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Hundreds of greeting cards have helped to raise Richard's spirits as he has dealt with the loss of his dog and his extreme back pain. His messages of thanks to the fans can be seen in the Updates section of rdanderson.com.

Since Richard's birthday is approaching on January 23, I will be keeping the post office box active through the end of the month for anyone who wishes to continue sending greeting cards to wish him good health, a Happy New Year, or a Happy Birthday. The procedure described below will still apply, and at the end of January, the post office box will close.

As in the past, birthday wishes can also be left on the Fan Mail page, which Richard can access, and donations to his supported charities can be made through the website. Please understand that emails and e-cards can not be forwarded, but for anyone who makes a donation through the Charity page and uses the Network For Good e-card option, I will be forwarding these donation e-cards to Richard on his birthday.

Please feel free to pass on this information to any fans who may be interested.

Please contact me with any questions. And thank you for supporting Richard Dean Anderson!

NOVEMBER 17, 2015

Richard is still dealing with back pain and the loss of his dog Daisy. Today he shared two pictures of Andy as they continue to find comfort in each other. The link to the latest "Note From Rick" is on the Updates page at rdanderson.com.

Also on the Updates page is the link to his message from last Friday expressing his deep regret that he would not be able to attend the Super Megafest convention later this month.

Since then, messages of love and support have been pouring in to the Fan Mail page and on numerous other online message boards. RDA will surely appreciate the encouraging messages from his many fans, but due to the pain he has been dealing with, it may take a while before he is able to spend any extensive time on the computer.

Fans on the RDA Forum suggested the idea of sending actual greeting cards (Get Well Soon, Thinking of You, etc.) that could be forwarded to him by mail and enjoyed offline, and several volunteers offered to help collect the cards from fans.

If you would like to send a greeting card to RDA to show your encouragement and support, buy/make a suitable card, write your message and sign your name AND the country where you live (so that he can see how far his fans extend), and mail it to one of the volunteers.

In order to avoid posting people's home addresses on a public forum, choose one of the people below (perhaps someone you know or someone who lives near your country to make postage easier), and contact them by email. Put "Cards for RDA" in the subject line so they will be looking for you.

They will give you their address to mail your card. The volunteers will gather the cards they receive and mail them so that they can be forwarded to RDA.

These people have offered to collect cards:

bftlovesRDA (United States): mdbft@bellsouth.net

Frenchwriter (France): ecriturama@yahoo.fr

JackGywer (Germany): jannick0104@yahoo.de

Kate (United States): mail@rdanderson.com

If you have any questions, you can reach me through the RDAnderson website.

Please feel free to forward this information to other forums, message boards, Facebook, Twitter, or similar groups where RDA fans might gather.


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