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01.01 Episode 1 (#40069-721)
Airdate: April 18, 1995

In the 1870s West, a boozing dime novelist (Richard Dean Anderson) assumes the identity of his books' hero, Nicodemus Legend. In the opener, Legend helps a group of immigrant farmers protect themselves from a greedy landowner.

Created by: Michael Piller and Bill Dial
Written by: Michael Piller and Bill Dial
Directed by: Charles Correll

Starring: Richard Dean Anderson as Ernest Pratt / Nicodemus Legend, John De Lancie as Janos Christophe Bartok, Mark Adair Rios as Huitzilopochtli Ramos

Guest Starring: Bob Balaban as Harry Parver, Stephanie Beacham as Vera Slaughter, Katherine Moffat as Katherine Sullivan, Jon Pennell as Silas Slaughter, Douglas Rowe as Sheriff Motes, Jarrad Paul as Skeeter, Tim Thomerson as John Wesley Coe, Pete Schrum as Alidar Brull, Betsy Beard as Elizabeth Brull, Stephanie Copperman as Viktoria Brull, Dick Bellerue as Smokey, Forrie J. Smith as Jesse James, Monty Stuart as Frank James, Kara Vieau as Mom, Savannah Morgan as Girl, Nicolas Glaeser as Antonio, Jack Ong as Mr. Fat, Eddie Mui as Son, Jerry Woods as Man with Knife, Jennifer Wilson as Miss Freeman, Merik Woodmansee as Autograph Boy, Bob Sorenson as Titus Berman, John Furlong as Governor Dennehy

Nielsen Ratings: 4.2 rating / 7 share / rank 80th overall

Reference: E.C. Allen, Antonio, Janos Bartok, Titus Berman, Alidar Brull, Elizabeth Brull, Viktoria Brull, Buffalo Head Saloon, Ned Buntline, John Wesley Coe, Governor Dennehy, Denver, Disarmer, Mr. Fat, Fulminator, Legend Balloon, Nicodemus Legend, Legend Wings, Sheriff Motes, Harry Parver, Ernest Pratt, Quadrovelocipede, Huitzilopochtli Ramos, Rockland Pass, San Francisco, Sheridan, Skeeter, Silas Slaughter, Vera Slaughter, Smokey, Katherine Sullivan


Changed the course of a river
using sound waves

Projected an image of Legend
riding a horse

Projected the image
onto a cloud of smoke

Invented electric transformer coils

Created an electric coffeemaker

Developed an electric toaster

The quadrovelocipede uses steam
to power a trackless land vehicle

The fulminator delivers a disabling
electrical charge

The disarmer uses
electromagnetism to
attract metal weapons

The Legend wings make
flight possible

The Legend balloon allows for
aerial travel

Used acid to eat through
a metal safe