Terry Andrews was the mastermind behind an armored car robbery in Dallas. With his partners, Buddy, Turk, and Elias, he orchestrated the theft of the armored car with the intention of escaping to Arizona and eventually across the border into Mexico. Sly, calculating, and ruthless, he had selected the curious mix of people on his team for their specific areas of expertise, and everything had been planned, timed, and executed perfectly.

The armored car from the Lonestar Armored Car Company was commandeered in Dallas and loaded onto a Trans Allied Van Lines moving van to be transported by Turk and Elias to the Sparrow Ridge Airport in Arizona. Meanwhile, Andrews and Buddy took over the Sparrow Ridge Airport, holding Kelly, Dave, and Al hostage as they awaited the arrival of a small private charter plane which they intended to use for their escape to Mexico. Upon the team's rendezvous at the airport, the armored car was opened, and Buddy shot and killed the security guard who had been trapped inside, making the team guilty of a murder as well as the robbery which had netted them $8,211,600.

MacGyver had stumbled upon the hostage situation at the airport when he stopped to ask for directions, and he was forced to join the hostages during the siege. Andrews probably intended to kill the hostages, but MacGyver's ingenuity gave them a means to fight back. He created a thermite torch to cut open the armored car, made fertilizer smoke bombs, staged an escape on a fire truck, and broke out of a meat locker where he and Kelly had been held prisoner. When MacGyver knocked out Turk and Elias, Andrews recognized that his plan was falling apart, and he and Buddy attempted to escape in the airplane, leaving the others behind. However, MacGyver prevented the airplane from taking off by riding the plane's rudder. Andrews and his team were apprehended and held in custody until authorities could arrive.

Portrayed by: Michael McGuire

Cross Reference: Arizona, Buddy, Elias, Kelly Nielson, Dave Redding, Sparrow Ridge Airport, Al Tennyson, Turk, Walt

Episode Reference: Last Stand