From Your Fans Around the World
January 23, 2003

So many gekkos to charm, so little time... Thanks for the inspiration!

Happy birthday - may not all your wishes come true at once, so there will always be something left to look forward to!

The PK Team

I hope the enjoyment my family and I have gotten from watching your work together is returned to you tenfold this coming year! Many Happy Returns of the Day!


Happy Birthday Richard!! My parents introduced me to MacGyver when I was about 6 and up until the cancellation of the show, I'd HAVE to be home to watch it. I loved that show. LOL. Anyway, my new thing is SG-1. You are a talented actor and I really hope that you have the best birthday. Spend it with family, because that's what's important. Thanks for taking the time to read this!

Lots of Love from Alabama,

Audrey Peppers

I wish you a happy birthday and a successful life, and be proud of your daughter because she is an angel!


Dear Richard,

I have enjoyed your quick wit and the mobility of your face in all the performances I have seen. May you have many more years of health and happiness, and may you always be able to work and entertain us.


Gloria Tolliver
Hitchins, Kentucky

Hey Rick,

Because you're often thought of
Even more than you may know
It's nice to have
this special chance
Just to tell you so.

Hope that you have a wonderful birthday
and an extra special year.

With all our love,

SJFun List Members xxxxx


Don't forget to make a wish when you blow the candles out!

Love 'n' hugs on your special day.

Alison Morton xxxx
Liverpool, England

Good luck in your life and environmental efforts.


Happy Birthday Rick! Have a great one!


Hi Richard!

Well I guess I'm number 371 in this guestbook. So if you really have read them all I hope you can still read these two words without getting or !


I wish you can enjoy this day with Wylie again! Have fun!

What else could I write what's not written already? I am happy that you believe in God, Thomasina Gibson told me that when she guide me through the Bridge Studios. I hope you don't mind for asking her. I like the way you care about peace, our nature, kids, and people with special needs. It's great that you are in the situation that many people will listen to you. And I am very keen on "Legend". I think you put much from your heart inside.

I would not say I am fan because you are more a big paragon sometimes even surrogate father to me since I was 13. From that moment when Mac said "Lord give me the strength to deal with what I can and endure what I can't. Well I'm enduring," I was deeply impressed. Of course I know Mac is not you but, it was the first time I hear an actor saying such things in a TV-show. I believe in God since I was Wylie's age. This, the wish to meet you and the way how you played a nice guy who likes kids, outsiders, disabled people..., helped me to handle my spastic diplegia, and the death of my Mum and Dad when I was 9 and 10. Because of you I "survived" the terrible boarding school which I must attend after my parents died. Thanks!

I still miss them very much. Especially at Christmastime and in January because my birthday is on 20th. And sometimes it's hard to stand on my own wheels with no one behind me. But then I look down on my wheelchair which is signed by Christopher Judge, Don Davis, Peter Williams, and many more of the show and I ask God for the 1000th time, if he could help me to meet you in person. (There is more than enough space for a signature.) And the hope that my wish will come true, keeps me rollin'. Maybe you could help him. Enjoy every day with your family. God bless you and those whom you love.

Alexandra Gmeiner

Mr. RDA - best of wishes on your birthday, and don't let your soul get old ... well, you haven't actually, now have you?


Happy Birthday, Richard.
You have much fans in Czech Republic.

Ostrava, Czech Republic

Hi Richard!!

I wanted to drop you a line to say Happy 53rd Birthday. I love your sci-fi, Stargate SG-1. I can't believe there are finally all new episodes!! I think you are the greatest actor on the planet!!! Keep up the great work, my friends and I adore you!!! I really hope you have a great birthday. God bless you!

Your biggest fan, (I'm 15, my birthday's in January, too),

Virginia, USA


I just wanted to wish you a very happy birthday. I'm a big fan of you, mostly because of your character MacGyver. Hope you and your family are all doing well.

Maria Malmquist (often called Mac)

Dearest Rick,

I wish you a very happy birthday and a wonderful year 2003. Thanks for being the person you are. I like your mischievous smile, your warm dark eyes and your great sense of humor. I bet that you've never imagined the impact you would have on people when you started your acting career!!! I was very touched by your farewell and thanks to your audience at the end of MacGyver's last episode some 10 years ago. I reckon it's the very first time I've seen an actor doing this on TV. Since than, you have created another character that has become very popular too, but, even if O'Neill's adventures are very imaginative and sometimes completely unbelievable in my opinion, I rather prefer MacGyver's creativity and warmness, so I'm sure that MacGyver will live on forever in your fans' hearts and minds!

When I was in Vancouver (some 10 years ago) I've sent Belgian chocolates to the Bridge Studio for Mr Dana Elcar and a T-shirt for you with some sentences (in French) from Chief Seattle's reply to the president of USA (I bet you know this wonderful text explaining to the great white man in Washington that the Indians' way of life was completely different from the white's. It was a great lesson in nature's respect given to the white people some hundred years ago!) Well, I never got a reply... I just hope that you both received your presents and that the chocolates were not dropped in a rubbish bin or ended in some other guy's stomach! Well, anyway, I'm sure that, with Kate's help, you'll get my message this time and this makes me happy. You know, she's done a wonderful job in putting your great website on line, maintaining it and enriching it every other week. She deserves a big thank you from us (your fans) and I'm sure you have had the opportunity to thank her for that too!

Dearest Rick, big kisses and lots of love from Belgium! Keep on entertaining us as well as travelling the world for your own enjoyment and personal interests. Take good care of yourself and your family. You've got such a lovely little daughter and I understand why you are so proud of her!



Birthday Bumps

SG1 rules - keep us entertained & laughing through season 7

Somerset, England

Happy Birthday,

Stargate SG-1 is my favourite TV programme, which is vastly contributed to by your humour in it. Can't wait to see you and Michael (Shanks) together again.

Pity we don't get MacGyver in England.

Somerset, England


Have a great birthday! I wish you all the best for the upcoming year! Stay the personality you are, because from all I have heard, it's a great personality. Thanks for all the work for the ecology of this planet and the work with kids. And thanks for so many years of great TV shows. Always enjoyed your work (even when it scared the *** out of me).


I've only come to know your work in the last couple of years through Stargate, but I am now busy discovering MacGyver (another great show).

Thank you for agreeing to do Season Seven of Stargate. So glad you're not retiring yet, and we can look forward to more episodes - by the way great work from you and Tom McBeath in 'Paradise Lost', which I have just seen.

I hope all the forthcoming river expeditions go well. As spotted in someone else's message, it would be a lovely idea for a book of photos, or videos of these journeys to appear one day. It's great you are an active supporter of preserving our environment.

Have a very enjoyable day, and I hope the knees are holding up during the skiing season!

Here's to future adventures both on and off the screen.

Cheers and Happy Birthday!

London, England

Thank you for caring about more than just what's directly in front of you! The environment and animal world is truly a better place for having you in it!

Thank you for committing to a season seven of Stargate SG-1 despite all the other important things in your life!

Lastly, thank you for just being you and for never failing to make me smile with that wicked and totally unique sense of humour!

Have a wonderful birthday Rick... may all your dreams come true!

Best wishes...


Hi Richard!!!!

Feliç Aniversari!!! Happy Birthday!!!
I like you very much!!!!
The best wishes from Barcelona!

PD: My birthday is the 20th (almost the same day like you!!!) I hope you'll read this message.

Marta Rosell
Barcelona, Spain

I am wishing you everything that you wish for on your birthday. Have a happy day with your daughter.

I have been a fan of yours for a long time. So thank you for all those years of superb acting and entertainment. Keep up good work.

London, UK

Happy Birthday Rick!!

I don't know how to thank you enough for everything you've done. You've always been and probably will always be my role model. Someone to look up to, and I was always trying to give everything just to be, to a small extent, like you.

I've had lots of problems in my youth, I've been quite a bit overweight and very shy. I always admired your love of sports, so I took up going to the gym every other day. I'm watching what I eat and took a few courses on self confidence. I lost around 25 kilos and I'm so much more comfortable. About two years ago I met someone special and for the first time in years I didn't feel like he wouldn't be intersted in me anyway. He's now my fiancee and I've never been more happy in my entire life.

I owe you a lot and what better way than to thank you through this message. Of course I realise that in fact you didn't do anything to me directly, but you always gave me the confidence that I can change my life if I really want to. Thank you so much with all my heart. Don't change a bit, you affected my life so much!!

Patricia Danilo

Happy Birthday!!!


Hey Rick!

Hope you have a nice birthday, go skiing! Anyway, thank you for well... everything. Through you (and the Internet) I've been able to make great new friends. I can probably never fully repay you for that but I tried to think of something original. So I named a blacktip shark after you. (I currently work at a Dutch zoo, doing shark research). Hope that will make you smile.


The Netherlands

South Korea

Hello Richard,

I just want to say happy birthday. I hope it is a good one and you spend it with your daughter, friends, and other love ones.

I think you're a wonderful person and great actor. I love the TV show Stargate SG-1 the same as I love the TV show MacGyver.

By the way, I even buy the TV show MacGyver on tape so I can still watch it.

Love your biggest fan since 1990,

Jaime Lynn Larrabee
Fountain Valley,CA

Dear Rick!!!!

Hope I'm allowed to call you Rick!!!!!
Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
All the best and many, many regards from Austria to you and the SG-TEAM!!
Hope you have a great time!!

You are the man we love!!!!!!
Never stop being yourself!!
You are a great actor and a great man!!!!!!!!!!!!
You're the world's greatest, I love you!!!!!!!!!!
You are the most wonderful man on THIS WORLD!!
Everywhere you go, you are the only one!!
I have never seen a man like you!

Perhaps I'm one of your youngest fans (14),
but I love you now and I'll always love you!!
Many kisses, also many regards to your daughter!!!

My room is full of your pictures. About 100!!!!!!!
Sometimes I'd like to be near you but then I realize that
I'm too young and too far away!!!!!!!!!!!
You have been my first love and you'll ever be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You are still young and the most beautiful man on THIS and OTHER worlds!!!!!!
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

Many kisses,


Salzburg, Austria

Hello Richard!!!!!!!!!

I'm your youngest fan, because I'm 13 years old!!!!!!!! Vanessa also is your fan. Why don't you go to Austria and visit us!!!!!!???????!!!!!! We would be very happy!!!!!!!!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! ALLES GUTE ZUM GEBUTSTAG!!!!!!!!! We love you!!!!!!!! AND NOW COME QUICKLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Many hugs and kisses!!!!!!!!!!!


Salzburg, Austria

Herzlichen glückwunsch zum geburtstag.
Ich hoffe das sie weiterhin bei SG-1 bleiben.


Dear Richard,

My message will be short, because I'm only 10 years old and my English is not perfect... I wish you a happy birthday and a lot of happiness for you and your family.


I'd like to wish you a wonderful birthday and very many more, each one better than the last. It's wonderful to see you on our screens and to give us so much enjoyment with a character you have truly made all your own - of course we mean the one and only Jack O'Neill.

Happy Birthday, Rick!

Much love,

Sue Alderson
Nelson Lancs, England


Hope you have a great day, and here's wishing you many more to come. It's great to see that you're working as hard as ever and still having fun.

Good luck for the future.

Love ya, bless ya, squeeze ya,

Peri & Kate

Hi Richard,

Happy Birthday to you, and I just want you to know that I'm a big fan of yours. I hope we can talk someday.


Jakarta, Indonesia


I just wanted to send a birthday wish for your upcoming 53rd birthday. May this be a glorious start to a glorious year of exciting new experiences and projects. I also wanted to let you know that you look soooo good and you're only as old as you feel; you must feel great! I wish I could meet you some day but then again so do all your fans.

Lots of hugs and kisses!

Molly Anne
L.A., California

Happy birthday, Richard.
You were the best actor for me and you still are forever.


Hi Richard!!!

I really want for you to have an extraordinary birthday, surrounded by your family and the people you love most!!!

And by the way thanks for the seventh season of Stargate SG-1. I know you had other plans with your life... and as one of the biggest fans of the show in my country (I am almost certain I am the biggest ) I really appreciate it... Thank you very much. And I love your work on the series... Jack is my favorite character!!!

Maria Adelaida Fernandez

Happy birthday!

Ehm, ich schreib mal lieber auf deutsch, wenn ich nämlich auf englsich schreiben würde, ui das könnte keiner entziffern! Also dann leg ich mal los. Also Rick ich wünsche dir auch alles liebe und gute zum Geburtstag! Ich hoffe mal du feierst schön! Ich freu mich schon auf die 7 Staffel THX dafür!

Besuch uns doch mal in Deutschland!

Your Biggest Stargate Fan,

Anna K. aka mak-asgard
Leverkusen, Germany

Hello and Happy Birthday to you!!!

I hope you have a great time on this day with laughter, joy, and many presents.

Thank you for another year of the great Jack O'Neill and Stargate on its 7th season. Thank you a lot!

You are the reason why I like (among many things) dogs, Simpsons, hockey... but most of all because we share the passion of acting. I would love to become one someday, like you.

Have a great year of 2003 with love and long/good health, but also with the knowledge, that somewhere on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, there's somebody who will always remember and recognize you, not only for what you did, but especially for what you are: a wonderful man.

You make me think to myself "What a wonderful world!"

Wishing peace, love and happiness to you and your sweet daughter!

Hope to see ya next year!


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