Buddy, Turk, and Elias were part of Terry Andrews's scheme to rob an armored car. As Turk and Elias commandeered the Lonestar Armored Car Company vehicle in Dallas and loaded it onto a Trans Allied Van Lines moving van to be transported to Arizona, Andrews and Buddy took over the Sparrow Ridge Airport in Arizona, holding Kelly, Dave, and Al hostage as they awaited the arrival of a small private charter plane which they intended to hijack for their escape to Mexico. MacGyver had stumbled upon the hostage situation when he stopped to ask for directions, and he was forced to join the hostages. Upon the team's rendezvous at the airport, the armored car was opened, and Buddy shot and killed the security guard who had been trapped inside, making the team guilty of a murder as well as the robbery which had netted them $8,211,600.

Dark and menacing, Buddy carried an assault rifle and took pleasure in harassing Kelly and anyone who dared to defend her or to stand up to him. Andrews warned that for Buddy, killing is as necessary as breathing and that he shouldn't be given any excuse. He particularly had a grudge against MacGyver, who proved an elusive adversary, especially when he staged an escape on a fire truck and knocked Buddy off of his motorcycle with water from the fire hose.

Buddy was designated as the pilot to fly the team to Mexico once the charter flight arrived, and Andrews and Buddy probably intended to kill the hostages when they made their escape. However, when MacGyver knocked out Turk and Elias, the plan began to fall apart, and Andrews and Buddy attempted to escape in the airplane, leaving the others behind. By leaping onto the tail of the plane and riding the rudder, MacGyver was able to prevent it from taking off. Buddy, Andrews, and his team were apprehended and held in custody until authorities could arrive.

Portrayed by: Lewis Van Bergen

Cross Reference: Terry Andrews, Arizona, Elias, Kelly Nielson, Dave Redding, Sparrow Ridge Airport, Al Tennyson, Turk, Walt

Episode Reference: Last Stand