Bruno, a gypsy, had lived with his family, including Alex, Stephan, Peter, and his younger sister Jana, in Budapest. As a street performer he would join his family members by playing violin for tips from passersby. When Jana unwittingly stole a watch containing valuable intelligence from a double agent, she gave the watch to her brother Bruno, who in turn sold it to a gypsy fence named Reena. However, Jana's family became targets of the KGB, and in an effort to locate the watch, Bruno, Alex, Stephan, and Peter were arrested by Major Kossov and Inspector Messic and sent to Borza Prison. MacGyver helped the family to break out of the prison, and after retrieving the watch from Reena he acquiesced to Jana's pleas to help the family escape to America. In three stolen Mini Coopers MacGyver led the police on a chase through Budapest and across the border into Austria where the family were to be processed for their trip to America.

Portrayed by: Robert Hallak

Cross Reference: Alex, Borza Prison, Budapest, Jana, Nicolai Kossov, Jan Messic, Peter, Reena, Stephan

Episode Reference: Thief of Budapest