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As a leader in international river exploration, Earth River Expeditions organizes whitewater rafting trips to some of the wildest and most remote places in the world. In addition to travel and exploration, Earth River Expeditions is equally devoted to conservation and the protection of the rivers and the regions that it explores. In conjunction with Earth River Expeditions, the Earth River Fund promotes river conservation throughout the world, assisting in hands-on river preservation work. It is through Earth River Expeditions that Richard Dean Anderson developed a partnership with Eric Hertz (president), Steve Mahan, Kate Geis, and Robert Currie. Together they have created "The River Project," a documentary film group chronicling the great rivers of the world. The project involves rafting expeditions to places like Chile, Tibet, Peru, Alaska, Quebec, and Africa, shooting documentary footage of the rivers themselves as well as the cultural aspects of the people in the surrounding valleys and mountains, their heritage, and the political issues that affect them. Their goal is to develop educational documentaries that show the glory and beauty of these regions of the world, as well as shed some light on what kind of jeopardy may be surrounding our great rivers.

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Headwall Canyon remains an untouched wilderness. Since the first descent in 2000, led by Earth River Expeditions, and joined by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Richard Dean Anderson, very few people have experienced this pristine wonderland. In cooperation with the Klahoose First Nation, to whom the land belongs, Earth River has offered only a few expeditions into the canyon each year. Although a camera does not do justice to the breathtaking scenery, a few photos below give a taste of this magnificent wilderness.

Headwall Canyon
Arrival by helicopter
Headwall Canyon
Alpine meadows
Headwall Canyon
Pristine wilderness
Headwall Canyon
Breathtaking waterfalls
Headwall Canyon
One of three campsites
Headwall Canyon
River rafting
Headwall Canyon
Panorama of the canyon after a climb

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