Anek was a leader among the slaves who were forced to harvest opium poppies for General Narai in the jungles of Burma. As the "Headman," he reported to Truang, and his fear of Narai maintained his loyalty. When MacGyver was captured by Truang during a mission to recover a canister of deadly toxin, he offered to help the villagers fight for their freedom, however Anek insisted that Narai would kill them all, and he ordered MacGyver to leave, urging his fellow slaves to beg for forgiveness. Nevertheless, when Truang was driven from the village, Anek joined the other villagers in preparing for Narai's return by digging a hole that would be a trap for the jeep convoy. With MacGyver's help, General Narai was killed, Truang was defeated, and Anek and the other slaves of the village were freed.

Portrayed by: Clyde Kusatsu

Cross Reference: Burma, Chan, Lin, Ming, Narai, Prasert, Truang

Episode Reference: The Golden Triangle