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We live on property in a rural area, and have even championed the acreage behind us to remain a green space and won! Took some presistence and lots of homework, but it CAN happen! We've got the reputation for planting too around here, and have been dubbed "Edmonson's Wildlife Refuge". Since we moved here about 7 years ago, I think we've planted more than 200 various trees, shrubs, and bushes not counting flowers! We're in the process of putting in another 10 pine trees, just because the birds say so! We've obtained a lot of the trees from various wildlife and conservation places as well, so we're positive to be planting what's right for the area/environment, and most of the time for minimal charges or even free. I joined the ranks of the Audubon Society, and read up on what's best to lure in specific species of birds. We've watched the populations of cardinals and bluejays soar, not to mention the deer and whatever little critters come to feed. I now have a very happy population of hummingbirds who feed daily! Some right outside the large bay window in our dining area. I have a tamed hummingbird too. Saved it last summer and it comes to see us everyday! Our "wildlife restaurant" seems to especially attract new mothers and their young. The best is watching the newborns come to visit. Saw the first signs of new fawns yesterday. They're SO tiny! Adding a small pump helps aerate the pond enough to sustain waterlife too, so we even have a small stock of koi, minnows, frogs, and whatever else manages to slink in while we aren't watching! I don't think there's a wild critter we don't see! Through the efforts we've attempted, our surrounding neighbors are trying to follow by doing the same! What a wonderful compliment! And in the longrun, we've made a difference, however small, right in our own community. If we can, anyone can... the efforts are well worth the rewards. Being part of the world we live in is a spectacular privilege, so we in turn, must be willing to take responsibility and take care of it. It's so small a request for what it's giving in return. -- Denise

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