MacGyver was sent to Burma following the crash of a US airplane that had been carrying a canister of toxin with enough heavy-duty poison to destroy 1000 acres of plant life, animals, and people. Under orders from General Hawkins, MacGyver had 24 hours to retrieve or destroy the canister before a helicopter would return to pick him up. Although he was captured and staked out in the sun to die, MacGyver was able to escape and deliver the canister to the helicopter. However, he also stayed behind to help the local villagers who had been forced into slavery in the opium fields. Using primitive weapons and ingenuity, the villagers rose up and defeated General Narai and his men, ending their forced labor and winning their freedom.

Cross Reference: Anek, Chan, General Hawkins, Ho, Lin, Ming, Narai, Prasert, Truang

Episode Reference: The Golden Triangle