Borza Prison, in an isolated area outside of Budapest, is a facility for the detention of political prisoners. There prisoners are subjected to interrogation and put to work on various construction projects. When a watch containing valuable intelligence was stolen from Nicolai Grodsky by Jana, a young gypsy girl, Jana's family became targets of the KGB. In an effort to locate the watch and retrieve the information, four members of Jana's family, including Alex, Bruno, Stephan, and Peter, were arrested by Major Kossov and Inspector Messic and sent to Borza Prison. However, MacGyver used several diversions including a chemical explosion and a barbed wire barricade to help the four escape from the prison in a commandeered supply truck.

Cross Reference: Alex, Bruno, Budapest, Jana, Nicolai Kossov, Jan Messic, Peter, Stephan

Episode Reference: Thief of Budapest