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January 23, 2005

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Hi Mr. Anderson,

I would just like to wish you a happy birthday and may the most you wish for be the least you get. And for everyone's sake may hockey come back on soon. lol


Dear Richard,

Thank you for another year of giving yourself, both on and off the screen. You have given us so much happiness watching Ernest, Jack, and Mac.

Now you are giving back to us with your work for charities and the environment. In an age where there seems to be less and less concern for others, your voice is so important to raise awareness and stir action.

I hope your coming year will bring you as much joy as you have given to your fans, and that you will have many great adventures with Wylie. Your caring and interaction in the world is a wonderful role model for her as you are showing her how to give of herself by your own giving.

Have a Happy Birthday and great year!

New York


Happy Birthday, many blessings on you and your family. Thank you isn't enough to say what I, and many others, feel for your endless gifts to your charities and to your work. You save people's lives in more ways than one. Thank you for the happiness. Happy birthday!

Ancaster, Ontario, Canada

Dear Rick,

Yup, it's me, Gekko23474, and I'd like to wish you a very happy and healthy birthday.

Thanks for another season of Stargate SG-1 and I wish you success in everything you do now and in the future.

Peace 'N' Love

Victoria aka Gekko23474 ~
Manchester, UK

OMG I have the same exact birthday as Richard Dean Anderson!!!! OH GOD! THAT'S AMAZING!!! IN ALL YOUR FACES. He's exactly 35 years older than me. I LOVE YOU RICHARD DEAN ANDERSON!!!!!!!!

Dan Greenwald
Fullerton, CA

Hello Richard how are you? You have a very happy 55 Birthday. I'm a very good fan of yours, I love your show MacGyver, I watch it all the time. I'm happy about your daughter. You & your daughter have a Happy New Year together.

Burton Feldstein
Bensenville, IL

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday. It's been a real pleasure watching your work over the years. Thank you.

Love and peace for the future.

London, England

Richard, Greece loves you.
Happy birthday.

Maria P.

I never get tired of watching you.
A very Happy Birthday!!

Pittsburgh, PA

Happy Happy Birthday and many more! Thanks for all the entertainment you've provided us. Have a healthy happy New Year.

Thanks again,

Boston area




Dear Richard~

I am excited to be able to wish you a Happy 55th Birthday!

You once described yourself as "Naked, Dazed and Confused". I wonder how you see yourself today? I see a man who is Inspired( by Wylie), Energized (by Life) and Driven (In Heart and Spirit) to be only what you can be.... your amazing self!!

I appreciate your Huge talent, your quick sense of humor and the flicker of whimsy in your eyes.

Thank you for sharing yourself with the rest of us!

Have a wonderful Birthday!!!

Your Devoted Fan,

Christy Gassett

Happy birthday, Rick! May God bless you and keep you and may He grant you many happy and healthy years to spend with your loved ones and friends. Keep on smiling, and keep on caring. And as they say in my beautiful home country, 'Walk good!'

Kingston, Jamaica

Hi, just a note to wish you a Very Happy Birthday Mr. Anderson. I hope God blesses you on a blessed day, even if you do get a day older. So Happy Birthday Richard Dean Anderson.

In God's Blessing and Love,

Christie D. Nixson
Big Spring, Texas

Happy B-day - hope U're going to shoot SG-1 4 a long time... I hope there will be a Movie of Stargate.

Basel, Switzerland

Happy Birthday! Congrats on your 55th Birthday. Hope you have a wonderful day. Peace and Love to you and your family.

Christiane Wieck

Hi Richard,

Happy Birthday. I hope you have a nice 55th birthday.

Norway loves you.

I know you love The Simpsons so here is the family:

Maria F.


Wish you a Happy Birthday. Thanks for all the laughs, tears, and joy you've given me over the years. I'll miss you on Stargate SG-1 and will look forward to seeing you in future projects.

May this year bring you and your family peace, health, and happiness.

Diane H. Twining
Dover, Delaware, USA

Dear Rick,

Many blessings to you in 2005 - you're turning 55, I'm turning 50 and we're still 27 on the inside! You've been in my heart since (ahem) the 70's - and always will be! Love, Light and Laughter Always!

South Louisiana/northern Alabama


You make people dream. It's a gift!

You make people smile and remember that they are kids forever. You also have this tiny touch of British style of humour, which is more revealed in Stargate than in MacGyver.

The first three seasons of Stargate SG-1 were magic. And MacGyver - well - life is definitely better with MacGyver in it. Thank you for acting and for giving us such fun.

I would like to wish you to have good health, to fulfil your projects and to stay impish in your heart.

Happy Birthday!


Happy 55th Birthday!!
I hope you have a great day and many more to come!


Hi my name is Bethany. I hope that you have a very happy birthday. I also hope that you will be in all Stargate season 9. I hope that you will email be back some time. Happy 55th birthday Richard.

Sincerely, your fan of MacGyver and of Stargate SG-1,

Bethany Hope Drum
Bethel, Vermont

Heya Rick,

Hope you have a fantastically wonderful birthday complete with cake, candles and the whole caboodle. Have a brilliant day!

Jane Harrison

I just want to say Happy Birthday
and I hope have a great year.

Sidney, Montana

May God Bless you with many more Happy ones
and know that we Love you and Wylie!

Tracey Cobb
Clarkston, Michigan

HAPPY 55TH BIRTHDAY, RICHARD! I wish you a brand new year filled with adventure, exhilaration and relaxation. Also, I wish you all the best in your future endeavor.

"Benedicto: May your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome, dangerous, leading to the most amazing view.... where something strange and more beautiful and more full of wonder than your deepest dreams waits for you -- beyond that next turning of the canyon walls." --Edward Abbey--

Best wishes,

Diamond Bar, California

Dear Rick,

Happy 55th Birthday to you! I wish you a day of serenity and quiet joy. I hope that you celebrate your special day with Wylie and your loved ones.

Enjoy your "retirement." You deserve it. The time that you spend with Wylie will always bring her precious memories as she gets older.

I thought these lines from Jawaharlol Nehru were appropriate for this happy occasion.

"Time is not measured by the passing of the years,
but by what one does,
what one feels,
and what one achieves."

Have fun on your birthday. Let Wylie help you blow out the candles on your cake. (LOL)

Good health to you and may all your dreams come true.


Barbara Kaplowitz
Oakland Gardens, NY

Happy Birthday Richard,

We just wanted to wish you the best on your day! Enjoy yourself with your family. Family is a wonderful thing on your Birthday!

You are a wonderful actor. From all of these Birthday Greetings you are loved by so many people all over the world. It is so wonderful. You seem like a great person and you are very distinquished getting older. Terry and I just turned 53 me, and 54 Terry in December and when we get older we all get a lot better.

May your days be filled with love and laughter and may you live to be 100 plus. You have been an inspiration to everyone.

God Bless and keep you. You are the Best!

Hugs, and Love,

Sandi and Terry Crites
Falcon, Colorado

Thanks for entertaining me and my family so well, without insulting our intelligence (a rare gift!) Wishing you many, many happy returns ... oh yes, and you're lovely!!

Milton Keynes, England

Happy birthday!!! When I was a boy, I liked your movie "MacGyver" very much!!! Now I am 21 years old, I still like the movie.

Jeff Yu

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday!

I've been a fan of yours for many years. You're an awesome talent and an exceptional person. I hope your birthday brings you everything you deserve.

Your fan in Western Massachusetts,

Carol Washington
Granville, MA

Happy Birthday. Thank you for the years of entertainment and the many more to come. Your humour is classic, please continue to make us giggle and smile with your deliverence of one-liners that can not be matched. Hope to see you in the UK soon.

Leighton Buzzard, UK

Hello Richard,

I take this opportunity to wish you a very Happy Birthday! A new year has also began and I wish You and your family joy and peace.

Now, my friend, let´s talk about ice hockey. There is a "Lockout" now in Canada and the States, therefore I was woundering if you have seen the game last Tuesday between the two Swedish hockey teams: Luleĺ and Modo? Luleĺ won 5-2, a Canadian by the name Justin William did the two goals. By the way, the goalkeeper in Luleĺ now is playing for Minnesota, Manny Fernandez. Many Canadians and Americans are playing in Swedish teams now. Luleĺ hockey team is fighting for its existence in the Swedish Hockey League, they are good but hockey is tuff. Do you think that Joe Sakic would play for Luleĺ Hockey? How much longer do you think the "Lockout" will continue?

To end this message, I wish You and your family all the best.

Hugs from Veronica in the northern part of Sweden that is very similar to your Canadian climate.

Piteĺ, Norrbotten, Sweden

Dear Richard:

I´m sending you this kind of message in a bottle. I do not have the privilege of being your friend. Notwithstanding, you have been part of my life since MacGyver´s days... and what a joy has it been. For your birthday I wish you all the best together with your daughter and family. Thank you for being this special person you are. Because of that, you will always be in my heart.



Best Wishes on your birthday!

Vickie Ann

Hi, just wanted to say that I have always been a big fan of yours. I am 23 years old but have loved you since your MacGyver days and now I watch you on Stargate SG-1. May I say that you are aging very well and still very handsome! May you have a wonderful birthday and my love to your adorable little girl! She's a cutie pie!

Destiny Eve Pifer

Hey! Happy 55, Rick!

Yes, I know. I've decided that we are on a friendly first name basis. Hi, I'm Em.

This is going to be a really corny, pathetic letter, and I've tried to avoid sending you a random card, but this time, it's your birthday, so, what can I say? I'm a crazed fan, and I couldn't resist sending you this, and so, I'm sorry in advance for any injuries you may suffer from this email's dull, run of the mill content. But, I still must request you read on.

Anyway, I'm Em. I'm 14 or 13 or some thing to that early teen affect, and I live in the unpredictable and exciting Ohio. Don't get me wrong, I like it here. No one has been murdered here in awhile, so I can't complain.

Continuing on....CONGRATS ON THE B-DAY! It's crazy how cool you are, so don't ever change. Ever! Stargate rules, and I've seen every ep at least twice. MacGyver is sweet. It teaches me things, and I get to look at you, which isn't so bad, *wink wink*. You were about the one person in the 80's who looked great with a mullet, what can I say? I've actually gotten up at 4:00 to watch "Hell Week", a personal favorite of mine. I'm sure you are thrilled. Touched, even.

I had to tell you that I loved your work, both as an actor, and as a person. You kind of do everything I've ever wanted to do. Backpacking, traveling, volunteering, being affliliated with the Air Force - dude, you are crazy! I went rafting last summer and it was one of those sweet things that I'll do forever, and I have to say, I went because of you. Haha, wow.

Happy Birthday, and be sure to say hey to Wylie!



Happy B-day Rick!

It's nice how you kept going on Stargate for so long! Hope you can still stay for a bit longer, but if you have things you want to do and see, go for it! Also you should come to Edmonton to the biggest mall in the world! Bring your daughter! She'll have lots of fun at the fantasy hotel land! Guaranteed! Haha, well I wish you the best! Have a great 55th Birthday! And thanks for always making good laughs for us!

Edmonton, Canada

Happy Birthday to you Ricky Dean!


Hi Richard!

We wish you a very happy new year and all the best wishes to your birthday. My daughter Sharee (the name is from Stargate ) and I are the greatest fans of you. We hope you are very well and we can see you many times in TV.

When will you visit Germany?

OK all the best for you and your family from Germany.

Bye and a big kiss,

Yvonne and Sharee (Shau´re) Michélle

Dear Richard,

It is a privilege to be able to wish you a happy 55th birthday. Thank you for MacGyver, Ernest, and Jack O'Neill. I have followed your career for years, and you just keep getting better and better. Your accomplishments are many, but your devotion to family and the environment serve as an inspiration for so many. It is rare that an actor can be so genuinely self effacing while being so gorgeous and funny! Thank you for never letting your legions of fans down in that respect. Again, Happy Birthday. Have a wonderful day with your beautiful daughter and may you be truly blessed in whatever you choose to do in the years to come.

A huge fan,

Upstate New York

Happy 55th Birthday Mr. Anderson and 365 lucky days with your sweet little Wylie, your family and all your friends. May all your wishes come true.

Actually those flowers should have been real, for I initially intended to send you a bunch of fresh flowers for your Birthday. As I am not sure you’ll get or be notified about it and knowing about your charity efforts I gave double of the appropriate cost additionally to someone in need who I support. For you Mr. Anderson, I think it is also O.K. to help (hope I’m right), not only in announced charity purposes.

Due to your behavior, character and personality, Mr. Anderson, you once helped saving my life. As my way to say thanks is not only in words, I sent unique presents and advent calendars for you and Wylie to your fan mail service in L.A. and asked for forwarding to or at least notifying you.

It is not important that you get those things; even so the self-made ones are specially designed for you. You should just feel good and get back some of the fun and happiness you give. You should also know that YOU (not only MacGyver, Jack O’Neill, and all the other fantastic roles) play a significant role.

You have a great sense of humor, most of the time ready for a joke and a friendly encouraging smile. From my point of view it is a very good life philosophy to spread joy and fun everywhere, even if it sometimes is only a façade.

You are very handsome and have honest eyes indicating a deep good soul. I’m sure all of your thousands of fans would like to have a direct contact to you. I hold you in great respect. You are a fair-minded, genuine, authentic, exhaustive and effective working man. To tell the truth, I would really appreciate to get to know the real Richard Dean Anderson but I’d never ask for that because I know it can be obtrusive and I don’t want to bother.

Friendship is kind
A new friend is hard to find
So if you find one good and true
Don’t change the old one for the new

Good luck, all well Mr. Anderson and remain yourself.

Egypt (born) / Germany (nationality and residence)

Hey Rick, Happy Birthday!!!! May all your wishes come true. Cheers to you for good health and happiness.

Jennifer Hayward
Seattle, WA

Happy Birthday Richard!

May all your days be filled with joy and the laughter of the ones you love.

Like a fine wine, you get better with each year that passes.

Mary Wendland >^..^<
Clarkston, Michigan

Happy Birthday, Rick!

Thank you for all your good works over the years. You don't realize how much you touch the hearts of people or the effect you have on their lives... but you do. Thanks for all your expeditions to educate us on the loss of the world's rivers and the importance of rain forests... you've opened my eyes and I'm sure many, many others.

Have a great B-Day and enjoy every minute you have with your daughter... you've definitely discovered what matters most in life.

Take care and keep smiling,

Toronto, Canada

Happy Birthday and I hope you get a nice big chocolate cake!

Lots of Love,

Louise XXXX
Yorkshire, England

Happy Birthday from Yorkshire, (even though I live in Budapest). I hope all your dreams come true this year and thank you for making one of our dreams come true for another year, another season of Stargate.

Lots of Love,

Pauline XXXX
Yorkshire, England


HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND MANY MORE TO COME! Enjoy your day and make some good memories for your 55th. We all love you in Iowa.

Take care.


Terri Lee Doehrmann
Marengo, Iowa

Dear Mr. Anderson!

I'd like to wish you a very Happy Birthday, and I hope you can spend it with those you love the most.

I'd like to thank you for all your work you did through the years, for all the great characters, all the great moments you gave to us.

I'd like to thank you for all the friends I made with your help, even if you don't realize how much you helped. Many of my friends I never would have met without you and your work.

Thank you.

All my love and best wishes!


Mr. Anderson:

Wishing you much happiness on your birthday and many exciting adventures.

Nova Scotia

Dear Mr. Anderson,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! I wish you all the best for you and your daughter. As much as I'd love to keep you in SG-1, I'm more than happy for Wylie that she has such a caring father! It's your best role! When I was growing up, you were my model and I thank you for everything you taught me. Happy birthday again, Richard!

And take care,

Carine Collinet

As Bart might say, "Happy B'Day Man".
Hope you have a great one!

Cynthia Carruth
South Carolina

Happy birthday!!! I just want you to know Stargate won't be any good without you. But you have the best reasons for leaving the show. But I think they should have ended the show. They think they can go on without you, they're wrong!!!


Hi Rick,

Warmest wishes for a fantastic 55th birthday!! From Jeff to Mac to Jack and all the characters in between - you have put a smile on my face. Enjoy your time with your daughter, because in a heartbeat childhood is over. Every child should be lucky enough to have a father as devoted as you are. Have a blast on your b'day and here's to many more!!!!!!

Best wishes,

Bear, Delaware

Dear Rick,

Wishing you a Happy B-day and many, many more. You are an amazing gentleman of many talents - son, brother, activist, star, producer, friend and most of all a devoted father.

Being retired military I was really moved when you visited the troops at Walter Reed. The award you received from the Air Force was very well deserved.

Thank you for sharing yourself with us. May life continue to give you all you wish for.

Happy Birthday Rick.

Will always admire you,

Des Moines, IA

Dear Richard, I was just writing to wish you a very Spectacular birthday again. Last year I didn't get a chance to write, but every other year I have. You are my role model. And you look like you're turning 30 again. You are the sweetest, cutest, and funniest person alive. God bless you, keep you, and love you. Tell your daughter hello for me also, if you ever get this... I know there's a lot of entries. But I want you know you are the reason I'm happy all day. I watch MacGyver and Stargate before I go to work. My favorite's MacGyver. You still have that special touch. I love you so much. You rock this world. You are my role model. Have a Wonderful 55th birthday Rick.... I'll always admire you... Have a good one. I'll talk to you later.

Love ya forever... Happy b-Day!!!!

Love your #1 Fan!!!!!!!

Amy C. Tye
Grain Valley, MO

Dear Richard,

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, and I think that's very true for you. From the mischievous glints of your great humour to the softness and empathy shining through them on TV and in person. You are a good man with a good heart! May all the wishes and dreams you have ever had come true for you. Have a wonderful 55th birthday and keep on smiling that awesome smile! Thank you for all the laughter and enjoyment you have brought into my life!


Karen Ritchie xxxxx
Scottish born, living in Melbourne Australia

Dear Richard,

Just want to wish you the happiest of birthdays and many more to come. I have enjoyed both Stargate SG-1 and MacGyver for many years and they are part of the memories of growing with my sons. We started watching MacGyver when my sons were very young and we watch Stargate together whenever we can. The boys are now all grown but they still tease me about how I acted watching you on TV. I have to thank you for allowing my family to have such happy memories of growing up. I hope you can have happy memories of your beautiful daughter growing up. Our children are precious gems to us and they grow so fast. Enjoy your daughter while she is young. Three of my sons are in their thirties but my youngest just turned 21. We still laugh about their antics growing up and how they liked to pick on each other. But then they are boys, girls would never dream of doing those kinds of things.

Anyway, I hope you and your family have a great day and make many memories to laugh and smile about. You are a terrific actor, deserving of awards that you never receive. Stay happy and God Bless! Happy Birthday RDA!

Alice E. Davis
Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Dear Rick,

I wish you an happy birthday.

I hope we could see you in Stargate season nine!

Excuse me for my bad English, I'm French.

Love for you and your family.

Happy birthday.


Many thanks for the visit to Walter Reed, I know they appreciated it. For all the pleasure you've given others, may it be returned threefold. And may you spend many happy years with Wylie.

Linda Mercer
WVA/Potomac Riverside born; living around DC but headed back to the mountains

Hello Richard!! :)


Happy 55th birthday, you are best actor on the World!! :) You are my favourite actor. I love MacGyver!!!! :)

Best wishes,

Svatopluk :) :) :)
Czech Republic

Happy Birthday Rick!! May your day be filled with love, celebration, Wylie hugs and a few beers. They say that age makes us beautiful and wise. In your example they are right!


I wish you a very happy birthday and most of all everything you want, from Slovenia. Hope you know where it is. I'm your very big fan and I think I'm the only one writing you from Slovenia.

Keep up the good work!


Happy, Happy Birhtday Baby! We love you and whatever you do in the future will be OK with me and most of your fans as long as you take us along for the ride wherever you go. Just don't give up acting altogether. It would be such a loss as you are a much better actor than you may think you are. All the best to you and Wylie. Be careful and don't get hurt, we want you to celebrate many more birthdays.



"We shall not cease from exploration and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started... and know the place for the first time." - T.S. Eliot

To the man whose enthusiasm for life seems neverending. May you continue to find success and happiness in all of your future adventures. Happy Birthday!


Star has 5 ends, Square has 4 ends, Triangle has 3 ends, Life has 1 end................... But our Richard Dean Anderson has NO end.

This comes to wish you Good Luck for a future that's more Bright & Happy and also to hope that your dreams will come true just the way you want them to.


Shiplu R. Khan
Dhaka, Bangladesh

Hi dear Rick,

I would like to wish you a happy new year to all family. I also want to wish you a happy birthday.

All the best, all the time,

Les Arcs, France

Rick - Just wanted to send you my very best wishes for the Happiest Birthday ever.

I also wanted to say thank you for the hours of pleasure you have given me and my friends both from your work in Stargate and MacGyver. I know you are rather deprecating about your talent, but the characters you have created of Jack O’Neill and Angus MacGyver belie this fact. Your warmth and humour shine through.

May you always be in your happy place. Love to you always.

Leicester, England

Dear Richard Dean Anderson,

Happy 55th Birthday!!! You are a wonderful actor. I have to say that your character of O'Neill has had a lot of influence on me. I'll sometimes find myself saying "For crying out loud!" when I normally wouldn't. MacGyver has too. I'll find myself using phrases such as "MacGyver it" or MacGyverism. I also wanted to say:

Thank you, Richard Dean Anderson, for
portraying such influential characters.
Thank you for all the work you've done,
preserving nature, helping kids, playing
MacGyver, Ernest Pratt, and Jack O'Neill.
Thank you for being a positive influence on me.
Thank you for inspiring me to move on with
my dreams of going into the entertainment
Thank you for doing all this and so much

Happy Birthday!!!!!!

A big fan (Stargate and MacGyver),
Wishing you all the best in your life and career,

PS. I should be sending a fan letter soon! Congratulations on Season 9!!!

Fort Wayne, Indiana

Dear Richard,

I hope you have a wonderful natal day. Don't forget to thank those who cherish you, and the good Lord, for getting you this far. I hope you have many more birthdays, and continue to act for many years to come.


Charleston, South Carolina

Hey Rick,

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, and Happy Birthday to Ricky. I hope you have a very special day with your daughter Wylie and your family. I hope you have a enjoy with your Birthday and 2005. I am fan of MacGyver and Stargate SG-1, and Thank You very much for continuing with Stargate SG-1 into Season 8. I am hopefully looking forward to see RDA/Jack O'Neill in season 9 of SG-1. :o)

Best wishes!

Timothy Adams
Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada

Dear Rick,

All the best to your birthday, and a prosperous and wonderful 2005 to you and your beloved ones. Thank you for all the relaxing and great hours you have given us with your talent and work. Here's to many many years to come!

Angela Schmitt / Broken Angel
Black Forest, Germany

Happy birthday, may your year be a good one.

Love, Peace and Light,

Jaki Thompson xx

Hello Rick!

I wish you a very happy 55th birthday!!! Hope you'll enjoy this special day with your familly. Thank you so much for being a fantastatic person and a great actor. You bring humour and wit into all your characters and we are fond of them! Enjoy your life even if fans will miss you a lot! Take care of yours and yourself!

Lots of love and best wishes,

Montpellier, France

Happy birthday Rick. I haven't got any clever thing to say, but many more years of good health, vitality and your unceasing love for Wylie.

Jan Ellwood

Hi Richard, I am 12 and my favourite film is Stargate SG-1. Please write back to me.


Hi Richard,

Happy Birthday, I have been reading the Birthday messages that people have sent you and they are lovely. It's great of Kate to do this for us. Richard, you must be overwhelmed, I can not imagine how I would feel? It's going to take you a long time to read them all, Richard. (smiling) I do not know about you, Richard, my Birthday was on the 22nd of November (46) and it does not seem like a year since the last one. Why is it when we get older they always come round so fast? When we were kids it seemed to take forever. (It's not that long ago, Richard. (smiling) I was thinking if I was there with you, what would I gave you for your birthday... I would like to take you out for the day, we would go to your favourite skiing resort, I can't ski so you would have to teach me. (That would have been fun.) In the afternoon we would go for a Hot Air Balloon ride and maybe a picnic lunch. In the evening I would cook you your favourite dinner, and after we would cuch on this big soft sofa and (I love to see your face right now) we would (are you smiling) Oh hold on someone's at the door... Not really (sorry could not help myself ) and we would watch a few Simpsons videos. "WHAT" what did you think I was going to say? (I am smiling and laughing so much now.) There is nothing more I would love to do than spend your birthday with you but... So if I made you smile & laugh this is my gift to you... Well I better let you get on reading your messages.

Have a Wonderful Birthday, I wish you a Long and Happy life, Richard!

PS. If you ever fancy the day out Richard let me know?

All my love,

Janice Yarwood
Hereford, England

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