MacGyver was brought to Budapest, a city which he had visited quite a few times before, during a mission to meet with Nicolai Grodsky, an old friend and double agent who was carrying a pocket watch containing valuable intelligence that the KGB hoped to acquire. Grodsky had planned to turn over the information to MacGyver at the Café Mozart, but before they could meet, the watch was stolen by Jana, a young gypsy girl, and Grodsky was struck and killed by a truck.

Pursued by Major Kossov and Inspector Messic, MacGyver helped Jana's family, including Alex, Bruno, Peter, and Stephan, to escape from Borza Prison where they were being questioned, and he retrieved the watch from Reena, a gypsy fence who had bought it. Reluctantly persuaded by Jana to help her family escape from Hungary, MacGyver stole three Mini Coopers that were intended for the Transcarpathian Road Rally to be held in the city, and with traffic signals jammed throughout the city, the cars raced ahead of the authorities through the streets of Budapest, along sidewalks, past monuments, into the Horvath Building, down the steps of the Church of St. Ivan, across the river, through the sewer system, and finally over the border into Austria.

Location: Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County

Cross Reference: Alex, Borza Prison, Bruno, Nicolai Grodsky, Jana, Nicolai Kossov, Jan Messic, Peter, Reena, Stephan, Transcarpathian Road Rally

Episode Reference: Thief of Budapest