From Your Fans Around the World
January 23, 2004

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Hi Richard, just dropping in to say Happy Birthday!

Melbourne, Australia

Joyeux anniversaire Rick!!

Just few words to say to you thanks for all the great moments that you bring me thanks to Stargate SG-1. You make me cry but particularly you make me laugh!

So I wish you (again but in English this time! ) a happy birthday and I hope this day will be wonderful for you and your friends.

Sarah B.
Fréjus, France

Have a really great birthday... try to take time out to relax. I love your work... 'specially on SG-1... keep at it!!!

Bestest wishes and much love xxxxxx

Essex, England

I would like to wish you a Happy 54th Birthday.
You deserve the best and so does your family.

Joy Hammer
Madison, WI

Hi Rick,

Have a very good birthday together with your family and friends. I hope you will celebrate it well and it will be a wonderful day to remember for a long time! I wish you the best of luck on all your projects this year. I am very interested in your environmental projects and hope you will keep your fans up to date about your plans!

Thank you, and happy birthday!!

The Netherlands

Ich wollte Herr Anderson sagen das ich ihn einfach sehr sympathisch finde. Obwohl ich ihn ja nur vom Fernsehen her kenne.

Karin Suter
Zürich, Switzerland

Hi Richard,

My name is John Toomey. I have been watching U since MacGyver. I just wanted 2 wish U Happy Birthday!

Your fan,


Happy Birthday!

Ich wünsche ihnen alles gute und machen sie weiter so.

Ich finde sie klasse und hoffe das sie noch lange zu sehen sind.

Grüße aus Wesel

Lisa Krieger
Wesel, Deutschland


With all my heart I'd like to wish you a Happy Birthday.

May you enjoy your day with family and with your precious daughter Wylie.

You have made me laugh and cry and all for good reasons. Thank you for doing another season of 'Stargate SG-1'. I understand your priority is Wylie and time with her is precious. You are a wonderful dad and Wylie will grow up always knowing this. You both look very happy together.

I wish you health and happiness in all that you do, but please don't lose touch with us.

Have a wonderful day, and don't eat all the cake!!!

Always I give my love to you and Wylie, and please give her a big hug from me. She's a wee smasher!! (Scottish slang for beautiful)


P.S. I hope you were able to accept my gifts.

Carole Johnston
Falkirk, Scotland

Dear Richard,

First of all many happy returns of the day. You are a fab actor and you seem to be a great father as well who has a sense of family. With MacGyver and Stargate you`ve brought and still bring fun and happiness in my life and also some colour in my daily routine. Therefore I`d like to say thank you. Especially as MacGyver you`ve made me believe in a better world that is not only full of egoism and destroyers. Sometimes I even wished it came true. However remain the way you are and continue acting. We love you all! Lots of love from one of your biggest fans.

Zurich, Switzerland


Wishing you another wonderful year for the many you've given all of us fans. I've enjoyed your work since General Hospital, cried when MacGyver was no longer in production, and rejoiced when Stargate was made!

We enjoy your humor and your talent. I hope you have achieved a peace and happiness in your own life. Best to you and your family, especially Wylie!

Happy Birthday and many more!

New Mexico (yes, it's one of the 50 states!)

Dear Mr. Anderson,

I wish you a very happy birthday! And also I want to take this opportunity to tell you that you are an incredible actor. You did a great job with the character MacGyver. Usually I don´t like science fiction films but when I saw your name appear in "Stargate" I gave it a shot... and was positively surprised. Have seen you in other films as well but I have to say that the biggest impression was the character you had in "Through the Eyes of a Killer" that was marvelously played. Also the film where you played a father that had lost his son and the meeting with a young boy that changed the father's life in a positive way... Well, what I´m trying to tell you here is that you manage to perform the character you play excellent, no matter if it´s as a Colonel, a pilot, a killer, a family father, a cop, a lieutenant, or as a major, you are one of the few actors that is not categorized in a certain line... I also wish you and your family a very great future, filled with much happiness and laughter.

Take care and God Bless you and your family.


Veronica Eriksson

Happy Birthday to someone who just gets better looking every freakin' year! Have a great day!

Michelle Smith
Wimberley, TX

Hey Rick! What's crackin? Anyway just wanted to say happy bday! Hope you have a great one! Oh and by the way, I will NEVER forget Stargate season 4 "Window of Opportunity". I think that's your best one! "Lose it. It means, go crazy, nuts, insane, bonzo, no longer in possesion of one's faculties, three fries short of a Happy Meal, WACKO!" I love that one!

Have a good one!

Winchester, Massachusetts


Hope you have a wonderful birthday. You certainly deserve it. You are an extremely talented actor and also a role model for many. Thank you for sharing your talent with the rest of the world.


RDA, Have a good birthday and you're a brilliant actor. Keep up all the excellent work you do for charity.

PS - You get better looking each year. Have a good one.

Northern Ireland

Dear Richard,

I wish you a very Happy Birthday! Hope you can spend this day with the ones you love. Thank you for all the great moments you gave us through your work, we appreciate every single moment!

Hugs and all my love,

Miskolc, Hungary

Dearest Sir Richard,

First of all, allow me to greet you HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY. How I wish I could see you and greet you in person. Ever since I saw MacGyver on T.V. I became your number 1 fan here in the Philippines. I even looked for your poster and hang it on the wall of my room. I am very much inspired by the role you play on the said T.V. series. How I wish I could have a full copy of all the episodes.

Well so much for my wishes. I just hope you'll be very happy on your birthday together with your family and some close friends. Hope you'll visit the Philippines someday. One more wish, I hope you'll do a movie that will also be aired here in the Philippines so I could watch. Long life and always be happy. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MacGyver. Regards to "Pete", your best friend. God Speed....

Ms. Jhen 31

Mr. Anderson,

First things first... Happy Birthday! I would also just like to say that I think you're an AWESOME actor. I think you're great in everything that you do, especially Stargate. I wish you and your family the best of luck. And hope that you have a great year!

Katie, 18
Chicago, Illinois

Bon anniversaire!

You make me , you make me , you make me ... since 1985! Thank you!

Lots of love,

Bordeaux, France

Hi Rick! Happy 54th birthday! I'm sure you don't need reminding how old you are but believe me, you look great! Keep smiling! Hope 2004 is a great year for you and look forward to seeing you on our screens for a long time to come!

Love & Hugs,

Kaye (29) XX
Southampton, Hampshire, England

Dear Mr. Anderson,

I want to wish you more than a happy birthday. I wish you a happy life. You have been part of my weekly routine for so long that it seems I can´t spend a week without watching one of your films. Countries apart, worlds apart (metaphorically speaking) yet so near.


Porto Alegre, Brasil

Creeping Into My Heart

In the field around his body
he spreads his soul so gently,
unleashing mystery and shaking
my vague recesses violently...

His movements seep through the air,
dissipating like a dream;
like mist leaning slowly
on a calm feeling-stream...

I wonder what force he encloses
between the walls of his figure!
I cling hopelessly to all the hopes
that his eyes in my eyes trigger...

Then swiftly he goes on his way
and meeting becomes only a wish
floating atop the lake of my-life's-clay,
like a young and lovely dead fish...

Stranger, watch out what you unleash;
Gather my tears as careful as you can...
Be merciful; be tender, I beseech!
Otherwise my only joy would slowly wan...


Even though I am almost as half as your age, you are closer to life than I am; through that you give me a smile...


Vill Gléck fir dain Gebuetsdag!!

That's Luxemburgish and simply means: Happy Birthday!

Have a wonderful time and best wishes to you and your future.

I'm glad to see you back in Season 8!!!

Olm, Luxembourg


Hope you have a great birthday!


Hiya Rick,

Wishing ya a happy birthday from both me and my character, Colonel Angel Dean, who is jumping around excited as her favourite actor is turning 54.

She of course is making the base unsafe for her husband James (Jack) O'Neill (the clone who was brought back by Harlan making Angel the happiest Colonel in the world, (well Taurak seeing she isn't human) talking about Richard Dean Anderson all day.
Poor James, he feels neglected.

But I on the other hand am making my house unsafe about both you and me. I'm turning 19 the 28 of January and my best friend is coming over. Ya know Zarina we both mailed you last year about how we met.

Anyways wanted to give ya the best wishes for
And of course send ya happy birtday greetings.
Have the greatest birthday ever, oeehhh oeh and save me some birthday cake.

"23 januarie, 2000 houres"

Angel roomed the base uneasy.
Hun what's wrong? Something with SG-2.
Nothing James, really, just thinking about Rick. Again?
Well it is his birthday, I wish I could do something for him, I mean he is playing in a series about our life.
I know I know, why don't ya get him here?
Huh this base is classified.
So did that ever stop you before?
Ohh fer cryin' out loud just go get him.
Angel hurried out the base driving over to Rick's home, seeing him there happily with his family discussing whether they would go skiing this year or not.
Knocking on the door Angel got kinda nervous but as Rick opened the door all worries flew out of her mind.
Mister Anderson, she said in her best Colonel voice, I am Colonel Angel Dean and I wish to discuss some business with you, but not here, this is all classified. It has to do with your show.
Sorry, he asked confused?
Just come with me sir.
April I'll be gone for a few hours.
What Rick!!
Sorry something about StarGate.
Leaving April muttering to her self he stepped in Angel's car and they drove to the real Cheyenne Mountain.
What is this place?
You will see sir, she smiled as she gave him a pass and then guided him to the entrance.
Well Mister Anderson the lieutenant greeted him as he gave back Angel's pass, Colonel he saluted her.
You know the General is not going to like this.
Don't worry I know she laughed.
Come on Rick she said eased let's show you around.
His eyes widened as she called him by his first name but he let her show him every corner of this somewhat familiar base.
So uhmm where are we going?
The gate room...
Gate... room...
Yup, James!!
James turned around, what!!!! I was just preparing my fishing line, now its a mess... owww hi he said confused as he looked in the face of both Angel and Rick.
I... he... he looks like me.
Hey you're right Angel giggled hadn't noticed that before. This is my husband James O'Neill. With two LL's there is a James O'Neil with one L but he has no sense of humor at all.
Okay... was all that Rick could stammer and to make things more easy for him Jack walked by.
Angel, watcha doin'?
Showing Rick the base.
Rick, Mister Anderson how ya doin'.
What... he... I... Aw Man who is he.
Jack O'Neill with two LL's...
Let me guess there is one with one L but he has no sense of humor at all.
Good one Daniel laughed as the young scientist walked through the halls with Major Samantha Carter.
So Colonel Dean where are you going? she asked.
To the gate.
As the entered the hall Rick about fainted, what the...
This is the StarGate, the real one Angel explained as Rick looked with great disbelief at the gate powering up and whooshing open.
All you act is real and so is the SGC.
Both Teal'c and Angel's team walked through the gate and greeted their Commanding officer.
Except for Teal'c that's my team, SG-2. Doctor Jarod Sun, Major Nerys Page and Lieutenant Logan Wolf.
Nerys and myself where not human we might look like you, but we're not she said seriously.
This is a joke right?
Colonel!!! boldered through the gate room.
Uhm yes general.
Report to my office ASAP!!
Yes, Sir.
Entering his office she saw he was truly mad, brace your self whispering to Rick.
Who is this man and what is he doing on this base unauthorized.
After explaining and getting yelled at Angel was allowed to show him the rest of the base if Rick promised to keep it quiet and only to use it in his show.
Yes General he prommised still not believing this was realy true.
Colonel you ship out in an hour to Taurak...
Yes sir Angel smiled, she had been waiting to go back home for a while and see how her sis was doing, it had only been a month since the Goa'uld had been removed but she seemed to be doing better that she was supposed to.
Uhm General, can I tag along, Rick asked uncertain of the answer.
What do you think Colonel?
Why not I'll keep an eye out, sir.
Alright then get him a uniform.
After taking one of James's uniforms (that fit perfectly) Angel and Rick walked up to the Gate.
Chevron 6 encoded...
Well this is it Rick she smilled...
So why did you show me all this? Rick asked.
Chevron 7 encoded...
Be course I'm a real fan of the show and you and well let's just say I'm not a big fan of rules and reports so I thought I'd do something bold for your birtday and show you the real StarGate and my life, as I know so many of yours.
Chevron 8 locked.
Rick smiled as he grabbed Angel's hand, lead the way Colonel.
Entering the horizon Angel shouted some orders to her team.
They entered a bright and sunny world and some childeren ran towards them.
Ta nor in non alan ta they yelled as Angel greeted them.
Guess we're not in Kansas any more Toto...
Ya got that right Rick, Angel kissed him on the cheek, Happy birthday.

"Colonel Angel Dean"

Well there ya got it that's my birthday wish for you this year Rick, hope ya like it. Best of luck for this year and keep doing what you do. Always stay yourself because that's what we love the most, not just your shows. But you and all what you stand for, your family, your goals, nature, life, your friends and fans. Go do something you love and whether you stop acting or not I will always be there looking back at what you did together with all of the other fans all over the world. Have a Great day, and I mean a GREAT DAY!!!

Lots of love and kisses,

Jolijn van Wijngaarden
Tilburg, The Netherlands

I wish you the best birthday you have ever had!

Thank you for the wonderful gift of humor and a smile that you give me every week on Stargate SG-1. I never miss an episode. I wish I had seen your MacGyver shows, but I just never did. If I ever catch MacGyver on cable television, I will be sure and watch.

A very happy birthday to you, and many, many more. Keep up the good work on SG-1.

Kathryn Fitchett
Houston, Texas, but now living in Phoenix, Arizona

Much as I've enjoyed your work over the years, what I admire most is the way you've used your success to build an authentic life for yourself. That's why, though your possible retirement is sad for fans, I applaud your thoughtful decision to wrap up a chapter of your life and move on to a new one. All the best for the coming year -- may you find much joy and love in all your endeavors!


Happy happy birthday from a fellow Aquarian in sunny San Diego (which I hear is one of your favorite cities). I am a long time fan who thinks you have made Jack O'Neill the best character on television today. Thanks for providing so much to your fans over the years and for your support of so many wonderful environmental causes!

San Diego, California

To Richard,

Hi from the UK. Hope you have a fantastic birthday and that you get everything you wish for. Hope you had a nice Christmas and New Year and that 2004 is good to you. Enjoying the new season of Stargate and hope it lasts another season.

Best wishes to your girlfriend and daughter.

Happy 54th Birthday again and hope you enjoy yourself!


Jennifer Chance (age 16) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hey Richard,

Hope you have a brilliant birthday and many more to come. You are my role model and I think you are a fabulous actor and a beautiful person. I absolutely adore you. I hope that your daughter and girlfriend are happy and I send my best wishes to them. Again I hope you have a fantastic birthday and enjoy every minute of it.

Derby, United Kingdom

I have loved you in Stargate. It wouldn't be the same without you but if you feel inclined to pursue other avenues I hope you'll be successful and happy in whatever you do. Have a very happy birthday and love and best wishes to your family. My loss is their gain!

Shropshire, England

Hey Rick!
Happy Birthday!
I hope you have a nice day!
And I hope you celebrate with your family and all your friends!
I love you in Stargate and MacGyver and in all other films from you and with you!
You are the best!!!
And I wish you all the best!!!
Bye bye and more fun!!!!

Your biggest fan,

Thuringia, Germany


Dear Richard,

I wish you a happy birthday and may your all wishes be fulfilled.

With many thanks for acting the dear character of Col. O'Neill (a true action hero).

Click image to view a sequence

I read recently in an e-mail posted in the SG-1 yahoo group that you intend to retire from acting and build your house in California. May I be so bold to suggest that, in case you retire from entertainement business, to build your house in Florida. A while ago, in Los Angeles they have been torched, slimmed and shaken in a span of two years; in Florida you have access to an ocean - the Atlantic (which always has a cold water) and a sea - the Caribbean - (which most time of the year has a warm water). Just a suggestion.

We will not surrender even in death. You will not be forgotten. (SG1 Allegiance)


Ileana Eliza aka Jolinar of Malk-Shur
London, Great Britain

Dear Rick,

Happy birthday and many, many more.

I’ve always enjoyed your work (except GH... never into soaps)

There is no Stargate SG-1 without Jack O’Neill!

(The other people are just set decoration)

I hate the reduced schedule but completely understand and approve of the reasoning behind it. Thank you for giving us O’Neill even if in reduced roles for seasons 7 and 8.

I would LOVE to see a Legend movie if you’re so inclined.

The silver becomes you; don’t hide it!

Your grateful fan,

Barbara Kegel-Haesler
Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Hi Richard,

I just wanted to wish you a very Happy Birthday!!!! And a big kiss and hug from a big fan in Uruguay. May this day find you surrounded by all your beloved ones.

Big kiss and hug again from,

María Elena

Hi Rick,

All my best wishes to your birthday and your new year of life. Especially health to you and your family, which is most important!

Last year I sent you greetings, too. And by the way, the offer still exists (the beer!). Enjoy the time with your daughter Wylie. They grow up so fast and she is such a sweet little person!

Hope you´ll have a very special birthday with the ones you love. We all think of you!

Greetings and stay as you are.


From a small town near Hamburg, Germany

Happy 54th Birthday, Richard! I hope it's a good one! I'll turn 47 the 22nd! Here is a poem I wrote several years ago.


Deep dark eyes, slender face, heart-shaped lips, and tender hands.
College days of heated anger, and travels across the land.

Tall and slim, his body tan, his voice is music to my ears.
Street corner mime and acting that shines, I speak of his long ago years.

Who is this man with wheat-gold hair who comes in dreams at night?
His voice it soothes and eases my pain; his presence makes things right.

Is he real or just fantasy, to touch him be in vain?
To wake to shadows in the air, the tears I do restrain.

If by chance he should be real, with him my thoughts I share.
Of feelings that churn within my heart, of knowing how I care!

I wrote this for you July, 1992... Just wish the book I had planned to send to you had made it... Sorry it didn't! Best wishes throughout the rest of your life...

Always, Karen Sue Reed (a friend and fan)

Karen Sue Reed
Columbus, Georgia

Dear Richard,

I wish you a happy birthday, and another wonderful year with your family. I have been a fan for many, many years, and often it has been only your wry sense of humor that gets me through bad days. Thanks for the years of MacGyver (WHEN will it be in DVD format?) and Stargate - I have been a sci-fi fan since age 7, when my dad introduced me to Robert Heinlein, Pohl, Asimov, etc. and still am to this day. As a teacher of Ancient Civilizations, what could be better than a combination of ancient Egyptian gods and sci-fi, especially when it has your distinct mark on the dialogue and characters. Thank you for another year, please stay with it....... and have many happy days with Wylie.

Kathy Kellerman
Tustin, California

Dear Richard,

Have a great birthday with many more to come!

Sharon Freed
Faribault, MN

Hi Richard,

Have a great one and have a piece of cake for me.
Hello to all.


Janet Yates
The boondocks in Rockwood, Michigan

Happy Birthday to Mr. Anderson!
May you have a wonderful birthday and a great year.

Marysville, WA

Dear Mr. Anderson:

You wouldn't know me if you tripped over me, but I'm going to wish you a "Very Happy 54th Birthday" in 2004.

I've enjoyed the acting challenges you've met and the goals you've reached over the past 25+ years. Like an exceptional bottle of Chateau Ste. Michelle wine, you get better and better with age and experience.

May your 54th birthday be a time of great joy, happiness and fulfillment. Keep on shining and keep on working towards an environmentally safe world!

P.S. The snow at Mount Baker is great and the lift tickets are cheaper than Whistler! Come on down to Washington State and have some fun!

Best wishes,

Evelyn Hager, 50
Seattle, WA

To Richard,

You've brought many good stories into my home with Stargate SG-1 and MacGyver. My sister and I want to wish you a very Happy Birthday. May you continue to bring magic to our lives for many, many, many years to come.

Thank You,

Eunice and Lilia Torres

Happy Birthday from an Italian fan!

Rome, Italy

Hey Rick!

Happy Birthday! I hope you'll have a great day with your family and friends! Greetings from West Germany, we're looking forward to the new seasons of SG-1! Stay tuned!

Duesseldorf, Germany

Hi Rick,

Just wanted to say Happy Birthday to you and wish you well. I have been enjoying watching some early MacGyver reruns here in England. Hope they do the later series as well.

I work in nature conservation for a tiny, independent charity so am delighted that you are lending your name to the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and others. High profile performers like yourself can influence so many more people than most 'conservationists' can hope to reach so you are doing a great job.

Keep going!

With best wishes,


Happy Birthday from a long-time fan now living in the US Virgin Islands. The weather is great and we have very active Literacy and Conservation volunteers. Come on down!

Jacqueline Denise
St. Croix, US Virgin Islands

Dear Richard,

A man must test his wings to soar. May you always soar as high and free as an eagle. Love to you and your family. Happy Birthday and many, many more.


Linda Skinner

Hello! Hope you have a very Happy Birthday. I really enjoy all of your work. Yes I am a Stargate Fan. Thanks to my mother. Oh Yes (she also says Hello). I also would like to say how wonderful it is to see you gave so much to your daughter Wylie. I hope some day she knows how lucky she is. Have a Good Birthday. P.S. Do not forgot the kid in you. Eat all the cake and ice cream you want. Then make a wish. You never know.

Your Fan,

North Bay, Ontario, Canada

Dear Rick,

Happy Birthday to you. You only get better with age. I hope you get every happiness in all this world. God bless you and Wylie.


Karen Alexander
Albion, MI

Hey Rick,

Happy Birthday!

I hope you have a fantastic day.

Deirdre Heaney
N. Ireland

I just want you to know that your character, MacGyver, has helped me survive life, in watching your performance as the MacGyver character always looking for the good in everyone and every adventure. I have survived cancer, divorce and at an early age disability. I keep thinking about MacGyver, he would find the positive in all of this... I even named my precious sealpoint Siamese tom cat MacGyver... which has long time since passed on to one of his nine lives... That's thinking positive for MacGyverisms....


Janice Rotter
Ellington, Missouri, USA

Happy Birthday to youuu...
Happy Birthdaaay to yoooooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuu *sing*
What luck, that this is internet and you don`t hear me singing.

I wish you a nice Birthday!

Greetings from Austria,

Petra Schlöglhofer
Haidershofen, Austria

Hi Rick!

Happy Birthday!
You and your Team are doing a great job at Stargate!

Gerhard Wiener
Vienna, Austria

Hi Rick!!

Best wishes from Germany!
What about a MacGyver-comeback for your birthday!!!


Dear Richard,

I’d like to wish you a very happy birthday. I do hope you'll have a wonderful day and that the future will bring you as much happiness as you have brought us.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank you for being the inspiration you are, for all the years of entertainment and fun you brought to us, as well as your continuous work concerning environmental issues.

May you one day realize how many lives you’ve affected,


Just a little hello and one more time thanks a bunch for all you've done. Thanks for MacGyver, thanks for SG-1, thanks for just being a fun person to watch... Best for you and your family, happy birthday Mr. Anderson

Belgium, living in the US

Happy birthday Richard Dean Anderson!
I like the soap General Hospital.

Karin Wohlert-Wiegel

Happy birthday Rick! I hope you have a fantastic birthday! I am one of your biggest fans. You are a brilliant and gifted actor who should be in the Hollywood Walk Of Fame. You deserve it so much. You are belivable in every character you're in especially in the movie Thru the Eyes of a Killer. I have that on tape but can't watch it because it scares the heck out of me. I wrote you a letter I hope you got it okay. Stay safe and God bless you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY RICK! Hugs to you.

Sonya Bonadonna
Rochester, N.Y.

Hi Richard,

Hope you have a fabulous birthday! Thanks for all your hard work this year on Stargate SG-1. I've enjoyed watching you a lot and appreciate the fact that you've stuck with the show. Hope you get to spend your birthday doing something you love and with those you love like Wylie. Happy Birthday and many more!

Shelly G

Happy Birthday to you! I hope you have a wonderful day plus many more! But I really hate the fact that this will be the final season of SG-1. I have been watching you for years and I do mean years. The e-mail address is not just any number!

Jenn West
South Carolina

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