From Your Fans Around the World
January 23, 2004

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Wishing you a fabulous birthday.
Like a fine wine, you only get better with age!

Mary Wendland
Clarkston, MI, USA

Happy Birthday to you!

Eagle (³¥ÆN)

Happy Birthday, Richard. I've been a fan of yours since MacGyver. Best wishes for a healthy and prosperous 2004.

Patrick Norberto
New York State

What a wonderful web site! Hope all these messages bring you great joy and happiness! I have watched you for over 26 years and still enjoy everything you have done. Thank you for all your contributions to the entertainment world!


Lake Forest, Illinois

I have been a fan of yours since MacGyver and have followed your career since then. I just want to say Happy Birthday and I wish you all the best for you and your family. You are truly a wonderful person.

Love Always,


Dear Richard,

I have been a fan for years and have seen your growth as an actor. I will always value my taped MacGyver segments as it helps me to remember one of your best efforts. Best wishes for a very Happy Birthday and many more.

Tampa, FL, USA

Dearest Rick,

I am happy to take this opportunity to wish you a very Happy 54th Birthday.

I hope you get to spend the day with Wylie doing what the two of you do best - being father and daughter.

With all my best wishes for many more happy and healthy birthdays to come,

Barbara Kass
Torrance, California (originally from Brooklyn, New York)

Happy Birthday Rick!!


Dear Richard,

My sister and I have been fans of yours since you were on General Hospital. We loved you then and still do. Hope you have a wonderful birthday and keep up the great work with Stargate SG-1. We watch everything that you do.

Mary Lou and Linda
Watervliet, New York

Happy Birthday!


Dear My lifetime Hero ....

Happy Birthday to you Richard.
Happy New Year to you Richard.

From your lifetime fan,


Happy Birthday, I just want you to know that I'm so very happy that you have agreed to sign on to yet another year of Stargate SG-1. I'm sure you get tired from all the long hours and the physical demands of the show but your fans never get tired of watching you save the world from those nasty Goa'uld's! I'm sure that as you look back through this year you have thoughts of your Dad, some happy moments and some sad. We as fans have cried with you and laughed with you through the years and you have gotten me through some difficult moments in my life just by being able to watch you on MacGyver and Stargate SG-1. Thank You! I hope you have a wonderful birthday surrounded by the ones that are close to you. Keep Wylie close to you and cherish those moments that you have with her, they grow up so fast!

I love ya,

Wadena, Minnesota

Dear Richard,

Wishing you a very Blessed Birthday and many more to come!

I grew up watching MacGyver and certainly learned a thing or two about life in general. THANK YOU very much for the wonderful years...


Happy Birthday Rick,

I have enjoyed your work on television for a long time... While I am a fan I prefer to avoid "gushing" with emotion, so I'll keep this fairly simple.

Congrats on your 54th! And best wishes for the next 54. Always remember that "Today is the first day of the rest of your life!" Happy Birthday!

Also - I'd like to offer an invitation. We share a common interest - skiing. I work seasonal fulltime at a humble Pacific Northwest Ski Area that offers some of the best BackCountry territory around. (I'm not the most aggressive skier on the hill - but I know enough of the extreme skiers and boarders on our hill to know that all the hype about our BackCountry is true.)

Anyway - if you happen to be in the Seattle area you might take a little trip about 50 miles east on I-90 and drop by the Summit at Snoqualmie, home of the infamous Alpental. While I'm sure that purchasing a lift ticket or two is no trouble, I would be happy to treat you and a guest (perhaps Wylie and/or her Mom Apryl) to a day of skiing on me. (Heck, if you actually come I might even brave the BackCountry.)

It would be a thrill for all of us on Snoqualmie Pass to meet you and spend the day skiing! We know we're not glamorous like Whistler but we have something to offer for everyone. Stop by sometime and just tell them I sent you - they'll find me.

Again, Happy Birthday!

Thanks for everything you contribute to life!

LJ Thompson
North Bend, WA, USA

Hello Rick,

I congratulate to you completely cordially to your 54 Birthday. I wish you all property and above all health. Have a beautiful day.

Love and greetings from Germany,

Christiane Wieck
Fockbek, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

Happy Birthday Rick! Best wishes for you and your loved ones for the New Year, keep up the brilliant work!!


Melanie Smurthwaite xx

Hello Richard,
Wishes you a beautiful birthday!!
Loves greet from Berlin!


A very happy Birthday to you, and many more of them. I have followed your shows, both MacGyver and Stargate, since their inception. You act naturally, and show emotions like the rest of us. It is a shame that your shows take so long to be screened in New Zealand. May your career be long and happy.

Ben Tredrea
New Zealand

Hi Rick,

Have a very happy birthday and I hope you have a good time with your loved ones. Thanks for all the good things you give us fans and the environment. Keep up the good work and enjoy life as it is too short. Love to you and Wylie.

Lots of love and kisses,


Best wishes to you, Richard!!!!
Stargate rules!!!


Happy Birthday from an Italian fan.


Milan, Italy

Happy 54th birthday Rick. My mom was born in the same year as you and I was surprised to find that out. You're doing a great job as Col. Jack O' Neill. I'm a really big fan of yours and keep up the good work.

Lauren Jernigan
Port Moody, B.C.

Happy Birthday
Hugs and kisses

Londonderry, Northern Ireland

Dear Rick,

Happy Birthday and best wishes from Germany.
You are the best, love you.



Happy Birthday!
Best wishes from Goettingen, Germany!
Have a great day with your loved ones.

Blessed be,


Happy Birthday!
I hope you will have a lovely day with your loved ones.



Click images to enlarge

I wish you a happy birthday and that you will have a good year, with many good things to happen to you and all they you care about. This picture is one exsamen work on Hjerleid in woodcarving. I have seen you have just things like this in film you make. So I hope you like the picture. I will thank you for all the good work you do. You have help me, but you don't know me, and have never met me. But in film you make, you have help me, especially MacGyver, for this I thank you.

Klem frå mikkelulv,


Dear Richard

H - Handsome
A - Adorable
P - Perfect
P - Polite
Y - Yummy

B - Bright
I - Ideal man
R - Romantic
T - Terrific
H - Hero
D - Dynamic
A - Artistic
Y - You will always be in my heart

Love from,

Toni Stevens

Happy Birthday Rick.
Love health and happiness for the future. xxxx


Happy Birthday, Rick!

We wish you all the best - especially health. But we don´t think you even need the wish for good health, because you don´t seem to get older.

Please stay on TV as long as possible and keep up with your wonderful work!

Many hugs from two Austrian girls!

Ines and Karin

Dear Richard!

Congratulations to your Birthday and all the best for your future! Stay healthy and enjoy everything that you´re doing!

Best wishes from a great fan of you,

Bonn, Germany

Happy Birthday Rick and I wish your favorite hockeys teams, especially the Minnesota Wild, to advance to the Stanley Cup Playoffs.


Hey buddy!
Happy birthday!
Live long and prosper!
( Oops! That's from another series, hahaha)
Good luck!

Filip Hellemans

Happy Birthday and best wishes from Germany.

Matthias Robel

Hi Rick,

May you have a happy birthday
and celebrate with loved ones and friends.

God Bless,

Waco, Texas

Good wishes!

Eisenstadt, Austria

Hi Richard. I wish you great greetings from me and from all your fans in Germany. Good luck for your whole life.

Villingen, Germany

Dear Richard,

I hope you have your best year yet! Thanks for being "real" and for keeping such a humble spirit. Have a great birthday, and I'm sure a special little girl will have great big hugs for her Daddy - which is the best gift that could ever be given! God Bless you both.

State College, PA

Dear Rick,

My name is Luca, I'm 19, and I live in Italy. I want to wish you a very very good and happy birthday. For me you are the best!!! Continue to be happy!!

Bye bye...

Luca Fenoglio

Hi Rick,

Just to wish you the bestest of birthdays!
Have a great year!


Norfolk, England

Hello Richard!

I wish you a great birthday and that every wish will come true for you!


Hi Richard,

Happy Birthday and the best wishes from me. I hope you have a nice day with your Friends and your Family. Much fun with and remain please to us still many years celebrate.

Bye and wonderful greetings from Germany!


Dear Rick,

I just wanted to write a short note to wish you well. Wylie is lucky to have such a caring, involved father, and as a parent of young children I can understand your devotion to her. A lot of people could take a page from your book.

Speaking as a fan I just want you to know that you are missed on Stargate. Your presence brings a certain energy to the series, and when you are absent it's obvious in so many ways. Whether it be a humorous or dramatic turn for Colonel O'Neill you are always spot on. Personally I look forward to any screen time real life allows.

Never forget how much of a difference you've made in so many people's lives over the years. Mine included.

My sincerest wishes for a healthy, happy, and peaceful 2004.

Vermont, USA

I have been a fan since your General Hospital days and I just wanted to wish you a wonderful and heartfelt birthday wish. You are a wonderful person and father. Wylie is very lucky to have you as a father. You care about life and the things around you.

Have a wonderful day and many, many more to come.

Kaye Bauer
Milwaukee, WI, USA

Hi Rick!

I want to wish you a very happy birthday! I hope you never lose your great sense of humour! I`m a big fan of STARGATE SG-1 and I`m waiting for the 7th season. I hope you will have a nice day and perhaps you can write me an e-mail. That were very great.

Greetings from Germany,

Plauen, Germany


Have a wonderful birthday and a blessed year. You have given me many. Please continue to do so for many more.


Cher Richard, je vous souhaite un JOYEUX ANNIVERSAIRE, ainsi que bonheur et joie dans votre vie!!

France (Lot et garonne)

Happy Birthday Rick!

Wishing you a wonderful day, full of laughter and joy.

Thank you for bringing happiness to so many people around the world!


I would like to wish you a happy birthday and I hope you get the walking stick, slippers and the newspaper that you probably want!! LOL!!!....Rick?....It's a joke!!!!

Being serious now.... Wow - 54 years old!!! I've got to say you are a very, very sexy man (I'm only 17 - I shouldn't be thinking this!!) and I bet every woman would agree to that!! One other thing Rick - whatever you do, KEEP the silver hair it makes you look irresistible!!

So happy birthday, Rick, and I hope you have a long and healthy life - I sound like if I'm saying goodbye!! Give my love to Wylie for me!

Keep on Stargating!


Kady xxx
Thingwall, Wirral, England

Hi Rick,

I just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday. I hope it's everything you want it to be. My best wishes to you and your family.

San Antonio, TX

Hey, it's the first time I participate to such thing... so I join the chorus voices to wish you the best in your life for you and your family!

And of course, as anyone else I have a special request! I gave a drawing to Amanda Tapping, I hope you got it and enjoyed the new travellers through Stargate... Two twin Homer Simpsons (one in BDUs, one top class in a tuxedo, it reminds me nobody of course...) and coming out of nowhere a Santa Claus with his reindeer that actually made working the Stargate this year cause we got a season 8!!!

And as I always do strange stuff all the time lately, the Stargate has 2 more chevrons in case you feel the need to explore our part of the world and come by my home... You're invited anytime you want to...

Ok now this is a goodbye. Please do us the favour to enjoy your time and yourself, as I try to do more and more lately! Any resemblance is really expected...

Bises - French kisses (on both cheeks... of course!)


Dear Rick,

Happy day! Will love you forever, you "twinkle in the eye" guy! Bless you for giving us so much great entertainment over the years - from a "mature" fan since your General Hospital days. You just keep getting better! Isn't wisdom great!? Many continued blessings and laughter always for you!

South Louisiana

So many messages! So little from Belgium. Well here's another one for you Rick from Belgium.

Happy Birthday Rick!

I hope we get to meet each other some day and have good conversation. I'm a fan of you since the day I've met MacGyver on television. I was about 4 or 5, now I'm 17 and I hope to become an actor/writer/director one day. But of course school comes first, right? Sometimes I start on writing scripts but it's not as simple as I thought it would be and leave it unfinished. Well, before I really start blabbering on of what I wanna become I better stop. This is suppose to be a birthday message so I'll say it again...

Happy Birthday Rick!

54 years is a special year. You are not 20 anymore but you are not 80 yet. Keep up your good work.

Happy Birthday again Rick!


Happy b-day Rick!!! I love Stargate SG-1 (duh who doesn't lol). Hope 2004 is a great year for you and your family.

P.S. My friends think I'm weird b/c I like you and b/c you are 54 but I'm like I don't care he's still HOT!!

Russellville, Missouri

Happy Birthday Ricky Dean,

I wish you all the best for you and your family. Have a nice party and go on for many happy and powerful years.



Hey Rick!


Have a very happy 54th and I wish you all the best.
Give my love to Wylie.


Best wishes for a great birthday and a great year to come. Thanks so much for all the entertainment you have provided through the years and continue to provide for us, your fans.

Mary Carothers
Antioch, CA

When you're done with Stargate (heaven forfend, of course), how does this sound?

Capt. Richard Dean Anderson, Starship Enterprise, commanding.


San Francisco, CA

Happy Birthday Rick. I'm only 10 years behind you and have loved watching you ever since you first played in MacGyver. I look forward each week to seeing you on another adventure. By the way, 54 ain't that old. Keep in mind that it ain't the years, it's the mileage. And you're sure looking like a low mileage model to me. Keep up the good work. And God bless you.

Kathy aka KGB
Texas, now living in Arizona

Happy Birthday Rick,

May you have a wonderful day and may the world bring you as much joy as you have brought to the world. Love to you and Wylie.

P.S. Prudence is waiting for her call up to SG-1.


Julie Holmes

Happy 54 years young. Best wishes for a wonderful birthday and a tremendous year. I have enjoyed watching you over the years and look forward to more as each year goes by. Thanks so much for all the great entertainment you have given to us fans.

Irma Faszewski
Richmond, Virginia

Have a wonderful 54th birthday. I wish you luck and many more. And I believe you have a big party.


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