Making a Difference

Welcome to a gathering place for Richard Dean Anderson fans
who are working to make a difference.

Richard Dean Anderson has long been involved with numerous charities and organizations. Most recently, his attention has been focused on environmental issues, and he has spoken passionately about his involvement with organizations like the Water Keeper Alliance, Sea Shepherd Foundation, the Audubon Society, as well as his own project to produce documentaries about the world's great rivers. But his efforts have extended to other causes as well, including the Challengers Club, the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Project Literacy US, and the Special Olympics.

Richard has made the comment that his charitable works have become a priority for him as more and more he is feeling the need to become active in organizations that will make the world a better place for his daughter, and for future generations. He has also expressed an interest in reaching out to his fans through interviews, chats, and updates such as his message about the White House, to encourage others to participate and to become involved as well.

This is how the idea for this website began. Using the theme of "making a difference," this website will act as a springboard for fans who want to become involved. The core of the site will act as an information resource, a "databank" as it were, of charitable organizations and community services around the world - a place where people can learn about many ways to become involved. Connected to this databank will be a collection of personal anecdotes - contributions from people who want to share their experiences with various organizations, and to inspire others to join in. And the final phase will be personal messages, acknowledgements, contributions, and wishes - a way to show Richard how his inspiration has encouraged others.

In its early stages of development, this site was hidden "behind the little yellow star" on the main site, and so it came to be known as "The Star Site." The name has stayed as the site has evolved. Just as individual stars join to light up the night sky, individuals, too, can join together to make things happen.

Of course the site will include information about the organizations that Richard endorses so that others may learn more about them. However, it needn't stop there. Many people all over the world are already actively involved in making a difference, and may have organizations of their own they would like to recommend. Are you helping to protect the environment in your area? Do you work to protect wildlife through organizations like the National Wildlife Federation? Do you offer your time to a homeless shelter? Have you completed a walk for breast cancer or AIDS research? Do you make monetary contributions as a member of a particular charity? Do you mentor a young person? Do you have experience in lobbying for legislation? Are you collecting "stuffies" for Gatecon? Have you donated your time, money, or energy to a particular cause you would like to encourage others to join?

We are encouraging anyone to share information about a cause that is important to them, so that others can learn how to join in. Listed here are the suggestions, contributions, and anecdotes that are being sent in. By creating one central information resource, we are hoping to use the role model that Richard has become to mobilize fans to do good works around the globe through his example and the example of his many fans. We look forward to building an information resource of which Richard and his fans will be proud!

See the growing list of contributions.


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