From Your Fans Around the World
January 23, 2005

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Wishing You Love and Happiness on this your Birthday!
Hold true to your heart.
From mine to yours............

Daddy's Little Angel

The world is on your shoulders, your daughter's safe there, too
Responsibilities are overwhelming, and everyday is so new
But her eyes give you strength and they seem to say
"It's alright Daddy I love you, it will be OK".

And the love that you share each and every day
Will be there for her those nights you are away
The greatest gift you can give, is the gift of your heart
The heart can give strength when you are apart.

Taking time is a memory a child can hold on to
A comfort for them each day they go through
And the time you spend together, the days you share
At the end of the day nothing will compare.

Enjoy your little girl, for little girls grow so fast
The years do go quickly, but the memories do last
And remember when you kiss Daddy's Little Angel tonight
That no matter the darkness she will always be your light.

Written for Rick and Wylie
by Jean Hayward 6/15/04

Take Care,

Boston, MA

Hi Rick,

Thank you for inspiring me to be a better person and to do more with my life. I admire you greatly.

Have a Happy Birthday with lots of love, life and happiness.

Have a wonderful day (and year) surrounded by the people you love.

Adelaide, Australia

Happy Birthday to the most wonderful man, father, actor, and humanitarian in this world today!! And that man is none other than Richard Dean Anderson!! I have watched you since you were on General Hospital. I became a fan of yours way back then and still am to this day. If it was televised, I've seen it. Do what your heart tells you to. I really hope you enjoy your birthday with your little 'angel' and anyone else you want. You definitely hold a place in this older woman's heart!!

Many X's & O's to you!!!!

Roseville, California, USA

Happy 55th birthday Rick!

Fact, the years have truly been good to you! Older and yet even more handsome!! I’m sure that I speak on behalf of your many, many fans ? we are all very proud of all the accomplishments you’ve made so far in your life. Your dedication to various environmental and other most worthy causes is respectfully noted. We need more people like you in this world. (I volunteer myself whenever possible.)

I wish to thank you for your personal sacrifices in your life as an actor. The long hours, physical and mental strain, your multi-faceted talent, dry humor (O’Neill point of view), wisdom and creativity that you’ve brought to your characters through the years ? we, the viewers, have been the greatest benefactors of your giving nature. With syndication and DVD's, MacGyver and O’Neill will live on for a very long time. (Sure hope you get a percentage!)

It still amazes me ? I never tire of watching MacGyver and Stargate. I’ve been a Sci-fi fan since the original Star Trek series and have enjoyed the many “generations” they have created. While I will truly miss your presence as O’Neill (if actually retiring this year), I hope the Stargate franchise continues on for many of its own “generations.” Who knows, Jack, Jr. could one day head the SG-1 team and Dad visits occasionally.

I respect your wishes to enjoy family life & daughter Wylie. My own daughter will be 17 this year - I don't know where the time went. Enjoy Wylie - this is a wonderful age, give & get those hugs & kisses often before she decides she's too old for that from Mom & Dad. I think becoming a parent at an older age is more gratifying. Sometimes we take the simple things in life for granted ? like birthdays! As the song says “I can’t drive 55” ? if you don’t act your age ? who’s gonna know! Happy, happy day to you and yours.

“Live long and prosper” from a converted Treker to a verified Gater.

Vicki M.
Toledo, Ohio, USA


HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You are an incredible actor and I have enjoyed MacGyver and SG-1 because of you! Enjoy your very special day and thank you for ALL you do! YOU ROCK!

PS. Hope to keep seeing you on SG-1 as time allows!


Dan Eidam
Boise, Idaho

Hey Richard,

I just wanted to wish you a very Happy Birthday! I hope you have a good one! I am a big fan of yours. Ever since you played Dr. Jeff Webber on General Hospital! I actually met you at a public appearance at the Laguna Hills Mall back in the 70s. Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

John Sortino
Bellingham, Washington


Happy Birthday, Rick!

It's hard to believe that this year is the 20th anniversary of MacGyver. Where did the time go? I just wanted you to know that you have really impacted my life in so many ways. My birthday wish for you is that you and your family be safe and happy. I am so happy that God has blessed you with a daughter. I'm sure that she will grow up to be as wonderful as her father. God bless!


Anne Snider
Jackson, MO

Dear Mr. RD Anderson,

I wish you a very happy birthday, the 23st January 2005, you will turn 55 years old!!!!

I am one of your numerous fans throughout the world since MacGyver was displayed on French TV on Sunday; I am 34 years old man, and, also, a fan of Stargate SG-1!!!

I was born in Machecoul a little town, which is located 45 km sw from Nantes, France.

If you are willing to answer I will be honored!!!

Bertrand Menager

Bonne anniversairs, et bonne année!!!
Et Vive Stargate SG-1


Best wishes for a great birthday and a healthy year. Hope we continue to see you on Stargate SG-1.

Maggie S.

Happy Birthday Rick,

There are lots of fans in Europe and I am one of them. I wish you many years of happiness and health. And a lots of SG episodes.

Lenka K.
Prague, Czech Republic

Happy Birthday. May all your wishes come true. Have a wonderful day!

Worcester, Massachusetts

Happy Birthday Rick

I wish you all the best and a long and happy life.

Thank you for giving us so many happy hours on TV.



Hey Rick!

My name is Melissa Dawicki and I'm from Fair Lawn, New Jersey. I've been a big fan of yours for many years and just wanted to wish you a very special happy birthday! I hope your day is filled with many memories and may you enjoy many more to come! :)

Melissa Dawicki
New Jersey

Happy birthday Richard!

I'm more than 15 years fan of you. My age is 32 years and have a son 6 years old. His birthday is in the same month as your daughter. I was in November by the Bridge Studios for you and the Stargate, but you were not there. I was sad on that moment, I hope to see you there but the Stargate was ending. I hope that I see or speak you once.

Give Wylie kisses of me.

PS. I hope I get reaction of you pleassssssss!


Esmeralda Maria Keek

Happy Birthday, and I wish you many many more to come.


Hi! Hope you have a blast! Enjoy downtime with your little sweetheart! You deserve! I wish best of luck in all that you will do!


Marie-Pierre Robidoux
Quebec, Canada

A fan of many years, we want to wish you a wonderful birthday. Our family has enjoyed your many shows as we lived in three countries and we thank you for the countless hours of entertainment. As a fan, I am sad that we will not be able to see you on screen as much but both as a mom and a daughter myself, I respect and can personally vouch you are making a wonderful choice to be there for your little one.

Have a wonderful day and many many more!

Wendy and three future fan daughters (now 5, 3 and 2mos old)
Originally from Puerto Rico

Richard I want to wish you the happiest of birthdays! I hope your future years are all filled with nothing but the best. Take Care. And enjoy yourself!!!!

Orlando, Florida

Happy Birthday, Rick! I have said this many times and still can't say it enough. How can a man get better and better looking with age?!? Been a fan since the beginning of MacGyver. Tells my age, don't it! But, I really admire the things outside of acting that you have accomplished and wish you many, many happy days throughout the years. Only wish I could be there with you!

I was looking at a site and saw some pictures of when you were skiing in Banff. I had the opportunity to see you, though be it, from afar. It was the highlight of my time, my life. I was in the area for a business conference where I work (the largest salty, snack food business in the world) and we took time off to have a little fun. That was a little more than fun for me. I have a picture of you but, , I was too far away. People just have to take my word for it when I tell them it is you.

Anyway, from one speed limit to another (just ten below you), have a happy birthday and love watching you every week. I am definitely an RDA addict. Have to have my rda of RDA. Unfortunately, I don't get it due to my career but it has its perks. Like Banff.

Hope you have a good one and wish you all the best. I know this is selfish of me but I wish to see you many, many more times on Stargate. I know that you have a life outside of acting and a daughter to think about but I just would miss seeing you on my big screen. Being as my kids are grown, son, almost 18 and daughter, just turned 22 and getting married in June, my only vice is watching too much Stargate. My daughter called me a Stargate addict once. I corrected her, to myself, and called it RDA addiction. Have and always will be and loving every minute of it!!

Best wishes and age is only a matter of mind - If you don't mind, it don't matter. That's my theory and motto. Because when you reach our age, it's only a number. You're as young as you feel, and I feel 29!

Have a wonderful birthday and a very good year with many, many more to come!

Jenn West
S. Carolina

Wishing you all the best for your birthday. May you and your family receive as much joy as you have given others.

Perth, Western Australia

Hi Richard!

I hope you have a fantastic birthday and get to spend some of it with your daughter. I was distraught when I heard you were leaving Stargate - you do a great job! Anyway, happy birthday to you!

Lauren F.

Happy Birthday Rick!! Just wanted to say that you're absolutely amazing and if it wasn't for you and the folks at Stargate SG-1 I doubt I would have made it through my final schooling year. Thanks for keeping with SG-1 this season. Hope you have an excellent birthday and all the best for everything you decide to persue if you leave Stargate. Thanks again for everything and Happy Birthday!


Hi Richard,

I want to wish you a very Happy 55th birthday. I hope you enjoy.

Lauren Jernigan
Vancouver, Canada

Hello Rick,

A fan from far away
is sending you a birthday greeting today.
Best wishes, health and joy for you
and for your friends and family too!

I wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I'm 20 years old and a fan for almost 9 years now. I read through some of the birthday greetings for you and I saw that you helped so many people, also me. Stargate, MacGyver and Legend brought so much joy into my life and I got to know my best friends because they were also fans. I will never be able to give all this back to you but I will use this chance to say THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH FOR EVERYTHING! You're doing a great job and I wish you good luck and all the best for the future. Please remember that you and Wylie are always welcome in Germany!!!

Take care!

Cologne, Germany

Hi Richard,

I hope you have a very Happy Birthday. I have followed your career since General Hospital and you seem to get better with age. Stargate will not be the same without you but you need to set priorities. I hope you will continue to act since you are so great at it.

Again, Happy Birthday from your #1 fan,

Lebanon, Pennsylvania

Dear Anderson,

My name is Michael, come from Taiwan. Sorry my English not very well. About 15 or 16 years ago in Taiwan every Saturday prime time on TV, everybody want go back home and watch MACGYVER, me too. So thank you give me a wonderful memory. I wish you can come to Taiwan again. If you can the fans in Taiwan will be crazy. At last wish you have a nice day and happy birthday to you (not only your birthday, it's everyday).

Taipei, Taiwan, ROC

Hi, Richard!

I have followed your career since General Hospital. You are a wonderful actor. I've loved Stargate SG-1 since inception & I must say, you will be missed very much. I hope this won't be the last we see of you! I want to wish you the happiest of birthdays. I'm an Aquarius, too. It's great to know that I share the same birthday month with someone whom I admire.

Take Care! Don't be a stranger to us!

Denison, Texas

Happy Birthday Richard!

From one of your biggest fans in Minnesota. You grew up in Minnesota and never fished? If you want to go when you are back here look me up and I will take you for some sunnies, crappies or bass if you want.

Happy Birthday!

Jane Nelson

Dear Richard,

I want to say Happy Birthday to you and hope this year brings many blessings to you and your family. May God bless you and keep you.

PS. I need more Stargate SG-1!!!!!!!

Lena M. Lucente'
Pompano Beach, Florida

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Dear Rick,

I hope you and Wylie have fun celebrating your birthday. I think that you are a remarkable actor and person. I hope that you have a very Happy New Year and New Years to come. I hope that you still will be on Stargate SG-1 but I understand that Wylie always comes first. I look forward to seeing the rest of Season 8. I am so glad that MacGyver is being released on DVD. Thank you so much for all the entertainment that you have given your fans and God Bless You. Thanks for the birthday gift last year. I hope you like the montage I made of you and Wylie.

With love,
Your friend and fan,

Cassondra Wright
Warner Robins, Georgia USA

Mr. Anderson,

I'd like to wish you a happy birthday (I'd decorate up a cake for you, but I just don't think it would travel well in the mail). You're a very special man, and an important figure in my life. Your expression "LTS" has stuck with me through thick and thin, and I now have it tattooed on my arm beneath the Earth symbol from Stargate. You're my 'Knight in Shining Armor.' Thank you for all your hard work and selflessness over the years -- you've accomplished many great things. Keep up the brilliant smile, wonderful sense of humor, and the playfulness of your inner child. I wish you and your family only the best. Take care and don't burn down the house with all those candles!

North Yarmouth, Maine

Mr. Anderson,

Have a fantastic birthday. I love Stargate SG-1 and the way you play Jack O'Neill. You are so talented. Have a great birthday and thanks for making Stargate so neat!

Aaron Ardern
Huntly, New Zealand

Dear Richard,

Happy 55th birthday! I hope that your birthday is as great as you.

Your fan,


Dear Richard Dean Anderson,

I wish for you to have a very, very Happy Birthday!!!

You are the best actor there is, as well as the best father. It is wonderful that you are wanting to be with your daughter more, (I will greatly miss not seeing more of you on t.v.). Wylie is a very lucky girl, as are you for having her in your life. You are my most favorite actor. I have been in love with you forever, (or at least since the pilot of MacGyver aired). I have watched everything you have been in, I think you are the most handsome man there is!!!

Well, I just want to close with, have a Happy Birthday and I hope you share it with those you love. I am sending you a big birthday hug and give one to Wylie for me.

Love from your hugest fan!!!!

Audra Major
Findlay, Ohio

Dear Richard,

HAPPY 55th BIRTHDAY!!! I hope that you have a wonderful b-day and year. I love Stargate! Thank you soo~ much for all of your hard work on the show...

Jenny (age 16)
Yorba Linda, California


I became a fan of yours during the first season of MacGyver, and continue to be one with Stargate SG-1. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication over the years.

All the best to you.

Happy Birthday!

Chrys Pelegris
MacGyver Mailing List Owner
Toronto, Canada


I hope you have a blast on your birthday. Thank you for the many years of entertainment that you have brought to each of your fans. We hope to see you in more stuff soon. It would be a shame to see you retire from acting anytime soon, as you are by far the best actor that I've seen on the small screen. You are a bright star in the sky of your fans and I hope that you keep shining brightly; also try to see if you can do some big screen stuff. That would be nice to see.

I would also like to send you happy and well wishes for you and your family as you celebrate. Hope you enjoy the time with Wylie. As one of your fans, I wish you nothing but the best.

Love and Hugs from Beyond The Gate,

Tiffany Aliene Amber Flowers
Reno, Nevada originally, now in Palmdale, California

Happy Birthday, Rick. Hoping you have a fantastic year with many more to come.

Helen Holle
Ankeny, Iowa

Dear Rick,

I've made a tradition for the past five years now to send you my best wishes for your birthday. In my mind, it's the least I can do... I've said it before and I'll say it again because it means so much to me. Being the self-effacing and modest man that you are, you'll probably wonder what you've done to deserve these thousands of messages that you get from fans. Well, you've changed my life, or rather you contributed to give my life another direction when it seems I was following the wrong path as a teenager. Now I'm still inspired by what you do and I'm still learning from that on an everyday basis.

I'll never be abe to express how thankful I am for giving me support - without knowing it ;-) - when life gets rough. So please accept this message as a big thank you for being who you are and doing what you do!

Have a great birthday and may all your wishes and dreams come true.

Love always,

Paris, France

Dear Richard Dean:

I'm sorry I don't have all the smiley faces, but I enjoy your smile very much. You have grown more handsome and exquisite as you have matured.

I understand you want to be with your daughter and in her life a great deal. I wish you had the situation J. Arness (Gunsmoke) had. He had 3-6 lines in 3-4 stories and then he had one episode that he was the center of the story.

Have the happiest of birthdays. When you're not on I miss you terribly.

Dolores Cordier
Oradell, NJ

Happy Birthday Richard!!

I've been a fan of yours since MacGyver and Stargate. I hope that you continue making great thought provoking and heart warming serials or movies.

Have a wonderful Birthday with all your loved ones!!

Laurence Boey

Happy 55th Birthday Rick. If the numbers were reversed you would get... never mind, bad example. Anyway, hope all your wishes come true and you have the best year yet. Take care and please give a big hug and kiss to Dexter.


Debbie Kelley
Dudley, MA

Happy Birthday Rick! I hope the upcoming year is the best ever for you. You only get better looking with time. I'm sorry that you're not coming back to Stargate SG-1 but thanks so much for all the years of great entertainment, fun and perfect comic timing. I think I can speak for a lot of female fans when I say that shots of your ass have served us very well indeed.


I just want to say "Happy Birthday"! I'm a big fan of yours and Stargate SG-1, thanks for all the years of great entertainment and fun.

Anyway, hope all your wishes come true and you have the best year yet.

Take care!!


Zdenka Husakova
Czech Republic

Mr. Anderson,

I would like to wish you a very Happy Birthday and all the best for 2005.

Logan, Ohio

Hi Rick,

I hope that you have a happy and joyous birthday and spend it with your daughter. I have enjoyed watching you since your MacGyver days, and still enjoy seing you today on Stargate. If you plan on taking time to spend with your daughter or any of your other projects go ahead, but show up once in a while so that we know you are still around.

I know that you like to ski, I know of a few places where I live such as Montage Mtn., Tanglewood, Masthope and Elk Mtn all in PA. In NY Hunter Mtn and within 2 minutes of my house is a resort called the Villa Roma and they also own Holiday Mtn. I have been to most of these places and they are good for you and your daughter, but I have know idea if anyone will recgonize you if you went to one of these places.

You should also thank Kate for the site she has for you. You have a lot of fans who appreciate all the work that you do to keep us entertained. She does a lot of work to keep us all updated on all projects and appearances you have including the award you got in this past year in Washington D.C.

I have family that lives in and around that area, and before my Grandfather died in October he lived about 12 miles from the D.C. area. Well as I said before, I hope you have a happy birthday and enjoy the day with your daughter, family and friends.

PS> There is also rafting here on the Delaware River and a scenic road that follows next to it.

Callicoon, New York 2hrs form NYC North by Northwest


Hope you have another wonderful year and I will certainly celebrate by watching the wonderful newly released MacGyver DVD's. :)

Happy Birthday and best wishes always!

Lori Beth
Albany, NY (now in Los Angeles, CA)

Dear Richard,

Happy Birthday to a Great Guy and all the best for the year ahead.


Gloria Fiorino
New York

Click to see my video.

Happy Birthday!

...and thank you for many many wonderful years with your films and series...

...and for "being a great inspiration" (for me and certainly for many other people) to see and feel our natural environment in a new way...

...and for your activities to protect nature, save the whales, the wolves and many other wild animals...

...and for your activities in support of the young girls and boys in the "Challengers Club"...

...and for me especially for waking in me the love of the wild and untouched nature of wonderful British Columbia and Canada.

I wish you sincerely and heartily all the best, fun and very good health for yourself, Ricky-Dean, and for all of your loved-ones!

One request: Please grace our lives for many more years with your countenance and your humour (or at least grace our TVs!)


Dear Rick,

I just wanted to wish you a very happy birthday! For years you have been an inspiration and a friend that we can rely on to take us into new journeys, to teach us new ways in life and how to be a better person.

I also wanted to share a story with you, as I think you are a great soul and a very dedicated father. My best memories of my childhood (instead of the Sundays at the park as any other kid) are the ones of the Saturdays with my father. Those were very special days that I anxiously waited for the whole week. On Saturdays my father worked only half a day and he would take me to his office to help him out. I was about Wylie’s age. He had a film distribution company - the films would go from the US to São Paulo (Brazil) and then to my father’s company. He would distribute them throughout the movie theaters of small cities in three different states. On Saturdays I would sit on the big chair and roll the films, cut pieces out of them, glue them together, separate the posters and pictures - that was total magic for me. Then we would choose one and take it home to watch on the garage wall at night. These are the memories I cherish.

I know how much you want to spend time with Wylie and be part of her world - and I know that she will always keep those memories. But have you ever taught about doing it the other way around? Why not bring her to your world instead of giving up of your world/work to get into hers? If I had such great moments being part of the movie world when I was a kid can you imagine how magical it would be for Wylie to play with Thor or hang out around the Nox? She may have fun playing with the big Unas... Can you imagine growing up in a fantasy environment like the movie making industry? I still dream of being part of it! I still hope one day I will be able to join a production company and see it happening, make it happen. Those were the best times of my life. By the time I was twelve I was helping my father with the programming, the distribution scheduling and the selection of the press materials. I have always followed what movies are being produced, by whom, with what cast, which location and all that (until today, more then 20 years later).

I know that I may have been inclined to tell you all this out of selfishness, since I can’t picture myself watching Stargate without Jack O’Neill but please think about it. And believe me that you may end up giving her a gift a lot bigger than you can imagine: the gift of being a child, of playing and living magical moments in a fantasy world.

Anyway, thank you once again for all these years that you shared your life with us!! Your fans are a very loyal group because you are a very special person, with a very generous soul, amazing principles and a great heart. Keep up your hard work for the good causes you support. We will always treasure the moments we spent learning chemistry with MacGyver or facing of aliens with Jack.

Have a great time with Wylie and your family and friends! Very, Very happy birthday!

Love always,

New York

Happy Birthday Rick!

As the say in Scotland, "Lang may yer Lum Reek!!" Best wishes in whatever you decide to do in the future.


Shirley Thomson
South West Scotland

Happy Birthday!!!! and Many happy returns!
Merry Meet, Merry Part, Merry Meet Again!

St. Michaels, MD, USA

I wish you many wonderful years ahead. Thank you for all the incredible TV over the past 20 years. Time flies when you're having fun. Enjoy every moment you can with Wylie, you wake up one morning and colleges are sending notices. Keep up all the great work on and off the screen. You're quite an amazing man.

Peace, Hope, Love,

Pittsfield, MA

Have been a fan of yours from your General Hospital days (my aunt made us watch in the summers). Hope your B-day is the best with plenty more to follow. You were a positive role-model to look up to in my teens and my family and wife thank you. My wife and I loved "Legend" and wish it would have lasted longer.

Have a great birthday.

Fort Worth, TX

Wanted to wish you a happy birthday! Maybe you might return the favor, mine is on the 19th. You definitely do NOT look your age; trust me that is a good thing! I have enjoyed watching your career bloom, you are a very talented man - keep up the great work!

PLEASE sign for the ninth season; but if you choose not to, then at least agree to be in the movie.

Here's hoping to see you in the future.

Dawn Blackwolf
California, USA (Omniverse)

My dear Rick,

I wish you a very Happy Birthday. Have a nice day with those that you love. Thank you so much for continuing with Stargate SG-1 into Season 9. I wish you all the very best for the future.


Forever yours,

Budapest, Hungary

Happy birthday!
Joyeux anniversaire! (in French)
Assegwas ameggaz! (in Kabyle, my native language)
Sana hilwa or aam said! (in Arabic)

My best wishes for your 55 birthday. I hope that you will love it. Have a great day. I love all what you do. I love to see you on TV. I hope that you will sign for the 9 season. Have a great moment with your family. We continue to love you.....

Your big fan,



I'm Emma from Cairo, Egypt... yes really this far!! Happy birthday and wishing you another great 100 years, probably more if ya like... Well since this is a fan letter I guess I should say how much I love ya and crazy about ya... But my boyfriend is really jealous so I didn't say so, guess you'll understand... LOL.

Okay... please visit Egypt sometime you are gonna love it I promise, take care and always be that sweet one....

Peace and bye bye,

Love ya.......

Emma xxx

Hey Richard,

I wish you all the best and a wonderful birthday with all your friends and your family. I wish that all your dreams and wishes will be come true. You are now 55, but you are such a sexy man. It´s unbelievable. Sorry that my English is not so good, but I think you will understand what I try to say to you. Best wishes and thousand of kisses.


Munich, Germany

Happy birthday Rick! I'm a huge Stargate SG-1 and MacGyver fan. I wish you and Wylie the best of luck and hope you will continue to be a part of such great shows.

Becky Southwick
Georgetown, Massachusetts

Happy Birthday Rick,

Wishing you a fantastic birthday, hope you have a great day.

Just to say Stargate would not be the same without you. You have become part of my family. Glad to see that your sense of humour never grows old.

Thanks for making me laugh and smile all these years as Jack O'Neill.

Enjoy your special day.

Denise Felgate xxxx

Hey Rick,

Hope you have a really good birthday, and although I'll miss you if you don't do season 9, I wish you luck with whatever you do.

Love ya,

Hannah Clarke xxxxxx

Hi Rick,

I wish you happy birthday and a beautiful day, for you and Wylie.


Judith Dewender
Leipzig, Germany

Have a wonderful birthday. Thanks for so many years of entertainment. We are still only watching Season 7 so I have another year of Stargate. Hope to see you in Season 9.



Have a happy birthday!!!! I still love your work and humor!!! And you have the most beautiful daughter!!!!


Nancy Dooren
Eschede, The Netherlands

Happy Birthday!
Congrats on your 55th Birthday.
Hope you have a wonderful day.
Peace and Love to you and your family.

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Dear Ricky, happy birthday!

Habib Ince

May the 55 years of experiences lead another 55 years of wonderful living for you and those you love.

Happy Birthday!


Móg?bym to napisa? po angielsku, ale zaje?oby to wi?cej czasu, a i pewnie by?oby kilka b??dów :) Drogi Panie Anderson chcia?bym Panu podzi?kowa? za tyle wspania?ych chwil jakie sp?dzi?em ogl?daj?c MacGyvera. Serial ten wywar? wielkie pi?tno na moim ?yciu, za co jestem Panu, jak i MacGyverowi bardzo wdzieczny. Z okazji zbli?aj?cego si? 23 stycznia chcia?bym Panu z?o?y? najserdeczniejsze ?yczenia z okazji 55 urodzin. Mam nadziej?, ?e b?d? one sp?dz?ne w ciep?ej atmosferze. Jeszcze raz chcia?bym podzi?kowa? za rol? MacGyvera i powiedzie?, ?e zarówno ona jak i Pan na zawsze pozostaniecie w moim sercu.



Dear Richard,

You have accomplished more in your 55 years than most have accomplished in a lifetime.

Your journey is not yet done. In the coming years you will guide your beautiful daughter from childhood to womenhood. You will keep challenging the powers that be, in your quest to save the enviroment. As an actor you will keep pushing the envelope.

We have the privilege of watching and cheering you on. You have inspired us to contribute and lend a helping hand for those less fortunate. You have such power. It is quite amazing.

Enjoy this special day with your special little girl, your Wylie. She must be so proud of her father, as much as you are proud of her. You are her beautiful, wonderful father. Does she believe in Faerie Princesses, 'cause she is living with her very own Prince.

Your ever lovin' fan,

Jocelyne M Farant
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

I just want to wish you a Happy Birthday. And say that as a mother of a 21, a 17 and a 13 year old, I understand the wish to spend more time with your daughter. The time just flies waay too fast. May God grant you many more.

Dotti Derry

Happy Birthday, Hero of the Earth!



Dear Rick:

Just wanted to wish you many blessings on your birthday.

For all the joy that you give to your fans, may you receive it back 100+ times over.

My special wish for you is that you enjoy every waking moment with your special girl, Wylie, for you can never turn back the clock. Life is too precious to have any regrets.

Guard well your spare moments. They are like uncut diamonds. Discard them and their value will never be known. Improve them and they will become the brightest gems in a useful life. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Nobody can bring you peace but yourself. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Make the most of yourself, for that is all there is of you. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength; loving someone deeply gives you courage. - Lao Tzu

Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don't resist them - that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like. - Lao Tzu

Saying a special prayer for peace on Earth, for our brave soldiers in the armed forces, and for the victims and survivors of the tsunami disaster.

God Bless You.

New York, NY

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