From Your Fans Around the World
January 23, 2005

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Happy Birthday, Richard.

Thank you for being the person you are.

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New Jersey

Happy Birthday, Ricky Dean! ! !
Hope it's a great one!!!
May God continue to bless you and your family!
Always be yourself and never stop smiling!!!
.... it's contageous!
All my love,


Hello Richard!

I'm a huge fan of you since MacGyver until today! You're a great person and I have a chance to send you birthday greetings. Soo... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I hope your dreams come true. Don't stop acting, don't stop smiling, and don't stop being. Take care!

Krzysztof (aka Dean)
Cracow, Poland

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Dear Rick :)

Happpppppppppppy Birthday Sweetie!!!
Have a fun time on your special day
with your special Girl!!

Hugs & Kisses,

Stephanne aka Sj Shortea
Escondido, CA

Happy Birthday
to a cultural icon!

MacGyver or Jack O'Neill, both characters are part of television history. Have a great day celebrating what you've done and what you can look forward to. Your fans love you. Eat some cake!

Ellen Druda
Long Island, New York

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Rick, I wish you a very happy 55th birthday, that your birthday is enjoyable with your little treasure Wylie and your friends and family.

You continue over the years to surprise me and even if you haven't as much screentime as before you are always in my heart.

Take care,
We love you,
Kisses from France,




I would like to take this time to tell you how much I enjoy the subtle silliness. I can't help but laugh with you. I want to tell you how much those times that you let your joy show through makes a large impact. Have a "Blessed Birthday".

I miss seeing you on SG-1, but I certainly understand priorities.

I pray the Lord grants you many "HAPPY BIRTHDAYS" to come. Also, may HE guide your steps to find the appropriate priorities to bring everlasting joy and happiness.

May your Heavenly Angel take good care of you!


A fan,

Diana Lee McClellan
Campbell, California


You have done so much for so many, ie your work as an actor and with organizations such as Sea Shepherd, that I just want to take this opportunity to thank you for being such a dedicated person to your craft and to wish you an awesome and wonderful birthday. You have blessed the lives of so many people with your presence. Thank you for just being YOU......

A dedicated fan and admirer,

Lamar, Colorado

Have a great birthday! Although this season is not yet over, I am missing you already. Thanks for the wonderful years of top entertainment.

Luanne Walsh
Canyon Country, CA

Wishing you the happiest of birthdays and hoping the coming year brings you your heart's desire.

Nassau, Bahamas

"Tender Dances" is the gift of Life and Music. Dads and daughters dance their own special dances, one leading the other and changing roles according to the music.

I wish you: Tender Dances!

Click to view "Tender Dances"


Hi Rick,

I like to tell that you´re my favourite star
please keep on to be the way you are.

I think I know a lot ´bout you,
here it is , what´s really true:

Hockey´s one of your favourite themes,
I hope that you can fulfil your dreams.
Humour with a sarcastic sense,
even though YOURS makes some people feel tense.

Did you think about writing a biography?
I guess many people would be interested to read.

I like the way you act,
and as a matter of fact,
MOTHER NATURE is now all important to me
this is, what you taught me to see.

Stargate´s season 9 will soon take place
and hopefully your character won´t be erased.
I will enjoy your work on TV much more,
´cause this is what I´m waiting for.

So, Rick I say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you
and may all your dreams come true.
Take care of your little girl,
she´s a very special one in the whole wide world.
I want you always to feel fine
and may God bless you all the time!!!

My best wishes,


I wish you a very Happy Birthday Rick. Love everything that you do. Hope you have a very special day with those that you love. Thank you so much for continuing with Stargate SG-1 into Season 8. It really means a lot to us to be able to see you on screen and appreciate the humour and wit you bring into Jack O'Neill's character. I wish you all the very best for whatever you choose to undertake in the future.

Lots of love, always,

Kent, UK

Happy Birthday Rick,

Hope you have a wonderful 55th birthday with Wylie and your family. Here is a cute picture. Hope you enjoy it. Happy Birthday from one Animal Lover to another. Have a great day.


Susan Watts
Drayton, North Dakota

Happy Birthday, Rick!

Hope that this new year will be the best so far!

Thank you so much for the Gift of Yourself - for sharing your life with your fans. And thank Wylie for sharing her dad with his fans.

Looking forward to the remaining episodes of SG-1's season eight, and the release of MacGyver season 1 on DVD in January! Woo-hoo! What a great way to begin 2005 - celebrating your birthday, watching Mac on DVD, and seeing new SG1 episodes!

Also looking forward to your Earth River documentary. And selfish person that I am, hopefully looking forward to seeing Jack O'Neill in season 9 of SG-1.

Best wishes!

Morjana Coffman
Rancho Cordova, CA

to you!!!
I hope that you have a great day!!!!!
Here's some chocolate for you.

Take care,

Debbie Munson
Maryland, USA


Enter the ‘Golden Boy’ to the Golden Age.
You will never be younger than you are right now.
You will not be older until tomorrow ---
and tomorrow never comes.
Cannot catch the wind in a sieve.
Blow free, Ricky Dean.

C. J. Mills

I'm not good with words, so I'll simply say, happy 55th and here's to 55 more! Thank you so much for all of the entertainment you've given to your fans over the years. We do appreciate it, although there are no words to tell you exactly how much! I wish you happiness and continued success in all you do!

Andrea Mesich
Wisconsin, USA

Happy Birthday! I hope that this year brings you everything you could wish for and more. It has been a pleasure to enjoy your acting the last 20 years, and I hope we get 20 more years of enjoyment before you call it quits. :)



Congratulations on your Air Force award! You deserved it! You are an awesome actor! You are amazing. Hope you have a great birthday.

Rochester, NY

Just my small way of wishing you a very happy birthday. May you enjoy spending it with Wylie and those you love.

Barbara Kass
Torrance, California

Happy birthday! I have been a huge fan since MacGyver, as a lot of your fans seem to be. I fell in love with the character because it was brains not brawn, this is a big turn on for me(of course his good looks were another perk **wink wink**) Thanks for being you, and my best wishes for continued success in your career and personal life. God Bless you.

McConnellsburg, PA

Have a Very Happy Birthday Rick!! Enjoy your day!

Rhonda Schafer
Vancouver, Washington

Happy birthday for 23 January, RDA, from all at Stargate News Australia.

We'll be doing a little birthday entry in our NEWS pages closer to the dreaded day, mate.


Gary Hansberry

May all your birthday wishes comes true.
That's a wish, from me to you.


Dear Rick,

Well another year has come again to wish you a Happy Birthday. I just wanted to also tell you how glad I was to see you in yet another season of Stargate SG-1, I also just heard the news of the renewal for a ninth season. I support you in whatever you decide to do for this season and respect you very much in taking care of your family. That's the most important thing in life. And I know you are probably very tired and you need a break from the spotlight. I do really hope you decide to do another year of Stargate because it won't be the same without you but only you know what the right thing to do in your heart. I have watched you from the MacGyver Days to now and I really do admire you, you are a true inspiration in my life. I think it is so cool that you are from Minnesota because I'm from there also. It's Thanksgiving night and it snowed all day, our first snowfall of the season. I hope you have a wonderful birthday and many more to come. Spend the day with Wylie and enjoy the small simple things of life. I think when I say this it comes from all of your fans........ We do love you and wish the very best for you. Happy Birthday and ignore all the 55 speed signs, put your foot on the pedal and go for it, you might miss something down the road!!!

Tracy Trana
Minnesota, USA

Happy Birthday!

Have a wonderful birthday, with Wylie and your family, make sure you do all that you want, it is your special day.

Rachel Wright
Plymouth, United Kingdom

My dear Rick,

I wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY.
May all your dreams and wishes come true.
I send you all my love. Big Kisses.


Danielle Welter
Linger, Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg

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Dear Richard,

Wishing you all the joy in the galaxy especially, but not exclusively, on your birthday.

Thank you for being the man, the inspiration, you are.

With love,




Happy birthday, Rick.
I'm your fan since your MacGyver's job. And I follow you in your Jack O'Neill. For me, you are THE BEST!!! Thank you very much for your smile, for your job, to be Richard Dean Anderson. I've two little web pages about you here, in Barcelona.

And now, I congratulate you in català language (this is my mother language):



Marta Rosell
Barcelona, Catalunya, Espanya

Wishing you all the best for your Birthday. May you enjoy continued success in whatever you choose to do.

Your loyal fan,

Nancy J. Wagner
Delavan, WI

Wishing you happiness and love on your 55th birthday! (I also turned 55 in November 2004). My daughter and I have been loyal fans since MacGyver. Keep up the excellent work and success. We are looking forward to the 9th season of Stargate SG-1 and whatever you may be involved in, in the future. Thanks for being you!

Turtle Lake, WI


Well, Silvergecko.... another year older, eh? Doesn't feel like it! The sexiest man alive is going to be 55!! WOW!! You may be 55 but your sense of humour never grows old, pal! Seems like only yesterday that I was watching this very sexy man playing the Great Jack O'Neill in the pilot!

I am 18 and completely deaf but I have a cochlear implant that helps me to hear in my left ear, but I am still severely deaf with it. What I'm saying is that you have the most amazing voice and hearing your voice is my most favourite sound on earth! Thank you for just talking, Richard! I hope to meet you in person one day so I can thank you for this myself!

Give my love to your beautiful beautiful daughter!

Thank you again, Richard, and Happy Birthday!

Kady Kelly
Thingwall, Wirral, England


What Is a Birthday?

It's knowing you're
somebody special today
And waiting to see
what the hours bring your way,
Forgetting the things
that you don't like to do
And doing the things
that seem pleasant to you -
It's enjoying those
marvellous little surprises
That come from all over,
in all shapes and sizes -
a phone call or letter
that brings you delight,
warm wishes and greetings
from morning till night -
It's making a wish
as you blow candles out
And having so much
to be happy about
That you can't help but dream,
as the hours slip away,
Of many more happy
returns of the day.



To Richard Dean Anderson,

Wishing you a Wonderful Happy Birthday (2 days after me!) from a long-time fan from Israel! May all your Dreams, Hopes and Wishes come true for you on your amazing life! Keep bringing us wonderful characters!

PS: Hoping to one day see you as MacGyver again!

Best Regards,

Sefy Levy

Happy Birthday to a real man with a real sense of humor. You are turning 55 as I just turned 54. You are in a class of men that are considered a Man's man... such as John Wayne and Eroll Flynn. Although you are mainly on TV it does not make you any less of a hero or good guy. I do admire your acting skills and keen sense of humor on your shows as well as you getting serious when the time calls for it. I hope you never retire from the screen as long as you are having fun and enjoy your work. And when you leave for work each day remember you're not fully dressed unless you're wearing a smile.


Glenn Petzold
Riverside, CA

Happy Birthday Richard,

My words for you:

"A Beautiful Man"

You are:
the "Sun, which rises and brings me a new Day"
the "Trees that grow strong"
the "Wind that blows in the night"
the "River that flows through the Earth"
the "Birds that sing their songs"
the "Flowers that bloom new everyday"
the "Mountains that rise high into the sky"
the "Sunsets that fall at night"
the "Stars that shine from heavan,"
(that's the twinkle in your eyes)
the "Moon that shines bright"
"You are everything Right"

You will forever be a Bright Beautiful Shining Star in my heart.

Thank you. May you have a Wonderful 55th Birthday, love for you and Wiley. Smile, someone loves you!! Me!!!

Elizabeth A. Nelson
Orange Park, Florida

I enjoyed you as MacGyver and I enjoy you as Jack O'Neill in Stargate. You are a great man and I look foward to the relaxing hour or two out of each day when I can sit back and watch your shows. Have a great year! Take care and a very happy birthday!

Karen Millett
Nova Scotia, Canada

Hello Rick!

Unfortunately I cannot express all my wishes to you personally. But remember that here in the corner of Europe there is a fan who will always have you in her heart. You have always been my inspiration!

Happy Birthday! All the best for you!
Feliz Aniversário! Tudo de bom para ti!

Lots of love and kisses,


Hi Richard,

Happy Birthday. I have always been a fan of yours ever since the MacGyver days. I'm also looking forward to MacGyver coming to DVD in the UK in March. Give my love to your daughter as well. See you.

United Kingdom

Happy Birthday!
Richard Dean Anderson.
I hope you have many more to come.

Harrisburg, NC

To Rick:

Thank you for all the work you've done and the enjoyment you've given to us. Have a wonderful Birthday!

Best Wishes,

Las Vegas, NV

Hi Richard,

Just want to wish you a very Wonderful & Happy Birthday.


Pittsburgh, PA

Dear Rick,

I realise this message should be intended as a birthday celebration and I promise I will get round to that, but I'd also like to use it as an excuse to say something else as well. My husband, Nick, was diagnosed with cancer at the beginning of 2004 and because he was off work most of the time he knocked up more hours than usual in front of the tv. Anyway, quite by chance, he ended up watching the Stargate Lowdown programme one evening and then became a fan of the series. Although I'm more of a 'rom com' type of woman I must admit I became hooked myself. Nick lost his battle a few months ago (he was only 32) but I've continued to follow the show. I'm trying to fulfill a promise to get on and enjoy life but when there are those days where certain issues weigh me down it's great that I can switch off from reality for a little while and watch something that lifts my spirits. I just wanted the opportunity to say thank you to you and all the Stargate SG-1 cast - entertainment at its best! Now back to what I should be saying in this message - I sincerely wish you a Very Happy Birthday.

Warmest regards,

Emma x (age 21 + a fair bit more!!!)
North Lincolnshire, England

Dear Rick!

I wish you all the best for your 55th Birthday!

The good, which you granted to the people in the course of your life - in form of your wonderful acting or by your remarkable engagement for teenagers and for nature - may come back 1000 times to you.

I would like to thank you in my name and also on behalf of my sister and parents for having brought to us such wonderful hours by playing Jack O'Neill and in the past MacGyver, in which we could laugh and cry, be afraid and get irritated, in which we also were, however, stimulated to thinking. Only an excellent actor can accomplish this. In an interview Chris Judge said that you hide your light under a bushel, that you don´t think you´re that a good actor, but trust your colleagues and your fans: You´re excellent!

I´ve heard that you would possibly like to retire as Jack O'Neill to be able to spend more time with your daughter Wylie. Although it would fulfill all of us with deep pain to see you at the screen no more (not so frequently) and to hear the prominent sayings of Jack (always ROFL), I can understand it completely and give deep respect to your decision. It is rare that a man decides in favor of his family instead of his career; that shows once again what kind of wonderful person you are and what kind of good character you have.

I would like to reveal something to you: I have started to study physics because of all the terrific things you have done as MacGyver. Today I´m rather like Sam, since I´m a theoretical astrophysicist (solar physicist to be exact), but I´m still carrying a Swiss knife and duct tape with me. - So if there´s any substitute needed at the SGC, I´m eager to help. *grin*

Again Happy Birthday to you and a wonderful future with your beautiful daughter!

Your fan since the days of MacGyver,

Ines Kienreich

Click the image to enlarge.

Happy Birthday Rick!

Today you are 55 and you're beautiful. Have a great day today Rick, and thank you for all the good things you do, and thank you for Stargate SG-1. You play Colonel and now General Jack O'Neill very good! I like the jokes you make, no I love them, I do that too you know. Thanks for all the other series, MacGyver. O yes Richard I watched every episode, Legend, General Hospital, Past the Bleachers, In the Eyes of a Stranger, Pandora's Clock, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, The Love Boat with an early Dexter (MacGyver Squeeze Play). I love it you do it so good. Firehouse, Emerald Point NAS, Beyond Betrayal, and a lot more.

You are good Richard and I hope you do a lot more. You are very talented and a good actor. Thanks for all the happinees you've brought me over the years. And I hope to see a lot more of you on TV or in something else. I'm 46 years old on December 3, 2004, and I'm a big fan of you.

I wish you lots of happiness and love and have a good life Rick, and may all your dreams come true. Kisses and a big hug for you and for your beautiful little girl Wylie. I hope you have a great day with her on your birthday.

Greetings from,

Gerda Schuilenburg
Leiden, The Netherlands

Greetings from England! Hope you have a great day with your family. Glad to hear the series isn't finished yet, you may yet get to do series 10 as Brad Wright suggested some time back. Keep up the good work!


Hello Richard,

May God's grace and mercy keep you safe and healthy during this time as well as the coming of your 55th birthday.

New Jersey

Dear Richard,

We share the same birth year (1950). Happy B-Day! With age comes wisdom and a sense of, "who cares what they think". Thanks for your efforts concerning the environment. Please don't pull a Sonny Bono during ski season because you would be sorely missed!

I wanted to give you something unique. Here it goes:

Tribute to MacGyver

There once was a man named MacGyver
Who could escape any cage with some wire
His face was a treat
Some thought he was a geek
But to be smart just like him he inspired!

He fought bad guys for a living
Sometimes rescuing women
But to carry a gun was not him
With some odds and ends stuff
He could do well enough
And escape any muck he was in!

At the end of long days
And his problems at bay
He'd lay down and rest his poor head
Then the phone it would ring
It was Phoenix again
They wouldn't be happy until he was dead!

Thank you for the years of fantastic entertainment. Take care and God bless you.

Kathryn Dietze

Wow, Happy Birthday Rick! :)

I want to thank you for 7 great seasons of MacGyver and all the seasons you will be a part of in Stargate. I plan on buying (and treasuring) all the season DVDs for both shows. In all honesty and seriousness, I don't think I would own a TV if those two shows hadn't come out.

Also, so that the rest of the Stargate cast doesn't feel left out, I would like to thank the rest of the Stargate cast and crew: You guys and gals rock! Just a few comments:
Amanda: More opportunities for directing! Yay!
Michael: You kick ass! Tell Thor he does too.
Chris: Superb acting. Very impressed. I hope you get to write more shows -- excellent job with THE CHANGELING.
Music Cast: You guys have to release a soundtrack; I love all the themes that play in the background. For example: Jack and Sam's song from DIVIDE AND CONQUER and Daniel/Oma's theme(s) from MERIDIAN. They are all great songs. Keep up the good work!

If you would tell them I said that, I appreciate it. :D

One of your many #1 fans (lol),

Jason Gmitter

Hi Rick,
Happy Birthday!!!!
All the best!

Joanne xXx
United Kingdom

Hi Richard! My name is Janet. I want to wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY and may you continue your acting career for many years to come. You are truly gifted in your field. God Bless You!

Janet Huvaere

Dear Rick,

I hope you have as wonderful a day as your many fans wish you. It ought to be illegal how you improve with each passing year. You put the rest of us to shame! May you have a successful year ahead, whatever your plans are - I just hope we get to see them on TV. And many thanks for all the great entertainment you've provided over the years. The affection you're held in is quite unique and genuine. Happy 55th Birthday!


Elizabeth Spavin (Jack-a-holic and proud of it)
Wiltshire, England

Dear Rick--

I want to send you warmest wishes on your 55th Birthday. I'd also like to take the opportunity to thank you for all that you've given the world.

First, I'd like to say thank you for gracing our television screens for so many years... giving of yourself through your acting. You've brought much pleasure to myself and my family through your wonderful work.

I'd also like to thank you for making wise choices with respect to the projects you choose and the characters you portray. It's nice to know that someone in this day and age is discriminatory with what he will or won't be involved in, and chooses only to be involved with the best.

Finally, I'd like to thank you for all that you've given to the world with respect to all of the wonderful causes you're involved in. You're truly an inspiration to others. I think that many more people have become involved in some way with a favorite cause due to seeing your unselfishness and your giving to so many wonderful charities... not only monetarily, but giving of yourself... and not asking for anything in return.

Whether you know it or not, you are truly a wonderful person and a real role model... both on and off the screen.

Again, I send my warmest wishes to you on your birthday. I hope that you and your daughter, Wylie will have a wonderful day together. I hope that you both will cherish every minute of it and will remember it for years to come.

Linda O'Keefe
Simi Valley, California

Rick, I just wanted to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY and to know that you are an aquarian and a flake like me (my birthday is Jan. 22). I just wanted to thank you for your choice of employment!! It has gotten me through a lot of rough times (I have Lupus) and anything to take my mind off the pain is greatly looked forward to!! Plus you seem like soo much a great family man, which is great to see in actors these days. I'll stop taking up your time, but I just wanted you to know how much you are appreciated. My niece is a pilot in the Air Force and just returned for her 2nd tour in Iraq. It is great to see anything that supports the Air Force and the military in any way! Happy Birthday again and hope that you succeed in anything that you do!!

Joanne Weber
Naperville, IL

Happy 55th birthday Rick!

Thank you for all these great years of entertainment from you through your TV series and your movies. You have brightened my days and nights for almost 20 years now and I thank you for that. My birthday is February 20th and I will be 43 years old myself, so we both get our birthdays over with at the first part of the year. May Wylie and you have a wonderful future together after STARGATE is over with next year. She is a beautiful little girl and you are both fortunate to have each other. You will always be one of the good guys to me and perhaps one day we will meet and I can tell you that in person.


Linda Pettit
Winston-Salem, NC


I have been a fan of yours for 14 years now, since I was only 9 years old. You were my first crush on an actor. Your work on both "MacGyver" and "Stargate SG-1" has been very enjoyable. I look forward to seeing your shows everyday.

Happy 55th Birthday!!

Here's to many, many more!

Teresa Guidice
Bronx, NY


I just have to say Merry Christmas from Norway. You have been a great inspiration for good deeds. You're the best actor ever. I hope that you would come and visit this great country. Keep up the good work. God bless you and your family. Wylie is a lucky girl.

Maria Fagereng

Happy Birthday Rick. I hope you have a wonderful day and wish you every happiness.

Barbara Arthurs
Manchester, UK

Dear Richard Dean,

I wish you a very happy birthday on the 23 January. I love you. Op zijn nederlands is het van harte gefeliciteerd.

Kisses from,


Happy birthday, Richard. I have been a fan of you for a while now even though I'm just sixteen. Have a good birthday.

Shannon Kelly
Warner Robins, GA

I hope you have a wonderful birthday Rick. I want to thank you for bringing Stargate to life on television. You are a great actor and I love watching you on screen. Hopefully you will come back for a ninth season, but if you don't, know that all your acting on Stargate will truly be missed. Have a kick-butt 55th birthday!


I wish you another Happy Birthday because I am an avid fan of yours and admire you for the things that you do. You helped create the Challenger's Club, you adore animal life, especially sea life. You donate your time to help raise money for diseases and such. Maybe we should all learn from you, eh? You are the most wonderful good hearted person that anyone could ever know. Happy Birthday RDA!! You deserve the best.

Sincerely, an avid fan,

Joy H.
Madison, Wisconsin


I just wanted to say happy birthday and may you be blessed with love, happiness and friendship on your special day.

Thank you for all you do to make our days brighter.

Regina Smith
Central Florida


I just wanted to wish you a very Happy Birthday.

I have been a fan for many years and you go from strength to strength every year. We only ever hear good about you and that makes a huge change in this day in age.

Take the day off. Have an easy day with your beautiful daughter. Put your feet up and enjoy.

With love from New Zealand,

Jacque Wilton
Middle Earth - aka New Zealand

Happy 55th birthday. I hope you have a very nice birthday Mr. Anderson. And may God bless you in the years to come. Have a fun birthday and I hope you enjoy spending this day with your loved ones.

P.S. This has nothing to do with your birtyhday but I don't think anyone will mind. Thanks for not letting your career take your eyes off how important it is to raise your daughter. I'm 14 and having and knowing my dad is there for me means the world to me. And it's great to know that another little girl out there will have what I have. A loving dad.

Crystal C.
Snohomish, Washington

Happy 55th brithday, Mr Anderson! God watch over you and yours in the coming year! I've enjoyed watching Stargate SG-1 and hope Jack O'Neill will be a "General" for years to come. Thanks for making a show out there that's fun to watch!

Bethany Hall
Clearwater, FL

Well, Mr. Anderson, 55 years young hey? From General Hospital to Stargate, now there is a leap, and all those movies and TV in between.

You have brought a lot of joy into the lives of people all over the world. Now that's something to be proud of, not many can say that. It's not easy doing your job, yet you do it with such effortless mirth. I know it's not all glamour on your end, so it's especially special that you continue to please the fans. And for your gift we would like to give you one back.

On this significant day, the heavens opened up and gave the world a little man we call RDA.

Because of this, our days have been brightened, our lives have been enriched, and our sense of humor restored.

Our imaginations have been allowed to wander, our minds allowed to explore options, and our brain cells put into action through letters, fandom and pictures.

For this we are grateful, and on your birthday of 55 years young... may the Lord bless you, hold your family close and give you the joys a thousand fold that you have shared with us, the unknown people, the unseen faces and the hearts you have touched.

May you get your wish when you blow out your candles and know we are all out here celebrating with you...

Be happy, be well, and look at each day as the first in your life. This, my friend, is the true gift...

Thank you for sharing your gift with us.

New York

Dear Rick,

I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday & to have a funfilled day with your daughter. I really do admire you both as a hero & role model, yes, but also a Father figure as well. I really do think it's really sweet how you & Wylie do things together. I learn this through your interviews I read. I give my best to you & your daughter. Take care. Love ya & your shows. Sorry to hear you're retiring but I understand. Have a Happy 55th Birthday. May your day be filled with joy.

Heather Hendren, 16
Long Island, NY

Dear Richard,

I hope your birthday is filled with laughter, friends, and family. May this day bring you much happiness for the years to come.

PS. A big hello to Wylie

Take care, now and always!



I love your work on MacGyver and SG-1, and it's unfortunate to see you fading from SG-1. But I think it is very honorable of you to focus on the more important things in life: such as time spent with family.

Happy birthday, and thanks for the laughs.

Mike C.
New Jersey

Hope you have a terrific birthday! And I wish for you to enjoy all the fun and happiness on this special day that equals all that you have given to your fans over the years!


Happy Birthday, Mr. Anderson!! Enjoy the day and take it easy.

Ontario, Canada

Dear Rick,

I've been a BIG fan of yours ever since MacGyver. And, I would like to wish you a WONDERFUL 55th birthday and many, many, many more too. Keep on smiling.

Christine S.

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