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Thousand Islands is a pristine resort community surrounded by Lake Ontario, the Adirondack Mountains and the mighty St. Lawrence River. The St. Lawrence River, flowing in from Lake Ontario becomes in the course of a few miles, so wide and so full of islands that it was called the Lake of the 1000 Islands. To the Indians it was known as “Manatoana” or Garden of the Great Spirit. As a vacation paradise it is world renowned. The river, 15 miles at its source, gradually narrows to five miles in width, and the islands, over 1800 of them, vary in size from mere points of rock to those of several square miles in area. They extend a distance of 50 miles. Save The River is a non-profit, member-based environmental organization made up of Americans and Canadians whose mission is to preserve and protect the ecological integrity of the Thousand Islands Region of the St. Lawrence River through advocacy, education and research. Save the River represents property owners, business people, scientists, school children, and river rats from more than thirty different communities along the St. Lawrence.

Save The River, Inc.
409 Riverside Drive
Clayton, NY 13624
Phone: (315) 686-2010
Fax: (315) 686-2010

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