From Your Fans Around the World
January 23, 2004

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Hi Rick!!

I hope you have a wonderful birthday!

Thank you for bringing so much fun and laughter to my life.

You are a lovely person and I hope you have a great 2004!!!

All the best,

Sam O'Neill
England, UK

Happy Birthday Rick!
Hope you have a gr8 day
and get loads of prezzies and a huge cake.

Laura Kennedy
Glasgow, Scotland

I am one of your biggest fans and one for many many long years. Hope your birthday is the best and you continue for many more years to come. You have always been the best looking actor and you will only get better with age. You are the best and the best looking to come along in awhile. Hang in there and hope to see more of you on TV.

Kathy Bolen
Atlanta, GA

Hi Rick,

I wish you all the best for your birthday and enjoy your day. I'm a very big fan of you and I love MacGyver and Stargate! Last summer I was in Canada, including Vancouver. It was fantastic! I also visited the Bridge Studios and some locations of Stargate & MacGyver. I'm not sure if you really read these greetings but I hope so.

Lot of hugs,

Basel, Switzerland

Happy Birthday Richard! We (husband and I) have watched you since MacGyver began. In fact I have some on tape from the beginning. We still watch every day, both MacGyver and SG-1. Anyway, Congratulations and BEST WISHES.....

Carol Wunderlich
Berkley, Michigan

Happy Birthday to you, Mr. Anderson, and thank you for all the years of great entertainment you've given your fans in MacGyver and Stargate.

Chris Martin
Palatine, IL

HAPPY BIRTHDAY OLD MAN! I can say that because I'm old too!!

I have been a fan of yours since the old days when young Dr. Jeff graced my daytime TV screen and have loved all of your work including the wonderfully creative but short lived "Legend" with John DeLancie.

I LOVE Stargate and everything about it. The ensemble, the humor, the subtle Star Trek references, and it just keeps getting better.

Have a wonderful year and many more. From a forever fan!

NL Coglan
San Diego

Hi Richard,

Another year and you still look good. Like fine wine, you only seem to get better. Love and Prayers for you and yours, and for another year of blessings.


Hi Rick,

Happy birthday to you and best wishes from Germany. You`re doing a great job and we enjoy your character and everything you've done. Please visit the Stargate Convention 2004 in September. Have a wonderful birthday and thank you for all...

Andrea and Michael

Dear Rick,

May this year be the best so far for you (and your daughter)! Thanks so much for helping to make this world a better place and for continuing the environmental education of the general public. Ever think of running for office?

All the best,


Happy Birthday Richard Dean Anderson!!! I love you MacGyver!!! You are soooooo so cute... I luv u!! Could you possibly send me an autographed picture of you!! Thanks and Happy Birthday.

P.S. U look like you're only 20!!! I luv u...


Amy Tye

I'd like to wish you a very happy birthday!!!

For a long time already, you are my favourite actor. Since I've seen you in MacGyver for the first time, I was filled with admiration and respect for your performance. I love the way you put down the character of Jack O'Neill. I hope that you will continue doing what you're so good at, so that we can keep seeing you on Belgian television. Make of this birthday the best ever. Lots of kisses for you and Wylie. xxxxxxxx


Dear Rick!

My name is Iris and I´m twelve. I like to see Stargate and MacGyver as often as possible. But it´s only sent once per day (MacGyver) or week (Stargate) in the German TV. You are the greatest actor of the world and I´m your greatest fan. So I want to congratulate you for your birthday. Further much success with your work, luck, health and a loooong life I wish to you. Now have fun at your birthday party. Stay funny and get simply these best, best wishes.

P.S.: When will you be going to come to your fans in Germany? I´m looking forward to that date.

P.P.S.: By the way, would you be so kind, to send an autogramm-card to me?

P.P.P.S.: I like you very, very much...


Iris A. Bluemel

Happy Birthday, Rick!

54 seems like an awfully big number, but looking back must hold a lot of great memories for you - sure has for me!

Now that Wylie is getting older you should start thinking about her college funds...

So go for it, say yes to that big screen romantic comedy you've been dying to do!

Health, wealth, and happiness in 2004!

Alberta, Canada

Hello Richard,

I just want to wish you a happy birthday
and may all you birthdays to come be joyful.

Jaime Lynn Larrabee
Fountain Valley, CA

Dear Richard,

Just sending you best wishes and greetings on your big day. We love you here in Camden, New Jersey.

Frances Williamson
Camden, New Jersey

Hi Richard!!!!!! Happy Birthday To You!!!

I am fond of Stargate SG-1 and MacGyver and I want to thank you because with you many people dream...!!!



Dear Richard,

I hope you have a great birthday! I love Stargate SG-1, and I hope at the end of Season 8, you find you can't give it up!

Have a fabulous, happy, and fun day, you deserve it!!

Modesto, California

Hi Rick,

From one Aquarius to another, hope you have a most excellent birthday. Mine is the 22nd, pretty close. Guess that's why I feel kinda close to you, only wish we had more time to talk when I came by the studio. Anyway, I'll be celebrating 36 for at least 4 days, but don't know if I'll be aging much after that. Hope you get everything you want and more. Peace, Love, Happiness and continued success!!!

Kim Fox
Everett, WA

You once said you don't save lives you entertain, well from one of your character's worst nightmare people, a biomedical scientist who saves lives and isn't in the least entertaining, may I say you have enriched many lives and continue to do so. May you and your little girl enjoy good health and happiness and never need my brand of work. Happy birthday and may your God go with you.



Dear RDA:

Happy birthday, and thank you for supporting the American Red Cross!

Thanks again for signing the tiny vests for the Armed Forces Emergency Services (AFES) bears last summer. One of the three raised $100 in the charity auction at Trek Expo, June 2004. The other two went to Gatecon2003 and Sekh's Party auctions, results unknown.

Gilder Anne McCarroll
AFES Volunteer, San Antonio Area Chapter, American Red Cross

Gilder Anne McCarroll
San Antonio, TX


Dear Richard, hope you have a joyful and blessed birthday. Enjoy your show SG-1 so much. Keep the good stories coming.

Margaret Vick

Happy 54th Birthday Richard Dean Anderson. I am still waiting for the DVD of MacGyver. I love that show. I hope that it comes out soon. I hope that Stargate SG-1 can go for year 9. I have seasons 1 through 4. It is one of the best Scifi shows of all time. The show works because of the stories. Happy Birthday from one of your biggest fans. One of them.

Carmen Calabria
Massillon, Ohio

Hi Rick,

I just wanted to wish you a very Happy Birthday. To me you are a true star and through you I have made so many new friends at home and abroad. You have given me so much enjoyment in your roles of Jack O'Neill and MacGyver.

May I wish you all the best for the future and I hope you prosper in whatever projects you undertake.

Barbara Arthurs
Manchester, England

My son has the same birthday, the 23, in January he is going to be 8 years old and he likes Stargate SG-1. So Happy Birthday, Richard. Have a good one!

Michael Jr. and his mom Peggy
Pepperell, MA

My daughter, Alicia, and I wish you a most memorable birthday. I also turned 54 in November, boy the years do fly by. We are true MacGyver and Stargate fans and try to see every episode. We hope you will consider another year on Stargate. We think you are the best. Best wishes to you and Wylie and many more happy years to come.

Turtle Lake, WI

Dear Richard,

Here's wishing you a very Happy Birthday for 2004.

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From a fan of all of your shows: MacGyver, Legend, and Stargate. And I have enjoyed the many TV movies you have done.

Donna Schlossenberg and Maggie Boo
Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Have a very happy and fun birthday. I'm sure it will be with your little girl there. I have always enjoyed your work and think you are one of the nicest men. Happy 54!!!


Rick...Happy 54th Birthday! You're definitely not getting older... you're getting better! Hope you have a wonderful birthday with lots of friends and family. Always stay as nice as you are.....


Muy feliz cumpleaños, los mejores deseos de bienestar para ud, y familia. Desde este lejano país, una admiradora incondicional, le agradece los buenos momentos entregados en cada trabajo. Felicidades!!!!

Santiago, Chile

I just want to wish you a happy birthday! Have fun doing what you're best at... looking good! Joke! Seriously may this be a great and wonderful year for you! Bonne fête et amuse-toi! (Couldn't help myself with the French!)

From a fellow freezing Capricorn Smurf

Montreal, Quebec, Canada.... where it is -38'C outside...lol

Happy birthday from a long time fan and fellow Aquarian.

Jackie Leaf

Dear Mr. Anderson,

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday!

Hope this new year will be the best so far.

Enjoying the seventh season of "Stargate SG-1" very much, and look forward to Season Eight.

Also enjoying the reruns of "MacGyver" on TVLand!

Best wishes to you, Wylie and your extended families.

Morjana Coffman
Rancho Cordova, CA

Many happy returns on your birthday - you've seen many changes in the world - good & bad - but you have given all your fans good family fun & entertainment throughout the years! Even the extreme suspect movies to the sitcoms and shows you guest starred in...... a good variety for all... it's hard to pick a "Best of RDA" movie, film, show! Family is important and little ones grow up so fast these days, so many more wonderful birthdays are wished for you and your family!!!!

Carole Emig
Williamsport, PA

Hey Ricky Dean,

I wish you a "Happy Birthday". I wish you good luck and all good wishes of the world.

Mit lieben Grüßen,


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Saskatchewan, Canada

Thank you very much for all the entertainment you have provided to me and everyone. I enjoyed MacGyver as a kid and love SG-1 now. Have a very happy birthday and I hope many more to come.


I would like to say Happy Birthday and hope you have a great day. Keep up the great work on Stargate SG-1 and hope you get to spend your birthday with your family.


Happy Birthday Richard you still look good!

Sherry Barr

Happy birthday from France Richard! Have a nice day!!!


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Kent, United Kingdom

Dear Richard Dean Anderson,

I wish you a very happy birthday from France!!!! You are the best actor I have ever known!!! I follow you since MacGyver!!!!


Ruelle, France

Happy 54th Birthday Rick!

I hope you have a nice day with everyone you love and that you may continue to do what you do best: Live life to the fullest and have fun!

On a more serious note: I've noticed (through interviews) that you are turning into your father, the teacher, which I hope you will see as a compliment (that's what it's meant to be). I know this year you lost him but isn't it good to know that a part of him still lives on in you? The things you do at Wylie's school remind me of MacGyver too. It's a thing he would have done for sure! Teaching the kids something (foreign words) before they get a reward (food). I like it.

I admire and respect your dedication to your daughter, and I'm thankful you are still willing to postpone your 'retirement' for us, as much as for yourself. It keeps you young!

Here's to another year full of FUN!


Tessa (Mac)
The Netherlands

I hope you have a wonderful birthday that brings you everything you desire. May you have many more, and may you bring us many more years of sharing your gift.

Rugby, England


I would like to say that you're my favorite actor since MacGyver. (I'm 18 years!) You are funny, sympathetic, (your lady is lucky!)! I wish you much happiness with your family (above all your daughter!) and still happy birthday! I kiss you, and sorry for my English (I'm not good!!)! Goodbye!

Thionville, France

For Someone We Enjoy and Admire - For Richard,

Your life seems so full, what could I wish for you? You have a great career. You have a child to love and who loves you. You make charitable efforts a priority in your life. You give so much and ask nothing in return. You play a character that balances humor with leadership - if only we could all be like Jack. You have a lifetime of memorable roles and achievements. So, my wish for you is love and happiness - and a Happy Birthday. We'll be thinking about you on your special Day.


I loved watching MACGYVER on tv as a child. It brought me many hours of fun and a couple of hours being told off by my mum for trying to make bombs in the back garden! Happy Birthday! I will always remember MACGYVER tv show!

P.S. Stargate is good as well!

Andrew Coulson

Wish you have a very nice birthday party
and happy birthday!


Happy Birthday Rick, hope you have a really great Birthday, wish I could be there to celebrate it with you. xxx


Hi Rick,

Hope you have a great birthday and spend it with the people you love.

Love and best wishes,

Maria H.

I've been trying to think of something to say that hasn't been said, doesn't sound corny or silly, but would still convey a Happy Birthday. I guess simple is best, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I will miss seeing you on Stargate SG-1. Best of luck for the coming year!

Bloomsburg, PA

Like the other fans, I wish you'll have more and more and more fun time! Happy Birthday. All the best.


Hello Richard...from Ohio USA... My husband and I are great fans of yours... although I remember you from the days of Jeff Webber on General Hospital... thought you were GREAT then and still think your GREAT... MacGyver is a favorite of ours still... and Stargate is set on our Tevo Direct TV is set to record whenever it is on... it's a wonderful show... so nice to see shows on TV that the children and grandchildren can watch... keep up the good work... and of course HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


Wow! A whole year older....

Have a marvelously magical birthday!

(Having only recently seen you as MacGyver for the first time, I promise your hair looks much better now.)

Have fun, and smile lots on TV, as it makes all the women in my house swoon at you.


Hi mate,

You've had a massive impact on the life of Turnip, thanks for everything. Have yerself a bloody fantastic bday, and remember - it's ALL good, always...

Kate Turner
New Zealand - live in Sydney AU currently

Have a Great Birthday, Richard. My B-day is next week and even though you miss being a Capricorn by one day, Aquarians are great too. Happy B-Day!

Your Fan,

Michaele King
Orange County, California

Hey!! Happy birthday!! I hope you spend a great day with your family and friends. It was very nice hearing you speaking a bit in Spanish (in "Evolution II"). You did it very well and furthermore I have read you´d like to learn Spanish so I wish you good luck and patience (as I need it too for English). Excuse my grammar errors (I have a little problem with prepositions).

Bilbao, Spain

Hello Rick,

My name is Christof E. Smiejkowski, I am 4 days and 22 years younger than you. I wish you everything the best on yours because of health and joy and whole one family (snuggly little Wylie). Congratulations on the 54 Birthday!

Wuppertal, NRW, Germany

Dear Rick,

Hi, I wanted to greet you a Happy 54th Birthday. And many more to come.

I really enjoyed your show. I was jumping for joy that you did Stargate SG-1.

I hope that you will have a great birthday with your family. And good luck with everything...

And God Bless You,


Hi Mr. RDA. I can't tell u how much I like u. I want to wish u a very delightful birthday. Happy birthday!


Mr. Anderson,

Thank you. Thank you for all your hard work in fundraising to help with all the charities you are involved with. You are helping to make great changes in the world. You have been a great inspiration to me to become more involved, not just in charity work but making sure to enjoy life. Also, thank you for continuing with Stargate for as long as you have. I know I enjoy the way you bring your personality into your role. Even though it saddens me to think Stargate is coming to an end, I certainly understand the desire to spend more time with family. So thank you for all your hard work and the enjoyment you have brought to so many. Have a wonderful birthday with your daughter and family and I hope this next year brings you much happiness.

Holly Kiesz
Lodi, CA

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