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01.10 Episode 10 (#40069-011)
Airdate: July 18, 1995

When Pratt is wrongly accused of murder and lands on the Sheriff's Most Wanted List, he learns that with his famous face, there's nowhere to hide.

Teleplay by: Ron Friedman
Story by: Bob Shayne
Directed by: Michael Vejar

Guest Starring: Robert Donner as Chamberlain Brown, Douglas Rowe as Sheriff Motes, Andrew Hill Newman as Milton J. Faber, Lisa Akey as Drusilla Dern, John Dennis Johnston as Dan Rusch, Michael Ruud as Amos Dern, Hamilton Mitchell as Dr. Costa, Dick Bellerue as Smoky, Peter Cirino as Luis Halewa, James Reeves as Henchman, Gary Kirk as Sam, Linda Dearmond as Bonnie Blue, Michael Wayne as Elijah, Jerome Zelle as Harold, Kim Breckon as Louise

Nielsen Ratings: 1.8 rating / 4 share / rank 90th overall

Reference: E.C. Allen, Janos Bartok, Chamberlain Brown, Bonnie Blue, Buffalo Head Saloon, Dr. Costa, Denver Colorado, Amos Dern, Drusilla Dern, Elijah, Milton J. Faber, Fulminator, Luis Halewa, Harold, Nicodemus Legend, Louise, Sam Motes, Ernest Pratt, Quadrovelocipede, Huitzilopochtli Ramos, Dan Rusch, Sam, Sheridan Colorado, Skeeter, Smoky


Applied fingerprinting as the
ultimate weapon in the arsenal of
modern criminology

Created a blowtorch from
a silver tea service

Modified the quadrovelocipede
to maneuver remotely using
dummies in the driver's seat

The Bartok tri-dimensional
recording camera can identify
and match horseshoe prints

Posed as gypies knowing that
the secrets of a good disguise
are in the minute details

Used sonic grenades which are
only irritating to horses, dogs,
and the occasional warthog

Used anacoustic head baffles
on horses as ear protection
from the sonic grenades

The Bartok Arctic Liquidic Air Mist
froze and snapped the rope
to prevent a hanging