In the Amazon rain forest of Brazil, MacGyver joined his old friend, Dr. Charles Alden, on an expedition to investigate why a dozen species of birds had been observed in desperate flight, terrified by something in the heart of the jungle. MacGyver and Alden took a small boat up one of the branches of the Amazon River where they encountered Lucien Trumbo, a cocoa planter with a large plantation in an isolated part of the jungle. Trumbo acted as their guide into the jungle where they discovered the reason for the panicked behavior of the indigenous wildlife. An army of soldier ants was eating its way through the jungle, leaving a path of total devastation two miles wide and ten miles long and heading toward Trumbo's plantation. The ants swarmed over Dr. Alden, killing him before MacGyver could reach him, and MacGyver and Trumbo returned to the plantation to face the invading army of the ants. The ants breached flooded irrigation ditches and survived a perimeter of fire, but MacGyver's homemade nitromannite explosive successfully destroyed the irrigation dam which flooded the fields and drowned the ants.

Cross Reference: Charles Alden, Luiz, Santos, Soldier Ants, Lucien Trumbo

Episode Reference: Trumbo's World