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Founded in 1991, Cat Tales Zoological Park began as a home for unwanted exotic "pets." It has grown to become one of Washington State's wildlife rehabilitation facilities and training centers, housing over 40 exotic big cats. Through education, rescue, and research, their mission is to promote the welfare and survival of all living species through dedication, conservation, and education, to promote the preservation of endangered species in general with a specific focus on endangered and exotic cats, to provide and promote the highest possible standards for professional zookeepers, animal trainers, and animal care specialists, and to provide and promote accurate environmental information and education for all ages in order to prevent the continued destruction of wildlife habitats and the world's resources. Cat Tales is also the home of the Zoological Training Center, the only school of its type in North America, where students from all over the world come to learn the profession of zookeeping.

Cat Tales Zoological Park
Cat Tales Zoological Training Center
N. 17020 Newport Hwy.
Mead, WA 99021
Phone: (509) 238-4126

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