From Your Fans Around the World
January 23, 2005

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I hope you have a great 55th birthday, Rick!
Have a great year.
I hope you enjoy your time with your daughter, Wylie.
You are one of the greatest and most talented actors in the business.

Jessie (aka Kyah)
Marquette, Michigan

Just a simple note to say that the day you were born the angels were smiling and God gave us all a very special treat going by the name of Richard Dean Anderson.

Have a very sepcial day with your loved ones.

Happy Birthday Richard!


Dear Rick,

I just wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY and may you be blessed with love, happiness, joy and friendship on your special day!!!

Thank you for all the great years you've given to us! It was such a great time, can't get enough!

Take care, now and always!

All the best to you and your little princess!

Greetings from Germany,

Hamburg, Germany


Je te souhaite sincèrement une très belle journée pour ton anniversaire. Profites-en bien.

Have fun and enjoy!

Sophie Archambault
St-Lambert, Québec, Canada

Dear Rick,

Happy Birthday! Mine is coming up as well on January 25. I would just like to wish you happy birthday and wish you many good times ahead. Hope your day is a joyful one and I hope there are many more to come. Happy Birthday again.

George, IA

My God! It seems like I just sent you a BD message not long ago! How time flies! Anyway Happy 55! And Thank You Very Much for SG-1! Take care!

Mark R.

Happy Birthday!!!!!
I love you Richard since I remember!!!!


Hi Rick,

Just a wee short message wishing you a Happy Birthday and the continued success of SG-1.


Scotland, UK

Happy Birthday to you Richard! Or as we say here in the Netherlands: "Gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag!" Hope to see much more of you for many more years to come.

The Netherlands

Have a Happy Birthday and maybe one day we may get a visit from you to New Zealand. Have lots of fun.

Chris Goldsworthy
Wellington, New Zealand

Happy Birthday Rick,


Your superb acting and joyous personality have brought great happiness to me for many years!

Have a wonderful birthday!!

San Diego, California


Happy birthday mate, I wish you many more to come. The people in our unit just love Stargate and can not wait for the next episode, so keep them coming. Two questions, when are you coming down to Australia, and tell me there is a Season 9 in the making. In the meantime have a beer on us, Fosters of course, and have a great day.

Best wishes,

Glen M. Fraser
Australian Customs Service, Canberra, Australia

Great Joy for your Birthday! Enjoy life, Enjoy your Family, and Thanks for all the enjoyment your work gives us all!

Happy Birthday!


Valley Stream

Hope you have a great, and healthy birthday RDA!

Tyler MacIver
Ontario, Canada

Happy Birthday Rick,

I want to say it's been a pleasure to watch Stargate SG-1 and MacGyver. I wish you the best.

Janet Schermerhorn
Toledo, Ohio

I hope you have a good birthday, and I'll buy your MacGyver DVD. Can't wait to get it on Jan. 25.

Good luck, bye, your fan,


Hi Richard Dean Anderson,

I think you are the best actor. Thanks for making me laugh, thanks for the enjoyment you bring to fans, thanks for a lot of things... I’m a big MacGyver and Stargate fan. I started watching Stargate because of you, but of course I like the whole cast. As for MacGyver I first heard of it in The Simpsons :-) when Selma mentioned it. So I was curious about Mac, started to watch and still do.

I want to wish you a Happy Birthday, in Dutch we would say ‘gelukkige verjaardag.’ Hope you will have a great day, with your family. And that you’ll keep memories of it that will last.

Greetings to you and your family,


A very, very happy birthday, Richard, and many many more. I absolutely love Stargate and I will miss you on it. I hope your leaving won't kill the show, but time will tell I guess. After all, it's only television and people are much more important. God Bless you and your family heaps.

Hamilton, New Zealand

Many Happy Returns from Grantham in Lincolnshire in the UK, from Crissie, William & Aidan XXX (Two small boys who have grown up, being 4 and 2 respectively, playing Jack and Teal'c in the living room!)

May the rest of this year and the many to come bring you peace and happiness. Hopefully in repayment of the joy you have bought to others.

With Love, XXX

Crissie, William & Aidan
Grantham, Lincolnshire, UK

Just want to wish you a very happy 55th birthday! I just had mine on January 1. I'm 47. Unfortunately it didn't snow but it was very sunny and warm about 50 degrees.

Anyway, happy birthday RDA!


Lesley Fay Hanson
Hamden, CT

Dear Rick,

I wanted to personally wish you a Happy Birthday. Hope you and your daughter enjoy your special day. I know if I was with you I would do everything in my power to make it the best birthday you ever had. I love your shows. Hope to see you in the future on Stargate SG-1. I also would like to let you know that if you are ever in the Las Vegas area I would love to meet you. I also would like to let you know that if you bring your daughter here I do work with school age children and would love to sit for her if you needed someone. Feel free to e-mail me at any time.

Well have a very Happy Birthday!

Love always,

Laureen Weitzman
Las Vegas, NV

Hi Rick,

Hope you have a great birthday and all the best for the New Year.


Dear Rick,

For each hour of joy and pleasure you give to your fans, may you have a special wish come true. Have a wonderful Birthday and a fabulous year!!

Mig Crowe
West Virginia

Happy 55th Birthday, Rick!!!!

I have been a fan of yours since you were on General Hospital. I am now 41 years old but still feel like I'm 18. You are as old as you feel!! I loved MacGyver and now I love Stargate. I have seen every single episode multiple times. I hope you have a blessed birthday and I wish you many more to come. I will miss you during Stargate's Season 9 but understand that you want to spend all your spare time with your daughter. Life is too short and the kids grow up WAY too fast. I hope you come back to TV very soon. Thank you and may God bless you in all that you do. Keep in touch!!!!! Love and Best Wishes, Kathy Anderson (I had always hoped you were a long distance relative - hahaha)

Kathy Anderson
Detroit, Michigan

Happy birthday Rick,

I am a major Stargate SG-1 fan and your character Jack O'Neill is my hero. Remember, live life to the full and good luck with whatever you decide to do with your future.

Best wishes,

Carolyn Payne
Bristol U.K.

Hi Rick!!

I just want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

I love watching you in Stargate, O'Neill's sense of humour makes me smile every day!! I just want to thank you for who you are and for everything you do, especially for other people and environment. And the most important thing is that your fans from all over the world want to do the same because of you!!! I think it's great!!

Lots, lots, lots of love,


I wish you health, hope and happiness. You have given us great pleasure over many years, and long may you continue. Hope your birthday brings everything you want, and a few things you didn't know you wanted.

Good luck for the future, and hope to see you in the UK sometime soon.

Allison Brown
Reading, UK

I pray that God blesses your very special day, and that you have many, many more to come. Happy Birthday!

Leslie Elise Beauchamp
Ashland, Illinois


I want to wish you a Happy Birthday! I love all your shows, you're the greatest, I am a huge fan and I sure hope that you keep acting. And make sure you spend as much time with your daughter, though, it is really important. My dad was always traveling and I sometimes wish that he was home to hang out with me and that we would do things together. Family is always first! And I am sure that you know that!

Sonja Hall
San Diego, California

I hope you have a wonderful birthday. I have watched Stargate from the beginning and it is a wonderful show. Hope you are with the show for a few years yet. Once again a happy birthday.

Margaret Templeton
Alexandria, Scotland

Happy Birthday!

Keep up all the great work on Stargate SG-1 and stay gold!

Dayton, Ohio, U.S.

Hi Rick,

Just wanted to wish you a happy 55th birthday. It's funny, we both share the same date, but I'm 2 years older than you. Liked you on MacGyver, love ya on SG-1!!!! Many more Happy Birthdays!

Carol A. Dickau
Parma, Ohio

Congrats! Happy (55 yrs. young) Birthday!! Enjoy your special day with friends and loved ones, but remember to acknowledge the people who love you for sharing your talent. I commend you for wanting to spend time with Wylie and I wish you the best life can offer (Although you already have that with your daughter!) As a "K" teacher, I can't stress it enough to my parents the importance of being an "involved" parent. Just remember to keep a balance between your time with Wylie and your time doing the things that make you who you are. You will be missed if you decide to leave! Once Again, Happy Birthday!!!!!

Sincerely, a A fan of Mac, Ernest and Jack!!!

Peace and Goddwill for 2005,

Cheri D.
Turlock, CA (Central Valley outside of Modesto)

I want to wish you a very Happy Birthday. MacGyver was my favorite show when it was originally airing and it is one of my favorites of all time. Of shows currently airing with original episodes, Stargate SG-1 is a favorite, as is Alias. I'm betting J.J. Abrams, the creator and Executive Producer of Alias, was a fan of MacGyver as well since there have been some "MacGyverisms" in the show. His new show, Lost, is also very good. I highly recommend you catch these if you ever have the time.

Again, have a great birthday. Thank you for all your excellent work. Also, best wishes to Wylie.

Larry Laffer
Philadelphia, PA


Have a great birthday, from your grocery at Gemco-Woodland Hills.

Take care,


Happy B'Day Richard,

I still enjoy watching you act, doesn't matter whether it's a MacGyver or Stargate or somewhere in between!

JB Henderson

Dear Rick,

Beth in NZ here. I just wanted to send you best wishes for your birthday. I hope you have a great day and are able to spend it with those you love.

You've given so many people so much enjoyment, I hope you realise you are appreciated, respected, admired, and loved.

Happy Birthday, and I hope you have a wonderful year!

Love, hugs, smiles and prayers,

p.s. You really should check out NZ some day - it's a beautiful country (I'm biased I know)!

Beth Manning
New Zealand

Happy Birthday!! Hope 2005 is great for you and your family, and I hope that you have a blessed year. I think you're a great person, keep it up!

Love Always~

Gadsden, Alabama

Dear Rick,

Just a quick message to wish you a very happy birthday and great 2005. Keep up the great work!


Lesley xx
Adelaide, Australia

Hi Rick,

I want to wish you Happy Birthday!!!


Hi Rick,

Have a lovely birthday, and hope to be seing you in Season Nine, if your commitments allow it.


Oxford, England, UK

Dear Rick,

What else can I say?

But Happy Birth Day!

Love ya,

Lebanon, Missouri USA

Hi Rick!

Thanks for all your work in TV and films. I hope we'll see something of you in Season 9. I love going to conventions in the UK and meeting all your SG-1 colleagues - they're great! I teach 5/6 year olds and know how enthusiastic they are - and I'm your age so we both know how much energy you need to keep up with them. Have a lovely day and love to your daughter - my grandaughter is her age!


Barbara Mountjoy
Paulton, near Bath, UK

Happy Birthday, RICK!

I hope you'll play the best performance this year, too. You're the same age with me. Please take care of yourself.

Best wishes for your wonderful year!

Love always,

Noriko Mochizuki
Shizuoka, Japan

Happy Birthday Richard!

Hope you have a wonderful day. Thank you for all the great entertainment. When I am stressed out I put in a movie, MacGyver or Stargate just to watch you and it makes all the stress go away.

You are one terrific actor. Keep up the good work. Hope to see you in Season 9 of Stargate.

Joann Guercio
North Huntingdon, PA

Happy Birthday Rick! I only have 35 years to catch up! Ha ha... I hope you enjoy your "time off." Come out to North Carolina sometime, the mountains are beautiful in the fall, and there are some small ski resorts that are really fun. Well, hope to see you soon!


North Carolina

Happy Birthday Rick and many more to come. Thanks for all the enjoyment you have brought to people, may some of it be returned.

Grove City, Ohio

Happy Birthday Richard. My whole family enjoys watching you in Stargate. I have 2 boys -- ages 8 and 5. Have a great day and enjoy spending time with your daughter.

South Carolina

Happy birthday, Rick! And may your other ones be blessed with your daughter.

Louisville, KY

Happy Birthday Rick, hope you have a great day. Hope to see you in Season 9. I know you want to spend more time with Wylie but please don`t abandon us altogether. Stargate SG-1 won`t be the same without you there somewhere.

Grimsby, N.E. Lincolnshire, UK

Happy Birthday and many more. Keep doing what you are doing and just enjoy!!!

Amy Klaiber
Wilton, CT

Happy Birthday RDA!

I can't tell you how much joy watching you on SG-1 has brought to me and my husband. We are huge fans and yes, shippers too. You have worked very hard at your craft and what comes out on the screen is wonderful!

I'm happy you're a workaholic... as we will still get to see you in some capacity! However, I'm so glad to see that you take time for your family, I hear kids are wonderful and grow very quickly!

Happy Birthday!

Sara N.
Scottsdale, AZ

Dear Richard,

What can I say after 350 previous greetings that might be JUST a little different? I guess I'll let my heart do the speaking.....

May this birthday bring you 10-fold, the wonders you've presented to all of us. Your dedication has been most admirable. Fate has turned the tides so now it's YOUR turn to enjoy.... please do, and with our blessings. Your legacy for us doesn't end with you, but is passed on through your daughter, so take care to stay yourself. She needs that. Thank you again, and may you have many, many more! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Denise E.
New York

Happy 55th Birthday, RDA! Enjoy!

Keep Smiling (you have one of the best!)

Julie A.
Toronto, Canada

Hi Rick, I've been a fan since GH. I just wanted to let you know that as a mom of triplets and a ten year old, I can always count on you to make my day brighter. You have a special gift that makes people smile. Never stop doing what you do. You are awesome!!!! HAVE A WONDERFUL BIRTHDAY AND MANY MANY MORE. Give Wylie a big hello from us here in Massachusetts.

Lynn, Massachusetts

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Happy Birthday wish to Richard Dean Anderson,

A birthday greeting from your biggest fan in Florida & anywhere else.

I have sent you a picture from decades ago - (In hopes you read this) - I believe your dad is in the photo. I met Stu a few years ago & the photo is over 40 years old. Our fathers played in a jazz band or 2 together. I have been a faithful Stargate fan - (because of you). You & I might have even played together as kids. The band was the Bob Davis Quartet from Minnesota. My dad was Bob Davis.

From what I have seen, it looks like you loved your dad like I did mine. Great memories. For more info his website is: http://geocities.com/bobdavisjazz/main.html. Info about Stu is on "the early years" page. For more info: my email: Rockjenny@msn.com.

Happy Birthday - you're looking great. Keep up all the good work for the envrionment - I keep watch on the Sea Shepard news & I am member of MAC council - (Wholesale Marine Life Aquarium Council for quality & preservation & proper care of sea life).

Jenny Davis Lenchner
Miami, Florida

Happy 55th Birthday Richard!

Have a wonderful Day and keep up the good work. And never ever lose that great sense of humour we all love about you plus your great looks and smile.

All my love,

Derbyshire, England

Salut Richard c laurent j'ais 20 ans et je t' admire depuis l' age de 4 ans. Je te souhaites une trés bonne année 2005 riche en bonheur et en joie. Et surtout un trés trés bon anniversaire pour tes 55 ans. A bientot Dans stargate. Amicalements un fan de toujours. PS ne mange pas trot de gateaux. A+ LOLO

Laurent Cuenca
Lescar (64) France

Happy Birthday Richard and may you have many more. I hope that you have a beautiful day just kicking back with your wonderful family.

Big kiwi hugs,

Auckland, New Zealand

Hi Rick!


I wish you all the best to your 55th birthday! I really hope you get lots of presents and spend a great day! Please star in much more movies! You are the best actor I've ever seen!


Naila, Germany

Dear Richard,

Happy Birthday!!! I too am a January baby and enjoy the cold weather around this time of year. I have loved your work in both MacGyver and Stargate. When I heard many, many years ago that you would be playing Jack in my favorite movie, I didn't think that MacGyver could pull it off, being so anti-gun ho and all. But, if you didn't just ease right into the role like it was made for you, just like MacGyver. I wish you many happy birthdays to come.

Your fan,

Michaele King
Santa Ana, California

Happy Birthday Richard! I love you in MacGyver and in SG-1! Keep up the good work!



Hi Rick,

I'm a 1950 baby too, in October I hit the big 55. How wonderful for you to have a young child at our age. She will keep you young even though at times she makes you feel positively elderly.

I hope to see you in other shows on TV after you leave Stargate SG-1. Guest starring of course.

Happy Birthday!

San Francisco

What else can I say that hasn't already been said? So I'll just add my best wishes to you and hope that you have a fantastic birthday and many many more!

Please don't stay too much out of the limelight once you finish Stargate - we need to see your smiling face occasionally!!!

Hyde, England

Hello Rick,

Have a very special 55th Birthday, I hope you enjoy your special day and every single day thereafter. May you life be filled with love, laughter and joy. Just the same as you give me and many other thousands of fans of yours.

With all my heart, Love and Kisses,

Toni Stevens
Kent, England

Happy Birthday Richard!
You are the best!
Have a nice Day!


Hello Mr. Anderson,

I wish you the best. I love you (like many others too) in all of your roles! But I'm sad, that your role in Stargate becomes to the end. We have a great time with you. Thank you very much! Bye and have a nice day!

Chemnitz, Germany

Happy birthday Richard, I hope you enjoy it. I wish you didn't have to leave Stargate because people are going to miss you. Have a happy new year.

Lots of wishes, one of your fans,

Leigh, 15
Hamilton, New Zealand

Happy Birthday Rick!

Hope you have a fabulous day filled with lots of nice suprises.

Love & luck,

Alison xx
Liverpool, England

Happy Birthday!!!
You'll always be the best.
May God keep blessing you.
Hugs & Kisses.

Claudia Barrón
Monterrey, N.L. Mexico

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Rick, I've never met you but all I hear about you makes me think you're a wonderful, kind and caring guy. I wish you the best for you and your family. Have a great birthday!

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Happy birthday Rick, don't eat too much cake.

With all good wishes,

Merseyside, UK

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR. ANDERSON - 55 is not that old, my grandmother would call you a young kid. She will be celebrating her 99th Birthday on January 21st. - Besides she would tell you that as long as your mind remains open and don't grow old in your thinking, you will be young forever. SO ENJOY LIFE AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Rosanne H.
Milford, CT - USA

Hi Rick,

I want to wish you a very happy birthday. My, My 55. Can you believe it? And since it is the start of the New Year, may your year be filled with good health, happiness and love. I hope you decide to do a few episodes of Stargate. But, like everyone else, I do realize your need for spending more time with Wylie. This just makes all your fans love you all the more. Have a good day. Enjoy your cake and parties. And may God Bless you and Wylie.


Pat Sivertson
East Worcester, NY

Dear Richard,

Wishing you a fabulous birthday. My husband and I have enjoyed the way you have portrayed all your different characters. Thank you for many hours of television enjoyment.

Lake Ariel, PA

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