From Your Fans Around the World
January 23, 2004

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Hi Richard,

I wish you a wonderful birthday and that all your wishes will be true. Thanks for all that you have given in many years. TV without you is no TV!!!!


Happy Birthday Richard...

May you have a great day...

I will be turning 40, five days after you and if I look as good at 40... as you do at 54... watch out world!!!!

Best wishes from a long time watcher of your work...

Carol Robinson
Florida now, but moved here from England

Dear Mr. Anderson,

I wish you a very Happy Birthday! Thank you for all the entertainment I can enjoy with your great playing on Stargate and MacGyver. I wish you also a Happy New Year of 2004 and also your daughter and family.


Dear Richard,

Hello, and Happy Birthday! I was 13 when MACGYVER first aired in 1985. I will be 32 on January 23rd (seriously, that's my birthday, too). So you've had me hooked for 19 years. I now have a 12 year old daughter who loves to watch you on MACGYVER and STARGATE SG-1. She absolutely loves Col. Jack O'Neill.

If you don't mind, I'd like to borrow a quote from a very memorable person.....

"A fella's life wasn't worth mentioning if he hadn't shared it with some folks along the way. Well, I guess it's taken this party to make me realize that about the only thing worth mentioning about my life is the fact that you've all shared your lives with me. And that I'd never have known any of you if I hadn't been doing the kinds of things I've been doing. And I just want you all to know that you're all very, very special to me." ~~~MACGYVER

Richard, your life IS worth mentioning, and I hope it doesn't take a party for you to realize just how much you mean to so many people. You have touched the hearts and changed the lives of so many people, not only as an actor, but as a person. You have had such a successful career, but you have stuck to your roots, and you never forgot everything you went through to get this far. I really admire you. You are a very handsome man, and your smile and charm has captured many hearts. Your compassion for others, modesty, kindness, determination, humor, big heart, and positive attitude is what makes you so unique. You have been such a wonderful role model, not just for kids, but adults also.

Thank you, Richard, for sharing your life with me and thousands of others. You have brought us all so much joy and given us so many wonderful memories. With the exception of my daughter, you are my most favorite person. You are a very special man, and you'll always be very dear to my heart.

Have a wonderful birthday, and may God continue to bless you and Wylie.

All my love,

Tiffany Beeler
Knoxville, Tennessee

Dear Rick,

Happy Birthday! I hope this is your best birthday yet. Hope that 2004 is a wonderful year for you and your family.

Thanks for your performances throughout the years in General Hospital, in MacGyver, and now in Stargate SG-1. Your roles have brought much enjoyment into my life.

Best wishes for your birthday and for the new year.

Georgia, USA


I just wanted to wish you a Very Happy Birthday. You are a great actor and a great person. You are role model for many people because of the humanitarian that you are. You help save animals and help charities. You have a wonderful personality that shines on screen. I began to watch you on MacGyver when it first aired. I thought it was the best show on TV. Me and my sister played pretend like we were MacGyver. It was very fun. Me and my big sister still have a crush on you. You are still handsome as ever. Now I am 20 years old and I relive those wonderful memories thanks to TVLand. And get new memories from your wonderful new show Stargate SG-1. I love your character Colonel Jack O'Neill. He is funny and sweet and kind and has a heart of gold just like MacGyver. I read the articles from the magazines online and talk shows that you appeared on and I find them very good. I love the stories about you and your daughter Wylie because it shows that you are a great father and really love being a dad like my dad. That was very cute on the Wayne Brady show where you had the star with Wylie's picture on it and then Wylie came up to hug you and you just had the sweetest smile on your face that showed your love for her. I hope that you and her had a very happy holidays and have a fun time on your birthday. I looked for the story that you were trying to find that you named Wylie after but I could not find it on the Internet. This is one of my favorite pictures of you and your daughter on the Internet. It's such a sweet picture. Well have a happy birthday and I hope God keeps on blessing you and your family with wonderful things.


Cassondra Wright
Warner Robins, GA, USA

Hi Rick,

Hope you have an awesome birthday again this year and all the best for 2004. Thank you for all the wonderful work you do and the pleasure you bring to so many of us. I do hope you come and enjoy a visit in my country soon!

Take care,

Jenny Stone
Randburg, Gauteng, South Africa

Happy birthday Richard. I wish you reach 100 years or more. Thank you for the great pleasure you give to people who admire you by watching your TV series. I hope you will visit again Greece.

Athens, Greece

Mr. Rick, all world love you.

Thank you for your roles. I love MacGyver and O'Neill. They are super men. You are the best of all actor. Please, don't leave acting. You give many people new dreams and new effect of their lives. I'm sorry, but my English is not very well. I wish you happy and you and your family have very lucky.

Thank you Mr. Anderson.


Czech Republik, Europa

I love you so much.

Desejo a você muitas felicidades, que essa data se repita por muitos e muitos anos para nossa felicidade (de seus fãs).

Seja feliz!



I hope you have a wonderful birthday this year. I will be thinking of you on your special day. I also want you to know you are in my prayers every night, so God Bless you and your family this year also. I pray you have many wonderful birthdays to come.



Happy Birthday once again from Yorkshire. Just like a fine wine you improve with age and I know you will continue to do so. I am sorry to hear that you are leaving O'Neill behind and moving on. I have enjoyed SG-1 and will miss it when it finishes. I hope that your next project will be picked up by British T.V. or maybe you might like to try your hand at London's West End like many other famous American actors. Whatever comes next, I wish you every success and I hope that you have a very Happy Birthday.



Dear Rick!

Happy Birthday!
Thank you for all you've done for us!
We love you!

Vienna, Austria

Happy Birthday!

I have had the pleasure of watching you perform since I was a kid. You are a true treasure.

Jodie Boeldt
Streamwood, IL

Hi Richard,

Thanks for being there on TV when I need you. You have helped me pass my important school tests. Hope you have a good one.

From Harry the mad Brit! p.s. Come over and see us!

Harry Turner

Hey Rick!

I wish you a very happy birthday and all the best!
Have a great day with your loved-ones!

Love you,


Stargate I like. The whim, the thoughtfulness, the humor, the adventure, bravo and please guide us still through stars. Happpy birthday, I wish you a lot of success and happiness. Kisses to Wylie.

Stargate, j'adore. La fantansie, la lègèreté, l'humour, l'aventure, bravo et merci de nous guider encore à travers les étoiles. Je vous souhaite un joyeux anniversaire, beaucoup de succès et de bonheur. Bisous à Wylie.


Bonsoir Rick,

C'est en français que j'ai décidé de t'écrire cette fois!

Je te souhaite du fond du coeur un heureux anniversaire et plein de bonnes choses pour ta famille et toi au cours de l'année qui vient!

J'ai la nostalgie de la série "MacGyver" et de son héros au sourire désarmant ainsi que des moyens non violents qu'il utilise pour déjouer les pièges de ses ennemis.

"Stargate", c'est un tout autre univers tellement cruel et... à l'image de ce que notre monde est en train de devenir!!! Je ne m'habitue pas à te voir l'arme à la main meme si c'est pour défendre la "bonne" cause!

Je préférais de loin la créativité et l'ingéniosité de MacGyver pour anéantir les "méchants."

Si "Stargate" préfigure ce que notre monde deviendra dans le futur, alors, moi - aussi je suis heureuse d'etre déjà passée comme toi "over the hill"!!!

Mais je suis institutrice et je m'évertue à donner à mes petits élèves des raisons et des motifs d'espérer créer un monde meilleur où il fera bon vivre....

Merci pour ton engagement envers la planète et surtout pour défendre et protéger les derniers territoires naturels et préservés qui y existent encore!

Bien qu'on ne se connaisse pas et que cela doit te faire étrange de recevoir tous ces messages d'étrangers, je veux te remercier pour tout le bonheur que tu as apporté et que tu continues d'apporter tout autour de toi!

Le monde en a plus que jamais besoin!

Affectueusement et gros bisous à ton petit trésor Wylie.

Brussels, Belgium

Hey Rick!

Have a super day, I really hope that you have a fantastic time!

My brother and I love Jack's character, and every laugh that you and the 'gate gang have blessed us with, thank you so much!

Rachel xxx
Nr London, England

Hi Richard Dean Anderson! My Name is Petra and I live in Salzburg. I like to congratulate your birthday. Keep on laughing and take every day and minutes as positive. I understand why you live in Canada. It's a beautiful land. I was there. I will come back soon. Have an very, very nice day.

PS: I hope can my writing understand....

Best wishes from to

Salzburg, Austria

Dear Richard Dean Anderson!

I want to wish you all the best to your birthday! Have a lovely day and stay healthy and happy for all your life! Although you might not want to hear it for the 5628th time: I'm a huge fan of MacGyver! You made the character what it is still today (in Germany they show it again and again) and I really want to thank you!

Lots of love,


Hi, Richard Dean Anderson,

I wish you a happy birthday. You are a very good actor and I think in Stargate SG-1 you are THE BEST.

Big wishes,


I would like to wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY and hope you enjoy your day. Best wishes for the New Year also and I look forward to seeing Season 8 of Stargate.

Townsville, Australia

Oh Man - this is a first for me - never have sent a B.day greeting to a star - but here goes - HAPPY BIRTHDAY from one "January baby" to another. I have ALWAYS enjoyed any series you have been in and movie - my only disappointment is two/fold - 1) that we don't see Legend in reruns and 2) that our local stations (in Canada) are not showing the most recent season of SG-1. But you don't need to hear all that - so again - have a very happy birthday!!!!

Grace Hollands
London, Ontario, Canada

Hi Rick,

Happy Birthday.
I wish you all good things.
Health and many luck.
Have a nice day.


Hello Rick!

First time for me too on this special occasion!!! I wanna wish you a very, very and happy BIRTHDAY and I just hope you will have a splendid day and that you can celebrate it with your sweet daughter and everybody else you wanna have around ya on your big day! Wishing you all the best and especially a lot of health, fun and laughter for the future no matter where you are and what you are doing! Have known you from the MAC series for a long time, came across scifi a while ago and I do must admit I got addicted to it since!!! Keep up the good work Rick!

Here's for YOU....have a wonderful day and stay as you are, as you are wonderful!

PS: Would love to post a personal "woofwoof" from my furry boys to "Zoe".... but unfortunately that is not possible here... May you wanna have a look here?

Love and laughter from your crazy old German fan,

Silke and doggies
Wuppertal, Germany

Happy b-day to a wonderful actor! I am a huge fan. Especially of MacGyver. Have a wonderful day and God bless you.

North Carolina

My daughter grew up watching MacGyver. She learned men can be decent and nice (and exciting and handsome as well!) It was a big deal in our house. Thanks for giving that to her. Have a great birthday, continue to be a role model for your little girl as well.

PS - I'm now watching Stargate and loving it!

New York

Dear Rick,

I want to wish you a very happy Birthday. May all your wishes come true and may you have a wonderful day with your loved ones and of course your beautiful daughter Wylie. I know that one day she will be as smart and handsome as her daddy. Enjoy every single moment of her young life, because the day will come soon enough that she will leave her daddy for another man. Life goes too fast.

Thank you Rick, for all you ever did for us, your fans. You made us smile, even things weren't always that good.

You made us happy and taught us a lot about life, both as MacGyver and even as Jack O'Neill, you had your point of view. Although we're missing you in Stargate, since you cut back on your appearances, we can understand your reason. When you retire from the screen we will certainly miss you a lot, but you never ever will be forgotten. Thank you and keep up the good work you're doing.

Among so many others: I love you Rick

So here's a poem:

Miles Away

Miles away...endless far
Not even aware of my existence
Not knowing that I know
And yet... I love you so

Your beautiful brown eyes
Your gentle smile colors my day
You make me walk on clouds
And yet... that's why I love you so

Keeping my hopes up high
to meet you, once in my life
You sleep with other women though
And yet... I still love you so

I know you'll never be mine
and taste the water through the wine
But in my heart, you know why
My love for you will never die.

Happy Birthday Rick!

Rita P.
Antwerp, Belgium


Happy birthday!

I hope you and your child be very happy.

When you and the SG-1 cast come to Brazil (São Paulo-SP)?

We love you.

Paty Mayonese

Happy Birthday Rick!

I hope it's a wonderful one. I've watched you on TV since the 80's and I'll never stop. Thanks for making me laugh while watching Stargate.

With a lot of love always,

Cindi Dean
New York State, United States


Lots of love,

Jenny Fordham

Happy B-day, Richard! May you be blessed this birthday and thank you for all the many hours of awesome entertainment you give to all of your fans....

May God continue to bless......

Pam <><
Memphis, Tennessee


Watching MacGyver when I was starting out my career as an engineer has provided me with a can do attitude in my job as an I.T. engineer. Having only ever seen a few episodes when I was without guidance gave me the inspiration to try when I doubted my own abilities.

Thanks for making me believe in my own abilities.

P.S. I still use "MacGyverisms" in work to this day to solve problems.

All the best and SG-1 is cool.

"Knock yourself out" on the 23rd.

A grateful fan


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! Thanks for all of your talent! Please know that we all appreciate what you do!

Paris, France

Hope you have a wonderful birthday. Much happiness and good wishes to you and your family.

May God bless you with all your dreams and wishes.

BTW - You were the first (and only) star that I had ever sent a fan letter and gift to (this was years ago) and you had responded back to me. That was so nice of you. Thanks.

From a long time Fan,

Kathy Wang
Richmond, CA

Hi Rick,

Happy birthday, hope your day and future years are filled with happiness.

Good luck with the water projects! I'm hoping to get some experience in that field of work as I'm hoping to study environmental science next year!

Thanks for being a great entertainer - on dull days your performance can always raise a smile.


Jodie Leech xx

May your days be filled with joy, peace and love. May you never see or witness anger, unhappiness or hate in your lifetime.

You are a wonderful person. Your family is blessed to have you in their lives.

Your acting skills are phenomenal. Thank you for giving of yourself to so many fans for these past many years. And may the happiness and love your fans feel for you, reach you and inspire you to continue to grace the TV or 'big screen' with your presence.

Love always,

Philadelphia, PA


Happy Birthday to a fellow ANDERSON! It's hard to believe you are turning 54! Lucky for you, you just get better looking with age! Want to pass that secret along to us gals?

I appreciate all the time and energy you have spent entertaining us all these years. Mac was wonderful and I still watch the reruns, but I believe Stargate has let you grow as an actor and I love your character. I'm sorry your role will be less this year and next, but I understand your decision. Spending time with our children is the most important thing we can do. I respect what you are doing and support your decision. As a single parent I know how fast time flies. My own daughter will graduate from high school in 2005 and then be off to college. It seems like only yesterday she was a tiny baby. We cherish our time together. You must do the same with your daughter. I know you will.

I hope we will continue to see you on television after SG-1 ends, and not just in re-runs! Keep up the good work, both professionally and in your philanthropic endeavors as well. Enjoy your birthday and I hope 2004 brings you good things ... only good things.

Cheryl (ANDERSON) Higginson

Dear Rick,

I used to watch MacGyver with my dad and my brother. It was always a fun bonding experience for us to watch the show together. I have always been facinated by movies and television and I think that you are a very talented actor. My dad and I watch Stargate together every night it is on. Thank you for sharing your talents with us and telling such wonderful and interesting stories.

I wish you a wonderful and happy birthday! Hopefully one day I will be able to meet you, shake your hand, and thank you in person.

God Bless,


Hope it's a good one.

Love 'n' stuff,

Alison Morton xx
Liverpool, England

Rick, I hope your 54th birthday is full of happiness and love. I remember you as MacGyver and still today you are still an outstanding good looking guy. Keep on smiling and blessing people around the world with your work. You deserve several awards in what you do and you already have one in my heart. Give my love to Wylie and Apryl. Stay in great health and take care.

Your Fan,

Carolyn Vierra
San Luis Obispo, California


Just wanted to wish you a happy happy birthday!! I have watched you in everything you have ever played in. I'm your biggest fan you could and will ever have. So have a happy birthday!! You and my little girl share the same birthday.


Kathy S.
Chatsworth, GA

Hi! Richard,

Just wishing you a very Happy Birthday (you look great for a 54 year old). Keep up the good work. Thank you for another great season of Stargate SG-1. Just love you as Jack O'Neill.



Hey Mr. Anderson!

¡¡¡Happy B-Day!!!
I hope you have a great one....
but if you end up having nothing to do ...
I'd be happy to cook you up a REALLY good Mexican meal!
Just say when!

Love you!


Happy Birthday Richard!
And Many Many More!

Sue B

Hello Richard Dean Anderson. I really love Stargate. I watch it everytime it's on. Just wanted to wish you a happy birthday. My birthday is this month too. I will be 16. So are you going to get another e-mail? I e-mailed you when you had one and asked you if I could send you a letter and you said yes so I did I got your address. Well I hope you have a good birthday. Come to Florida and I'll be happy to take you hunting. I am in a club, we could kill some big deer!!!!!!

Gideon Jackson

Dear Richard Dean,

We just want to wish you a very Happy 54th Birthday and many more to come.


Amy, James, and Joey Bright
West Milford, West Virginia


I just would like to wish you a very happy birthday, hope you have a wonderful day and are spending it with the people you love.

Take care,

Michelle Jones
Wales, UK

Hi Richard,

Just wanted to wish you a very happy birthday, hope you have everything you wish for. I have watched you since the early days and have loved all your work. I do miss you in Stargate though, it just ain't the same when you're not around.

Keep Smiling,
Love and best wishes,

Wales, UK

Hello Mr. Anderson,

I just wanted to wish you a very Happy Birthday, and to say that I am a very big fan. Thank you for all the enjoyment you have given me, with your many TV shows, and television movies.

Rusty Woehrle

Richard, I am your number one fan since General Hospital and I love MacGyver in repeats and now in Stargate you have a wonderful sense of humor. You are a fabulous actor and the best looking man on the planet. I hope that you have a great birthday. I wish that I could meet you but for now only in my dreams.

Love your number one fan,

Loren Slutter
Tinton Falls, New Jersey

Best wishes for you on your birthday! Thanks for all the great entertainment you've given us. Looking forward to your next project. Meanwhile, enjoy that beautiful family of yours!

Ogdensburg, NY

I wish you a very Happy Birthday and may this day be very special for you and your loved ones.

I am a very big fan of Staregate SG-1 and even a bigger fan of RICHARD DEAN ANDERSON AND AMANDA TAPPING. You two make the show for me every year.

God bless you and your loved ones.


Terri (Rambi)
El Paso, TX

Thanks for all the years of great entertainment. I (and my family) are enjoying Stargate and look forward to your next project. Enjoy your new family!

Susan Mohn
Seattle, WA

Have a wonderful birthday Richard! Thanks for so many hours of entertainment: GH, MacGyver, Legend, SG-1. I've loved them all. I hope to see your great work for many years to come.

Tammy K.
Pennsylvania, USA

Happy Birthday Richard! Thanks for making Stargate SG-1 the best show ever!!! Have a great birthday!!!

Patsy DeNoyer
St Louis, MO

I hope that your birthday is filled with love, joy, happiness, safety, family, and friends. May your coming year be successful and happy! Enjoy life, and remember that what's important is all around you -- the people that love you! Happy Birthday!

Audrey Peppers

Thank you Mr. Anderson for being the inspiration to 2 young boys. My grandson, Scott, who broke his leg playing sports 3 years ago and is still undergoing surgery, braces, therapy, etc... and to my friend's grandson who was so inspired by MacGyver that he was getting a carton of duct tape as a Christmas present. Unfortunately, this young boy, 8 years of age, passed away from the flu right before Christmas. The carton of duct tape was buried with him. Both of these youngsters looked upon you as their role model. My grandson will not let his leg problem get him down knowing what you have gone through with the bones you have broken and come out the way you have. And if the other lad had lived, you would also be the hero who he patterned himself after. What a testimony to you! To have youngsters set their goals to be like the man you are. I know you will never let them down! All the happiness in the world in the coming year and beyond and keep up the great work in Stargate! Youngsters are watching their hero, Richard Dean Anderson (aka MacGyver and Col. Jack O'Neill-2L's)!


Many happy returns from the U.K. I`m so pleased you`ve had success with your series... and SG-1 never fails to entertain and inform me... if only the real world reflected the `sentiment` of such series... long may your success continue... I`m 53 in March this year, 2004... so I`m not far behind you. Always been a sci fi follower, and Amanda Tapping never fails to perk me up? Great choice for the part... something for everyone? Good luck, enjoy your day.

Keith Geddes

Happy Birthday! May you continue to be blessed and loved by friends and family throughout the coming years. You have truly blessed your fans by sharing your talents, as well as your love and humanity. Keep smiling and watch out for your knees on the slopes!!


Kristi Peek
Dallas, Texas

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