-Louise Gilchrist
Falkirk, Scotland

Happy Birthday, Richard!
And a Happy New Year!

This is the second time I send you a birthday greeting, and I am amazed at how fast a whole year has already gone; a year that I expect, has been full of achievements and happiness. I hope that for you, the best is still to come whether in your professional life or private life: you deserve it! I appreciate the things you do and the way you do it - in your own peculiar way - and I notice that from MacGyver to Jack OíNeill (with double Ďlí), you have evolved richer, and more profound with a touch of weirdness, the thing that makes you more attractive!

Thank you for the seventh season of Stargate SG-1 and the return of Danielís character, because I think that the constant confrontation and arguing between OíNeill and Jackson is the Ďsaltí of the series. By the way, why donít you write a story for the series?... I am curious to see in what realm your imagination wanders and roams!

I like your smile: itís like a sunshine! One of the dearest wishes in my life is to meet you, have a talk with you... Thank you for being as you are!

Soaad. Z
Algiers, Algeria

I have put a lot of thought into how to tell you just what you and Stargate mean to me. You bring so much life to your character, it warms my heart and makes me smile. In the end, I couldn't think of just what to say, because it's too complicated. Suffice it to say, because of the show, you, and your co-workers, I am still around today.

So in gratitude and sincere appreciation, I want to wish you a very, very happy birthday!! Enjoy this year, especially the time you spend with your daughter. Your desire to spend time with her is admirable, and unfortunately, something you don't always see. Enjoy her... kids are great, and they are only young once!

Thank you for doing all you do. Without even knowing it, you have made my life easier to live.

Heather Brancato
Rochester, NY

Happy Birthday and thanks for one last season (7th season) of Stargate SG-1. One of my hamsters is named after your character O'Neill and the other one is named Samantha Carter. Stargate SG-1 is a great a show. So again, Happy Birthday and hope you get to spend it with your family.

United States

Happy Birthday, Rick!
I hope you have a great day and a great year!

Lots of luv,

Louise (20) xxxxxxx
Yorkshire, England

Happy Birthday greetings from Yorkshire in England! I, like my daughter Louise, hope you have a great day and get lots of nice pressies!! I would like to take this chance to say thanks for all the entertainment and pleasure you have given us this past year. Also to make a couple of small requests... Will you please stop sticking your fingers in your drinks and flicking imaginary flies or bits!! Louise is a children's nanny and every time you do this it drives her daft!!! And then she moans at me!! And also, can we have some more smiles this next season? (It's nice to see the dimples now and then.)

Thanks once again!


Yorkshire, England

Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!
Happy Birthday!

Graz, Austria

Just want to wish you the happiest of birthdays and many, many more! And thank you for sharing a little of your life with us along the way. Wishing you happiness, good health, and long life.

With love,



Shanna Derycke

Hello Mr. Anderson!

Happy Birthday! I want to wish you and your family all the best! I hope you'll have a great birthday and many more to come!

I also wanted to thank you for the great work you have done over the years! I grew up watching MacGyver and just discovered Stargate SG-1 and you're just great! Thanks for having been my childhood hero and continuing to be a wonderful person and a great actor!

All the best and greetings from Munich, Germany,

Munich, Germany

Mr. Anderson,

Happy Birthday! I am forever in awe of your acting abilities. Life is certainly more interesting with you in it.

One of my favorite episodes of MacGyver is "The Madonna." You gave a whole new meaning to a Christmas song that had long made me as sad as Mac. I lost someone I loved over Christmas and had a hard time getting over it. The look on Mac's face when Father Patrick tells him that his mom wouldn't have even known he was there because she was saying crazy things when she was dying, talking about "you and Ice Cream." Wow, that was deep. You made Christmas a lot easier for me to bear from that year forward. Thank you.

I have loved each and every wonderful moment of Legend and Stargate SG-1. Your dry humor has given me more laughs than I thought possible, and the depths of your characters have made me revel in the wonder of life. You are a terrific actor who has made the world a lot better place to be with your creativity and spirit. Thank you for taking time away from your family and friends to share your special gifts with me and the rest of the world. For that and so much more here's wishing you a very happy 53rd birthday and only the best for many more years to come.

Selina Deth
Fort Meade, Maryland

Dear Rick,

I wish you a good and a happy birthday, and with a great lot of fun. L.T.S. not to.

I know you will have a lot of laughter with your daughter. Children are so funny at that age. My youngest son is 10 days older than Wylie, so I know.

What about "Jack"? Will he return to Edora (A Hundred Days)? There are some loose ends, hope we will get some answers.

Roller coaster I wish you the best for the coming year.

This is a roller coaster in Legoland, Denmark, (about 30m). My youngest said, "Mummy look, MacGyver could easily handle that."

With great love,


HillerÝd, Denmark

Teresa Crapo
New York


First I want to say "thank you" for the 7th (and probably your last) season of Stargate SG-1! It must have been tough for you to decide that. I understand that.

My favorite things about you are your kindness, humour, love and care you show to everyone by giving us such great acting moments over the last years.

Hope you have (as the last year) the best birthday in your life, plenty of your favorite things.

Have a great year 2003 full of happiness and good health with your family.

Until next year,

Lots of love,

Rute Pereira


I've been a fan of yours since I was in college and you were on General Hospital. You give so much of yourself in your acting and in the charities you support. Thank you for sharing a small part of your life with your fans. The years have really flown by but you have not changed! A little thing that I have noticed is your love of hockey. I'm a huge hockey fan myself and I love the way your love of the game is incorporated into the characters you portray. Happy Birthday and may God continue to bless you in the coming year!

Kennesaw, Georgia, USA

Happy Birthday, Richard Dean. I want to wish you a spectacular year filled with love, laughter, serenity, fun, and your precious child, Wylie.

You have portrayed many intriguing characters over the years. (Ernest Pratt is my favorite.) I have admired your talents and the enjoyment that you have given to all your fans. Your commitment to various charitable organizations and environmental issues is inspiring. Your biggest challenge as a father is the greatest role in the universe (and beyond the Stargate). I get the feeling that this is your favorite role, followed by Ernest Pratt. Yes, you are enjoying life to the fullest.

May you have a successful 7th season on Stargate SG-1, and many safe river journeys with adventures around every bend. A healthy and joyous New Year to you and Wylie.

Now, clear your voice and start to sing my version of "My Favorite Things."

Rafting down rivers and taking Holga pictures
Bright beaded bracelets from warm Tibetan people
Brown little puppies playing with string
These are a few of my favorite things.

Cream-filled Twinkies and crisp snowy holidays
Ice skates and waxed skis and painting with Wylie
Wild pucks that fly with the moon on their wings
These are a few of my favorite things.

Wylie in a white dress with blue satin sashes
Snowflakes that stay on the mountains and eyelashes
Silver white winters that make my heart sing
These are a few of my favorite things.

When there's no snow
When the Rangers lose
When I'm feeling sad
I simply remember my favorite things
And then I don't feel so bad.


Barbara Kaplowitz
Bayside, NY

Happy birthday! I am your biggest fan!! I haven't missed any episode of Stargate!



BUON COMPLEANNO from your Italian fan.

I know you love dogs and I love them too very much. My dog is a 3/4 German shepherd. Her name is PENNY like Penny Parker in MacGyver.

Genova, Italy

Happy birthday Mr. Anderson. I'm a fan from MacGyver and Stargate. I hope you have much fun and I wish you a nice day.


Christian Kumhofer
Vienna, Austria

Hey Rick!!!

Happy Birthday! Are you enjoying the reading of all the messages from your fans?? Well, I think I can say that everyone who writes a message to you, enjoys the writing of it! Because everyone mentions his or her favorite thing about you, I will mention it too:

1-your smile
2-your love
3-your sports-mania
4-your humor

I also made a picture-message for you. It has three pictures of you during sport and one of my favorite pictures of you... You wearing a blue shirt, jeans and sneakers AND that pretty face of you!


The Netherlands

Happy birthday and the best wishes for you and your family.

Truly yours,

Dortmund, Germany

Dear Richard:

I wish you the most wonderful birthday. Thank you for doing Stargate SG-1. Please do some episodes showing your love for Sam. Lately, you two seem indifferent. I've only seen til the fifth season, because in my country it is the last one MGM has shown.

Lots of love,

Santiago, Chile

Happy birthday dear Richard!!!
From Italy of these days!!


Happy Birthday from Minnesota, Rick. I look forward to seeing you in many more projects.

Carl Carlson
Albert Lea, Minnesota

Have a great birthday and a wonderful new year!
Thanks for another season of Stargate SG-1.

Sharon Gordy
Suwanee, Georgia, USA

It is great again to be able to see MacGyver on TVland since the start of 2003. Our whole family really enjoys the show. I hear that you are having a Birthday. Have a good one! You have a very friendly face and a wonderful Smile!

Thank you,

Jasper, TX

Happy Birthday, Mr. Anderson! May God bless you and make this a very special year for you. I grew up watching MacGyver. Are you really that smart?? Anyway, you are the BEST!! Take care.



I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for years of enjoyment. From MacGyver to Legend to Stargate, I always look forward to seeing what you'll be doing each week. Your humor & wit bring that certain something to each character you play. I hope you have a stress-free & relaxing birthday.

All the best,

Lisa aka wlykyoti
Denver, CO

Dear Rick,

You say you're amazed that people remember your birthday and even more by the fact that they actually care enough to celebrate it. Well, that's the least we can do. You've just offered us one bonus year of you before "retiring" (as you wouldn't call it ).

I can only speak for myself, but all those years, for what you've brought to my life, to my development as a person, I'll never be able to express my gratitude enough. Without wanting it to sound melodramatic, you have been an influence for me in many ways all those years, by just being yourself and doing what you do best. Okay, it's not like you're saving lives (not in real life anyway!), but by being such an accessible person and so YOU in your characters (where does O'Neill stop and where does Rick start? Who knows? Do you know? ), you have become one of my heroes, one to which I turn when I need help or support. For that, and the great memories, thank you sooooo much!

Have a great, fun, peaceful, and happy birthday, Rick!

Love always,

Paris, France

I just wanna say:
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, good luck and my best wishes!!
Sending from Austria!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Best wishes, best regards!!

I wish you too a lot of fun in your job, but the most important thing for me: all my best wishes for your little girl, Wylie, I wish her a wonderful life and many good things. I'm French but Moroccan from origin, so as we say in my country: "Inch'Allah!!"


Bastia, Corsica, a French island!!


I just want to wish you a very happy birthday! Your work has given me 17 years of great entertainment and I thank you for that.

MacGyver, Legend and Stargate SG-1 are three of the best shows I've ever had the pleasure of watching. Your dedication and hard work have no doubt contributed greatly to my enjoyment. It's been so much fun introducing my five year old son to MacGyver, and watching his delight with the show.

I hope you have a wonderful birthday spent with family and friends.


It is my understanding you prefer to be called Rick, so...

Hi Rick!

I'm going to try and make this short (or rather not too long) because I've seen you've received so many messages. But there are still three things I want to tell you.

First, as a television viewer who has much admiration and respect for your work and your person, I would like to tell you that I enjoy very much what you do. I think you're a great actor. I especially like what you're doing with O'Neill's character, because he's a very "dense" character and he goes through an awful lot of expressions which only reveal the extent of your talent. Also, like all of your fans, I very selfishly wish that you continue to work for many years and I'm happy that you decided to continue the Stargate thing. On a more personnal note, I like to write from time to time, and I must say, you recently gave a new will to get involved more seriously in writing. You inspire me and for that, I'm very very very grateful to you.

Then, as a daughter whose father has been almost totally absent of my childhood and teenage, I wish to say that you must take all the time you need to provide your love and attention to your daughter, even if this means we won't get to see you on TV anymore (after all, you already spent so much time with us...). You deserve the best for the future.

And last but not least, I wish you a very very very very (and so on) happy birthday! I wish you all the best both in your family and professionnal life.

Again, thank you for stepping in my living room every Saturday evening with SG-1.