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April 18, 1995
Two-hour pilot episode (#40069-721)
In the 1870s West, a boozing dime novelist (Richard Dean Anderson) assumes the identity of his books' hero, Nicodemus Legend. In the opener, Legend helps a group of immigrant farmers protect themselves from a greedy landowner.
Written by: Michael Piller & Bill Dial
Directed by: Charles Correll
Guest Starring: Bob Balaban as Harry Parver, Stephanie Beacham as Vera Slaughter, Katherine Moffat as Katherine (Kate) Sullivan, Jon Pennell as Silas Slaughter, Douglas Rowe as Sheriff Sam Motes, Tim Thomerson as John Wesley Coe, Pete Schrum as Alidar Brull, Betsy Beard as Mrs. Brull, Stephanie Copperman as Viktoria Brull, Dick Bellerue as Geezer, Forrie J. Smith as Jesse James, Monty Stuart as Frank James, Kara Vieau as Mom, Savannah Morgan as Girl, Nicolas Glaeser as Antonio the Barber, Jack Ong as Mr. Fat, Eddie Mui as Mr. Fat's Son, Jerry Woods as Man with Knife, Jennifer Wilson as Miss Freeman, Merik Woodmansee as Autograph Boy, Bob Sorrenson as Titus Berman, John Furlong as Governor Kirkpatrick Dennehy
Nielsen Ratings: 4.2 rating / 7 share / rank 80th overall

April 25, 1995
Episode #2 (#40069-004)
A notorious bank robber who's accused of murder announces he'll give himself up - but only to Legend. Meanwhile, Pratt has trouble adhering to his literary creation's lifestyle.
Written by: Michael Piller & Bill Dial
Directed by: William Gereghty
Guest Starring: Stephen Baldwin as Jimmy Siringo, Robert Donner as Mayor Chamberlain Brown, John Chappel as Lamar, Randy Oglesby as G.H. Winslow, Michael Moss as Barnes, Lily Nielsen as Mrs. Yancy, Rusty Ferracane as Amos White, Billy Jo Patton as Marshall, Bob Lester as Shotgun Rider, Marian Wald as Lady #1, Mona Tadych as Lady #2, Claude File as Dealer
Nielsen Ratings: 3.1 rating / 5 share / rank 86th overall

May 2, 1995
Episode #3 (#40069-003)
Pratt must thwart a plot to assassinate President Ulysses S. Grant hatched by a group of Texans unhappy with the outcome of the Civil War.
Written by: Bob Wilcox
Directed by: Michael Vejar
Guest Starring: G.W. Bailey as Ulysses S. Grant, Ken Jenkins as Ethan Catridge Steele, Fionnula Flanagan as Julia Grant, Leah Lail as Abigail Steele, Alan Brooks as Potter, Robert Shelton as Grady, Aaron Chadwick as Rubin, Patrick McCord as Lynch, Ana Auther as Henrietta, Marc Miles as Redneck #1, Stephen Foster as Redneck #2
Nielsen Ratings: 2.6 rating / 4 share / rank 82nd overall

May 9, 1995
Episode #4 (#40069-006)
While a mysterious figure from his past stalks him, Pratt helps General Custer expose corruption inside the War Department.
Written by: Bill Dial
Directed by: William Gereghty
Guest Starring: Alex Hyde-White as George Armstrong Custer, Robert Donner as Mayor Chamberlain Brown, Richard Cox as Flintridge Caine, Ashley Laurence as Libbie Custer, Pato Hoffman as Standing Beaver, Fritz Sperberg as Miles McKinney, Ted Parks as Whipple
Nielsen Ratings: 2.1 rating / 4 share / rank 89th overall

May 16, 1995
Episode #5 (#40069-007)
Having lost much of his eyesight and confidence, Wild Bill Hickok -- a legend in his own right -- enlists the help of Nicodemus Legend in bringing down a band of train robbers.
Written by: Peter Allan Fields
Directed by: Michael Caffey
Guest Starring: William Russ as Wild Bill Hickock, Robert Donner as Mayor Chamberlain Brown, John Pyper-Ferguson as Jack McCall, Debbie James as Marjorie, Robert Shelton as Grady, Clark Ray as Henry, Ed Adams as Henchman, Mike Faherty as Tommy Squirrel, Adam Beech as Boy
Nielsen Ratings: 2.4 rating / 4 share / rank 82nd overall

May 23, 1995
Episode #6 (#40069-008)
An aggressive stage mother manipulates Pratt into promoting the career of her bratty son, who fancies the role of "Legend Junior." Meanwhile, Pratt investigates a pair of cattle rustlers.
Teleplay by: Steve Stolier & Frederick Rappaport
Story by: Steve Stolier
Directed by: James L. Conway
Guest Starring: Andrew Hill Newman as Milton Faber, Mary-Margaret Humes as Laura Davenport, Michael Patrick Carter as Ben Davenport, Ray McKinnon as Lyle, Courtney Gains, Don Collier as Vine, Dick Bellerue as Smoky, Harlan Knudson as Druggist
Nielsen Ratings: 2.3 rating / 4 share / rank 85th overall

June 12, 1995
Episode #7 (#40069-009)
A preacher encourages the townspeople to reject Bartok's scientific experiments as the devil's work, but his motives are less than divine.
Written by: John Considine
Directed by: Michael Vejar
Guest Starring: Robert Englund as Mordechai/Willy Miles, Tim Considine as Edgar Taggert, Brendan Kinkade as Daniel Kilkelly, Phillip Connery as Brother Jude, Hamilton Mitchell as Driver, Tina Peeler as Heron Twin #1, Tesa Harper as Heron Twin #2, Rick Taylor as Operator
Nielsen Ratings: 2.5 rating / 4 share / rank 92nd overall

June 20, 1995
Episode #8 (#40069-010)
Legend winds up in the middle of a feud between competing paleontologists who think they've made the find of the century in Sheridan.
Written by: George Geiger
Directed by: Charles Correll
Guest Starring: Beth Toussaint as Beth McMillan, Bruce Gray as Rudolph Kendall, Patrick Kilpatrick as Dave Larson, Douglas Rowe as Sheriff Sam Motes, Ana Auther as Henrietta, Robert Toevs as Miles McMillan
Nielsen Ratings: 2.0 rating / 4 share / rank 94th overall

July 4, 1995
Episode #9 (#40069-005)
Pratt and Bartok concoct a scheme to stop a German hunting party from slaughtering a buffalo herd prized by an Arapaho Indian tribe.
Written by: Tim Burns
Directed by: Bob Balaban
Guest Starring: Bob Balaban as Harry Parver, Robert Donner as Mayor Chamberlain Brown, Reiner Schoene as Ludwig Hauptman, Christian Arin as Rolf Hauptman, John Chappel as Lamar, Rodney A. Grant as Towashie, Deryle Lujan as Young Arapaho, Mike Casper as Gizzard-Eating Williams, Dick Bellerue as Smoky, John Dahlstrand as Helmut, George Salazar as Lone Eagle, Frank Soto as Indian, Kaitlin Williams as Little Girl, Beth Wilkerson as Mother
Nielsen Ratings: 1.4 rating / 3 share / rank 98th overall

July 18, 1995
Episode #10 (#40069-011)
When Pratt is wrongly accused of murder and lands on the Sheriff's Most Wanted List, he learns that with his famous face, there's nowhere to hide.
Teleplay by: Ron Friedman
Story by: Bob Shane
Directed by: Michael Vejar
Guest Starring: Robert Donner as Mayor Chamberlain Brown, Douglas Rowe as Sheriff Sam Motes, Andrew Hill Newman as Milton Faber, Lisa Akey as Drusilla, John Dennis Johnston as Dan Rusch, Michael Ruud as Amos Dern, Hamilton Mitchell, Dick Bellerue as Smoky, Peter Cirino as Luis Helewa, James Reeves as Henchman, Gary Kirk as Seth, Linda Dearmond as Bonnie Blue, Michael Wayne as Elijah, Jerome Zelle as Harold, Kim Breckon as Louise
Nielsen Ratings: 1.8 rating / 4 share / rank 90th overall

July 25, 1995
Episode #11 (#40069-012)
Pratt goes home to San Francisco to help a woman who was raised by Indians find her biological parents, but some folks there would prefer she didn't succeed.
Teleplay by: Carol Caldwell & Marianne Clarkson
Story by: Carol Caldwell
Directed by: Charles Correll
Guest Starring: Janis Paige as Delilah Pratt, Molly Hagan as Paytents, James Hong as Chai, Dennis Burkley as Quelle Heure, Patty Maloney as Zorelda, Charles Young as Tattoo Man, Debbie Bartelt as Melissa Walsh, Catherine Gilman as Mrs. O'Hara, Grace Etchen as Grandmother Walsh, Gary Clarke as Reporter #1, Bazzel Baz as Reporter #2
Nielsen Ratings: 2.0 rating / 4 share / rank 88th overall

August 8, 1995
Episode #12 (#40069-013)
A skeleton wearing an Aztec ring awakens Ramos's sense of Mexican heritage, sending him on a search for the killer that leads to a town full of racial discord.
Written by: David Rich
Directed by: Steve Shaw
Guest Starring: John Vernon as Seamus Calhoun, Marisol Padilla Sanchez as Maria, Kevin Fry as Mashburn, Robert Keith as Sheriff Stapleton, Ramon Chavez as Father Jaime, Gina Carrzoza as Mrs. Ruis, Joseph H. Redondo as Large Man, Lara Flynn Boyle as Theresa Dunleavy
Nielsen Ratings: 1.6 rating / 3 share / rank 90th overall

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